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Amoral adventurist
Most of the organisations with prisoners in Turkey have a fairly strong base / network of social centres and business's in Britain also, so perhaps worth touching base with them to ask about it.
I think this is a good shout. I had a quick look on the english language ABC networks as there's been a couple of cases in recent years of repression against anarchists that have had some wider attention but I didn't see anything too recent (the ABC Istanbul site's gone quiet, which is a grim sign).
There's this list in English of people detained after the Taksim square occupation and this looks like it might be helpful place to look if you've got any Turkish or Kurdish language skills (or a patience for auto translate).

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I recently received this, so very sad....
As a Reprieve supporter, you might recognise my name already.

You might know the story of my husband Kris Maharaj.

Kris is 80 years old - I’m 79. We’ve been married for 42 years. He’s been in a Florida prison for 32 of those years.

My husband is an innocent man, but that has never mattered much to the so-called justice system.

As we get older, it gets harder to keep going but I want to share three things that continue to give me hope:
  • My visits to Kris most Saturdays. It’s not easy only seeing my husband in prison, but at least I get to see him and talk with him, which is more than so many other wives, relatives or friends of prisoners around the world get.
  • I sometimes dream that Kris may yet be released and that we get to spend our final days together. I have to imagine it’s still possible.
  • Clive Stafford Smith has fought for Kris’ life for more than 26 years. Knowing there are people like Clive and the team at Reprieve fighting for Kris gives me hope.

Then there’s one thing that runs through everything and that’s the thousands of people – the people like you – who have heard about Kris’ situation and who empathise. I am so grateful when Reprieve supporters send us messages of support, telling us that they care and that they send us love and hope.

There’s no denying that the last 32 years have been difficult – my whole life was turned upside down.

Yet it's been in the dark times that I have experienced the greatest acts of kindness, generosity and compassion from a wonderful community of people who care. People who would in any other situation be strangers to me have become friends.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Marita Maharaj


new but not new
Another form of solidarity is the Anarchist Defence Fund
They say "Our collective solidarity structure provides support to anarchists around the world who are persecuted or find themselves in a difficult life situation because of their political ideas or activities"
International Anarchist Defence Fund

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It has gone on far far far too long. That's the American justice system for you ( sic). I had heard that there is an appeal taking place, which got delayed, yet even so there was no guarantee of release anytime soon.
For someone so old, so frail, clearly innocent it's just wrong, so very wrong.
if little all else, it highlights the flaws in their system. It must be costing a fortune.
i don't know whether to cry or shout TBF, either way, it solves sweet nothing.

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An email I have just received :(
Dear friend,

Back in September, my husband Kris and I got some good news.

A date was finally set for my husband’s evidentiary hearing - something his lawyer Clive Stafford Smith has spent years fighting for. The hearing will give him a chance to prove Kris's innocence after 33 unjust years in a Florida prison, many spent on death row.

But then, hope started to slip away again.

A few days after the hearing was first confirmed, it was delayed by three months - because the state wanted more time to ‘prepare’.

To prepare for what?

This has been going on for 33 years. That’s more than three decades of my life - of Kris’s life - that we’ve not properly been able to live. And they have the cheek - the audacity - to ask for more time?

I know three months isn’t a long time in the grand scheme of things. But I can tell you, that for us, at our age (I turned 80 on November 25th and and Kris is nearly 81) - and having been waiting for so long - it feels like forever.

I was angry. I still am. But then Clive came to see me and gave me a book of messages from Reprieve supporters. That book has over 5,000 messages in it. All different, but each containing care, support, hope, love. It gave me the strength I needed to carry on fighting for Kris. For justice.

The delay is another setback, but with it came more kindness and generosity from people like you all over the world who have followed Kris’ story through Reprieve.

Thank you so much to all of the people who continue to support Kris and me. And thank you to Reprieve for continuing to work on Kris’ case, never giving up the fight for justice and for helping to gather so much support for us.

With love,

Marita Maharaj

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Just had this update; very sad :(

This isn’t an email I want to write so I’ll cut to the chase: Kris Maharaj’s chance at justice in Florida has been delayed – again – this time indefinitely. Kris’s wife Marita is heartbroken.
I have been on the phone with Kris and Marita as often as is possible since Judge Jose E. Martinez announced on December 30 that he was delaying Kris’s day in court to continue reviewing the State of Florida’s appeal.

There is no sugar coating this news: it was a huge blow to the loving couple. They have already endured 33 years of waiting and now they have been asked to wait more.

And for what? Kris is innocent. Keeping him locked up in the South Florida Reception Centre is outrageous.

This news comes after we emailed you on September 16 to share the news that Kris was first granted an evidentiary hearing set for October 17. And then when we emailed you on September 30 to break the news that Judge Martinez delayed Kris’s hearing till January 18. Now he’s delaying it again – and we don’t know until when.

Justice delayed is always justice denied, but this is a much greater truth for Kris who will turn 81 on January 26 and has already lost 33 years of his life to an unjust conviction.

This makes me despair for American justice, and I imagine you feel similarly. But I haven’t lost hope for Kris. I continue to fight for his release. I hope you will too – and remind Kris, Marita and Judge Martinez as much by adding your name below.


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Kris's birthday today; 33 years for a crime he did not commit

Today is Kris Maharaj’s 81st birthday.

This is his 33rd birthday in Florida’s prisons where he continues to serve time for two murders he did not commit. Kris should have been freed a long time ago – in fact, he never should have been brought into a Florida prison. But he remains there because of a broken justice system that does not recognise innocence.

I want to make sure that Kris’s story of injustice is shared today – on his birthday. I want Kris and his wife Marita to remember that they are not alone, that the Reprieve community stands with them.

As it stands, Kris will not be eligible for parole until he’s 101. In a prison system with an average life expectancy of 60, Kris is already defying the odds.

Justice delayed is justice denied, and that is especially true for someone like Kris who is 81 years old, in poor health and innocent of the crimes for which he has been held in prison – away from his loving wife Marita - these last 33 years.

It’s past time Kris was finally given the chance to prove his innocence and be freed to enjoy the rest of his life in peace with Marita.

While we fight for Florida Judge Jose E. Martinez to give Kris another date for his evidentiary hearing, I want to do make sure everyone knows that the Reprieve community stands with Kris, Marita and for justice.

Please share today and help grow support for Kris.