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Pro Brexit counter protest today?


What would Badgers do?
Another one in Plymouth last night.

Brexit ferry protest a no show rather than a go slow

Spokesperson Karen Gadd, 62, had previously said protesters aimed to disrupt the 8.30pm arrival of the Brittany Ferry. However, a "disappointing" turn out, which swelled from a crowd of eight to a throng of around a dozen, stood and waved a placard and a Union Flag as vehicles disembarked from the ferry - occasionally shouting 'Leave Means Leave', when passions really boiled over.
I was the first here and nearly went home. This is laughable.

I'm very disappointed - I haven't been out in the evening for three years.
I feel sorry for people having to to grow up in this country. I'm advising my kids to leave the country - to go to Greece or somewhere.
:facepalm: :D


Lord of the Dance Settee
I suppose it could be quite a funny counter protest for something like this if you came on at a slip road/junction in front of them in a vehicle emblazoned with opposing slogans to the go-slow procession, then went slower than they did in front of them, so owning the procession/disruption, making them part of your protest, not theirs. Wonder what the reaction would be!