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    I am helping the James Connolly Society with a political prisoners project and one of the areas that we want to cover and give publicity to is anti-fascists in jails across Europe and beyond.

    Can anyone provide a list of anti-fascist political prisoners, i.e. people serving sentences for anti-fash related activities?

    Does a comprehensive list exist, or can anyone here point me in the direction of where I can find this info and draw up our own list?
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    update on the conditions Marion Price is still being held in . At all times of day theres at least one screw at her bedside, which is also covered by a security camera . The constant lack of privacy designed to induce depression .Despite chronic arthritis she's is double manacled every time she is moved for treatment , which causes excruciating pain. A lung condition she picked up while incarcerated in the 70s, derived directly from the torture of force feeding, has had to be operated upon . The screws insist on standing beside the operating table during the procedure, despite the medical staff ordering them to leave . This is deliberate torture . Theyre slowly killing her , no exageration .
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    some of the large crowds which have taken to the streets across Ireland from Belfast to Dublin - comprising anarchists , socialists and assorted republican groups accompanied by TDs and solicitors .



    One of the Dublin rallies


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    Over the past few days, numerous acts of solidarity took place throughout Greece in solidarity with imprisoned anarchist Kostas Sakkas, who is on hunger strike since the 4th of June 2013 fighting for his immediate release. On the 11th of June, a treating physician reported that clinically he has profound weakness, fatigue after minimal exertion (e.g. walking from his cell to the prisons infirmary), discomfort, mild dyspnea, dizziness, headache, abdominal pain, and he has lost 3.5kg of weight.
    In the meantime, fellow prisoners have declared their unreserved solidarity with the hunger striker. Since the 4th of June, four comrades that are held in the dungeon of Koridallos women’s prison wing, Kostas Gournas (Revolutionary Struggle member), Christoforos Kortesis, Vaggelis Stathopoulos, as well as Dimitris Koufontinas (17 November member), have refused prison meals.
    On the 5th of June, in the session of the 3rd CCF trial at Koridallos women’s prison court, co-accused comrades left the courtroom supporting the decision of Kostas Sakkas to go on hunger strike.
    Since the 6th of June, the comrades from Larissa prison second wing Rami Syrianos and Spyros Stratoulis have abstained from prison food to support Kostas Sakkas in his struggle, stating also their solidarity with CCF member Gerasimos Tsakalos, who received an extension of his pretrial detention.
    On the 7th of June, anarcho-communists Tasos Theofilou (Domokos prison) and Polykarpos Georgiadis (Corfu prison) published a joint statement for their comrade Kostas Sakkas, saying ‘we will meet again soon, at the battlefields of social/class war.’
    On the 11th of June, a total of 290 women and men incarcerated in Larissa, Patras, Corfu, the first wing of Koridallos, Alikarnassos, and Eleonas–Thebes released an open letter in defense of Kostas Sakkas and the destruction of every prison.
    On the 13th of June, Kostas Sakkas was brought to the Athens appeals court (on Loukareos street), where a council of appellate judges examined his objection against his prolonged pretrial incarceration for another 6 months. (Their decision is yet to be announced.) In the same morning, three other prisoners were brought before a judicial council in the same court, namely anarchists Fivos Harisis, Argyris Ntalios and Dimitris Politis. During their stay at the appeals court, cops attacked Fivos Harisis throwing him to the ground, kicking him repeatedly, and handcuffing him even in the transfer van. When all of the prisoners, including the hunger striker, were taken back to Koridallos an intense clash broke out with cops and jailers at the prison, in response to the earlier police assault at one of them. The comrades turned the entrance unit into a battlefield for a while (fire extinguishers, drawers with documents and chairs were thrown in the air, and windows were smashed), proving in practice that no attack of the dogs of Power will be left unanswered.
    Strength to all prisoners in struggle! Immediate release of hunger striker Kostas Sakkas!
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    Hunger strike declaration by Kostas Sakkas, Koridallos prison, May 29th, 2013:
    On the 4th of December 2010 I was captured along with the comrade Alexandros Mitroussias in the district of Nea Smyrni, Athens, while I was leaving a rented warehouse where arms were being stored.
    Since the beginning, I have admitted my connection with this place as well as the weapons found there. I have stated, since the first moment, that I am an anarchist and that my presence in this specific place was related to my political identity and the choices I make as a consequence of this.
    On the 7th of December 2010 they brought me before the head investigator and I got in pretrial detention on charges of participation in an unknown terrorist organization as well as aggravated possession of weapons.
    On the 12th of April 2011, when I had already been in the prison of Nafplion for more than four months, I was called upon again by the investigators Baltas and Mokkas, and without any new evidence, nor even any new developments on the investigation, I was remanded for participating in the R.O. CCF. It was obvious that this was because the principal investigators realized that a case against an unknown organization that hasn’t any registered actions, doesn’t have any bombs, nor communiqués, that has not used guns, an organization without a name, couldn’t stand up in a courtroom.
    I have clarified in the past —as did the R.O. CCF for their part— that I’m not a member of this organization. I didn’t do this to avoid the vengeful, punitive odyssey that the bourgeois justice reserves for all those accused of being members of that organization, but simply because that’s how it is. I ought to set the history straight; not only for me but also for the R.O. CCF.
