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    I think this is a good shout. I had a quick look on the english language ABC networks as there's been a couple of cases in recent years of repression against anarchists that have had some wider attention but I didn't see anything too recent (the ABC Istanbul site's gone quiet, which is a grim sign).
    There's this list in English of people detained after the Taksim square occupation and this looks like it might be helpful place to look if you've got any Turkish or Kurdish language skills (or a patience for auto translate).
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    I recently received this, so very sad....
    As a Reprieve supporter, you might recognise my name already.

    You might know the story of my husband Kris Maharaj.

    Kris is 80 years old - I’m 79. We’ve been married for 42 years. He’s been in a Florida prison for 32 of those years.

    My husband is an innocent man, but that has never mattered much to the so-called justice system.

    As we get older, it gets harder to keep going but I want to share three things that continue to give me hope:
    • My visits to Kris most Saturdays. It’s not easy only seeing my husband in prison, but at least I get to see him and talk with him, which is more than so many other wives, relatives or friends of prisoners around the world get.
    • I sometimes dream that Kris may yet be released and that we get to spend our final days together. I have to imagine it’s still possible.
    • Clive Stafford Smith has fought for Kris’ life for more than 26 years. Knowing there are people like Clive and the team at Reprieve fighting for Kris gives me hope.

    Then there’s one thing that runs through everything and that’s the thousands of people – the people like you – who have heard about Kris’ situation and who empathise. I am so grateful when Reprieve supporters send us messages of support, telling us that they care and that they send us love and hope.

    There’s no denying that the last 32 years have been difficult – my whole life was turned upside down.

    Yet it's been in the dark times that I have experienced the greatest acts of kindness, generosity and compassion from a wonderful community of people who care. People who would in any other situation be strangers to me have become friends.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    Marita Maharaj

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