Question: is Redstar Camberwell...closed?

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by ThunderCat, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. bouncer_the_dog

    bouncer_the_dog I draw things

    Did you go to Camberwell? What year?? I liked the 80's stuff they played up stairs.. used to go that all the time.
  2. dtb

    dtb > On A Trip Jam

    good riddance to the place if you ask me, was awful when it was running commercial cheese nights and not much better when it got turned into an 'underground' music venue
  3. zenie

    zenie >^^<

    yer 99-02

  4. tarannau

    tarannau Mongolian eyed

    I'd agree with you on the first point - when it was one of Merritt's bars going there was somewhat akin to having a 5year old slab of gorgonzola thrust repeatedly shovelled in your face - but the Unsound nights in there could be outstanding.

    Highly ranked bands, top djs, relaxed atmosphere, pub prices. What wasn't to like?
  5. milesy

    milesy New Member

    i went to the redstar a couple of times when it first opened, and had a whale of a time, both times one or the other of the jaxx boys were playing.
  6. citydreams

    citydreams on the road again

    The RedStar has a really interesting history...

    "Almost inevitably the mushrooming of gay discos in the seventies led some police forces to attempt to seriously disrupt or at least inhibit new-found gay freedom. In 1974 the licensee and manager of the Father Redcap pub in Camberwell, South London were each fined £100 for permitting and abetting in running a 'disorderly house ' after the police had moved in to stop gay discos."

    ..anyone know if it is related to the Mother Red Cap in Camden?
  7. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    I was at Camberwell too, 94-97. I've lectured there a couple of times since too.
  8. DeadManWalking

    DeadManWalking Well-Known Member

    No relation, I'm pretty sure.
  9. bouncer_the_dog

    bouncer_the_dog I draw things

    :cool: I hope you are in the prospectus as an alumini!

    I was 98-01 so the year above Zenie.. </slight sense of superiority>

    I used to go to all the Camberwell Pubs.. is the Sun and Dove's still going? I practically lived in the beer garden there for the summer of '00 ah the memories...

    It got to the point in my third year of saying 'not the Redstar..AGAIN'... ended up going to living bar instead.. vive la differance..
  10. Dubversion

    Dubversion Gorn Enforced Holiday

    well thanks for that :)
  11. sam/phallocrat

    sam/phallocrat Denarian + 1 R.I.P.

    innit, one of the most worthwhile contributions I've ever read
  12. mark dodds

    mark dodds J Mark Dodds

    Bit of a late response to this admittedly but anything to enlighten the innocent pub going public who by and large are unaware of the #GreatBritishPubcoScam: The Sun and Doves closed upon my eviction (I was the lessee from 1995) in September 2011 - after a protracted rent review with Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company (Freehold owned by RBS) where I ended up losing the rent review owing the pubco and RBS £150K back rent and legal costs...

    Put simply. Pub Companies are asset stripping the national pub estate, running pubs into the ground through decades of chronic underinvestment on the back of their misrepresenting tied pub leases as a 'low cost entry' into business. 'Low Cost Entry' is the lie. Everyone knows there's no such thing as a free lunch - investment needs to be made in order to generate returns. Lack of investment leads to business failure. A cycle of business failure leads to pubs being so run down they cease to be fit for purpose, customers abandon them and eventually no more potential lessees can be fooled into thinking they can make a success out of the dilapidated hulk the pubco is marketing - at which point the pub is flogged for alternative use, the market having 'proven it to be sadly no longer economically viable' (pubco spokespersons always say 'sadly' about the disposal of a pub, they don't actually give a F - flogging pubs for cash is their stock in trade).

    If you want to know more follow this link to a video made in 2012 by CAMRA which goes some way to explain what is going on with the majority of UK pubs.

    By the way - Dave Mountford who features in this video had just taken on a free of tie lease at the Boat Inn, Cromford - some of the recording was done at the pub's opening night. Having been fleeced by Punch Taverns at his previous pub up the road the Boat was a new opportunity. The Boat Inn was ex Punch Taverns and flogged off as no longer economically viable (it is an AMAZING setting and obviously a dead ringer for a busy pub, if set up and run well). A local bought the pub from Punch then rented it to Dave. It had been closed for four months. That was five years ago to the day (18 March) - since it reopened under Dave and Lorraine's tenure the pub has thrived. Free from the death grip of the pubco now it's a thriving, busy financially successful pub.

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  13. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Worra bump!
  14. lefteri

    lefteri Well-Known Member

    Coincidentally I walked past last night and there was a party going on in there - Is this a regular occurrence?
  15. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    Nice to see that not only is Bolu still going, but its had a bit of a refit...theyve even got their own website!
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    I remember getting pissed in that little back room a few times after everything else had shut
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  16. rubbershoes

    rubbershoes not the only raver in the village

    Pub companies are really property businesses that sell beer as a sideline

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