    The initial charge of participation in an unknown terrorist organization attributed both to me and my two comrades (Alexandros Mitroussias, Giorgos Karagiannidis) and the rest of the people arrested in the same operation —although they had nothing to do with it— showed up at a time that was political expedient for the DAEEV anti-terrorist force (the so-called Special Violent Crime Squad of the Greek police), on account of the ex-minister of public order named Christos Papoutsis, who desired —like all his counterparts— to dismantle, at all costs, a terrorist organization during his mandate. It is known that this minister directly supervised the operation, and even evaluated the information that the anti-terrorist force had, and finally gave the order to make arrests. Anyone who watched the mass media during that time remembers the scenarios and evaluations of various journalistic parrots about which organization we belonged to, what we intended to do, etc., obviously being fed by the DAEEV, until the results of the ballistic tests made them shut up… Later, Mr Papoutsis, in an attempt to apologize for the fiasco, gave an interview to a well known magazine stating that the ‘anti-terrorist force has tricked him’ (!).
    On the 6th of April 2012, still in jail awaiting trial and reaching the limit of 18 months (the maximum pretrial incarceration period), I was out again in pretrial detention for committing 160 incendiary and bombing actions claimed by the organization CCF. It’s worth comment that in this particular case file there is neither any evidence against me —they didn’t even bother to frame me this time— nor any reference to my person except in the execution of the indictment. It’s a case file that could be served, without exaggeration, to anyone, according to the logic of the intransigent investigators Baltas and Mokkas. The prosecutory purposes of this are evidenced by the fact that the principal investigators had their hands on this specific file from the very first moment of my arrest, and were obligated —that is according to the law— to give it to me along with the first accusatory file. To put it simply: these gentlemen detained me on charges of participation in the same organization twice, consecutively (!).
    Today, after being jailed for two and a half years, for simple weapons possession (to clarify: aggravated possession of weapons means that the weapons were intended either for trade or for equipping a terrorist organization, something which is neither evident, nor something I have admitted to), the primary institutional defenders of justice and law, who hold me for breaking it, decided to ignore even their own Constitution —which defines maximum time of 12 months for each subsequent to the first pretrial detention— since that is not enough for their political needs. Therefore, they decided to hold me hostage for six more months.
    In fact, they intend this prolonged and excessive captivity to offset their makeshift, lazy accusations. Whatever they may do it is not enough to prevent the ‘deflation’ of the charges in any courtroom, despite the special regime that characterizes the terror-courts (in every way). Anyone who has ever set foot in them even for a while knows it very well.
    Their tactics and vengeful intentions are clear by now. Yes, it’s true; the State avenges its political opponents; avenges but never acknowledges them. It never has, as a matter of fact. In the past they were treated as foreign agents and traitors, and now as terrorists and enemy of the society.
    The fact is that, due to the domestic consequences of the global capitalist crisis, the political system is going through what is both the most critical and the most unstable period since the dictatorship. It is also a fact that repression, and the generally authoritarian attitude of the State, is the ‘last card’ in its hand, the last thing it can do to ensure a subordinated social peace and prevent a generalized reaction from being expressed in organized and substantial insurrectionary forms.
    The finance minister himself has confessed that this is the first time that a government is asked to implement such extreme measures in peacetime. The laws have always reflected the will of the powerful, but today not even these laws are enough for the political representatives of the system in the face of what they need to implement so as to loyally serve the establishment.
    Because of my political view and position, that the road to individual and collective freedom is full of struggle and resistance, I decided on Tuesday 4/6 to go on hunger strike; the date when, according to the current laws, the maximum time limit of my pretrial custody is expired. I would like to clarify that, for me, the choice to go on hunger strike is not a gesture of despair, but a choice to continue the fight, a fight that my comrades and I have made since the first moment of our captivity; a resistance to the unprecedented and vindictive treatment of the judicial mechanisms, which decided in our case to take a break from their cash collection duties to defend society from its supposed enemies and the laws from the outlaws. They are the same mechanisms, and the same persons behind them, who are actual perpetrators of the legitimacy of forced return to work for strikers; the same who are primary responsible for the thousands of property auctions and the homeless, for the abolition of labour demands, for the unemployed, for the abolition of social benefits, for the thousands living below the poverty line, for hundreds of suicides every year by those who, unable to cope decently, put an end to their lives; they are actual perpetrators of the legitimacy of declaring people illegal and piling them up in camps; responsible of classifying tortures and beatings at police stations, accidental gun discharges, the silencing of anti-regime media as legitimate…
    They are responsible for creating a cemetery society in the name of law, and when it’s necessary, for establishing a cemetery society outside the law… Steeped in hypocrisy and nastiness, despicable to both the devotees of bourgeois justice and its detractors and ideological enemies.
    “Slowly dies who does not risk certainty for the uncertainty to chase a dream, those who do not forego sound advice at least once in their lives, … Who does not find grace in himself, dies slowly, … Let’s try and avoid death in small doses, reminding oneself that being alive requires an effort far greater than the simple fact of breathing.”
    —Pablo Neruda
    Kostas Sakkas, first wing in Koridallos prison
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    Support Irina Lipskaya, imprisoned anarchist and anti-fascist from Moscow.

