Pubs we've lost 2014-2015: The Grosvenor, Stockwell and the Canterbury Arms, Brixton

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. clandestino

    clandestino no llevar papel

    Righto, thanks. So that's building work starting sometime between Nov 2014 and April 2015, with closure and demolition to be completed before then.
  2. boohoo

    boohoo No.

    Rushy - I'm not expecting everything to be a legacy but it's interesting the wealth of details on Victorian architecture certainly from the mid 19th century. The earlier Victorian buildings lack details and are closer to Georgian architecture. Even looking at different housing estates built in the 1960s and 1970s, there seems to be quite a variety of designs.
  3. leanderman

    leanderman Street Party: July 2

    Oh yes. Getting my pubs confused!
  4. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    I love Victorian architecture. But it is of its time. I'm not against faithfully building in another period style per se - but what has been designed for there is of our time. I'd agree we are not culturally very adventurous with design at the moment. A lot of attempts to be more more adventurous end up being a bit try hard - I want to love FAT Architects for example, but mostly I think WOW before thinking I'd be tired of it in a couple of days. A lot of Georgian is lacking in detail but grand and impressive on account of the proportions and symmetry.

    I'm not in any way saying that the proposal is perfect but I feel pretty comfortable with it. I like the proportions and symmetry. And there are suggestions of brick detail around all the openings. Have you any examples in mind of the sort of building you would like to see in there?
  5. boohoo

    boohoo No.

    Rushy I don't want copies of buildings of the past however it seems to be the standard approach with all types of design (not particularly about architecture here) over the last 20 years. What happens to all the inspired young designers?

    i love the curves of the Clapham library building...but we won't be getting anything like that.
  6. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    I thought you might mention that one. I feel about that building a bit like FAT architects work which I mentioned before - grabs your attention for a moment and then - meh. It's a gimmick (matter of opinion, I'm sure ;)). And in a few years it will look pretty sorry for itself I reckon. Too much paint and hard to maintain. But yes - it would be nice to see a new style developing.

    I'd happily have seen something more adventurous like the Ironbark on K Road in Aukland. it is a mix of retail, hotel and apartments and the central courtyard is wonderful.


    I'm not disagreeing with you - more just interested in your opinion and what you like.
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  7. leanderman

    leanderman Street Party: July 2

    If only it were easy to decide what was good architecture - for now and for ever!
  8. technical

    technical stripey

    I'd quite like a pub
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  9. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    Which is why I started by saying:
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  10. Crispy

    Crispy The following psytrance is baṉned: All

    I think the new design is pretty good above the arches. Well proportioned, good solid materials. The bottom part, not so much.
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  11. 299 old timer

    299 old timer Well-Known Member

    To step out from the corner one has to wait for the paint to dry.
  12. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    Only if you're painting the floor.
  13. 299 old timer

    299 old timer Well-Known Member

    Exactly! The poster known as "editor" should take note.
  14. Brixton Hatter

    Brixton Hatter Home is south London mate

    Do you know what, I really hated this development and everything it represents, but the news that a single floor tile from the pub will be used to line the residential entrance lobby has convinced me that the developers really do have the best interests of our local communities at heart. Great stuff. I hope the build goes really well and they make lots and lots of cash.
  15. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Still looks like a Milton Keynes office block to me, albeit with a moderately interesting arch feature.
  16. technical

    technical stripey

    For me, its not really about the architecture (although I very much doubt the finished building will look like its computer-generated representation). Its about badly thought through planning policy combined with the London property frenzy meaning that at present almost no use is viable in the face of residential prices. Difficult to think of any pubs or small shops that are safe right now.
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  17. leanderman

    leanderman Street Party: July 2

    Yes. Spot on. As I've said before, even buildings in the Strand are being converted to residential. Embassies are selling up and moving out etc.
  18. Chilavert

    Chilavert Undermining strikes :-(

    Yep there must be half a dozen former office blocks around where I work in Westminster that have been sold off to be turned into flats; there government doesn't need the space given the amount of civil servants that have been gievn the boot.
  19. SpamMisery

    SpamMisery Pretty comfortable here right under your skin

    Just realised the Canterbury Arms was the first pub I ever went to in Brixton. In my defence it was over ten years ago and since they don't serve craft beers or have bar stools made out of bicycle parts I've not been back since. Funny how you store memories away like that, because if you'd asked me twenty minutes ago I'd have sworn blind I'd never been in

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  20. thebigposhfella

    thebigposhfella Well-Known Member

    Better not get rid of the Hero of Switzerland. The cheapest non-wetherspoons pub i know of. Good luck to them.
  21. technical

    technical stripey

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  22. editor

    editor hiraethified

    I wish them the best too, but I do fear for the place's future.
  23. Black Halo

    Black Halo Well-Known Member

    I just got an email about a seminar on pub protection this Saturday in the Melton Mowbray this might be of interest to people who have posted on this topic, I apologise if this could have gone else where.

    Disclaimer: I got the email as a CAMRA member, it is a CAMRA event but am not an active member and have nothing to do with the event.
  24. editor

    editor hiraethified

  25. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    The link is still relevant / important for anyone serious about wanting to protect remaining valued pubs.
  26. Dexter Deadwood

    Dexter Deadwood Left Voluntarily Enforced Holiday Banned

  27. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan razzed up on scrumpy and injustice

    Jeez, someone got paid to write that shit
  28. editor

    editor hiraethified

    That article was embarrassingly poor.
  29. technical

    technical stripey

    Its a piss take got to be - written by an Australian
  30. peterkro

    peterkro Greasin' on American Express card.

    Jesus wept,I'd say this bloke has never been in an Oz working class pub in his life.
    Ice cold beer on a hot day at the beach.
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