    27th of June 2013, arrest of Irina was prolonged until 2nd of October. She was arrested 2nd of July 2012, so now Irina has already spent more than one year in prison without a court! Arrest of Irina was prolonged due to dubious claims of her alleged "victims" that they still have not acquintanced themselves with the results of the investigation.
    Irina is accused of having taken part to an armed assault against a Nazi concert in Moscow club "Barrikada" the day she was arrested. She has been charged with three felonies, including "hooliganism, committed by a group and with a preliminary intent" and "involving minors to a felony hate crime", as one of the persons arrested with her was 17 years old at the moment of the arrest.
    Irina was arrested just few days after her graduation from the Journalist Faculty of the Moscow State University. She needs a medical care for her hand, as she was stabbed by Nazis during a fight in 1st of May of 2011, but in remand prison she may not receive proper medical care.
    During the remand court session of 27th of June, Irina was strong and showed that system is not about to crush her. She is also not in a need of material support. However moral support is necessary, full year of remand prison is hard for anyone and during the investigation she has been betrayed by some of her former comrades:

    Irina Antonovna Lipskaya, k. 308
    SIZO-6 "Pechatniki"
    ul. Shosseynaya 92
    109383 Moscow Russia
    But note that letters in English are seldom accepted in Russian prisons, so if you do not have a chance to write in Russiam (f.e. by using simply phrases and translating them by google translation program), just send photos and postcards.
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    Whistleblower, Melanie Shaw, Jailed Without Evidence Of A Crime


    While child rapists avoid prosecution simply by apologising to their young victims, abuse witness at Beechwood Children’s Home, Nottingham, Melanie Shaw, is locked up on remand in Peterborough prison accused of arson with no evidence of a crime having been committed.

    She says she’s being persecuted because she exposed a paedophile ring. To a public accustomed to abuse scandals and cover-ups, Melanie’s story is bound to set alarm bells ringing.

    It was Friday 11th July when news first emerged of Melanie Shaw’s disappearance during a lunchtime broadcast on internet TV channel, UK Column, after the team received a mysterious text message from Melanie urging them to call her urgently: ‘…I don’t trust the police and I may be locked up tomorrow’ it said.

    Shortly before her arrest, Melanie had criticised Operation Daybreak, the police investigation into Beechwood and other children’s homes; where rampant abuse and deaths are alleged to have occurred. A victim of rapes, physical assaults and psychological abuse suffered within the care system, Melanie suddenly found herself accused of setting fire to a neighbour’s shed; a charge she denies and was remanded in HMP Peterborough.

    Bullied by staff, strip-searched several times, her Valium and other prescription medicines withheld for the first three weeks - this harsh prison environment is where Melanie remains incarcerated today as she awaits news of the trial. It’s a stress and distraction she could do without.

    Normally, for someone of good character, there would have to be strong reasons for being held in custody. Such treatment is likely to reinforce her distrust of authority, says Jon Bird of NAPAC (The National Association for People Abused in Childhood). “She already says she doesn’t trust the police. We need to make sure such people feel confident that their testimony will be taken seriously if the perpetrators of abuse against children are to be caught and stopped."

    “Unfortunately, we know that defence teams will use any means available to discredit a witness, that is what they are paid to do. We continually see such practices allowed by judges and many other sectors of society, who find it easier to blame victims rather than seek out the really dangerous criminals.”

    The GP who guided Melanie towards recovery over twenty years – a man she has nothing but praise for - is now under investigation by the General Medical Council. He too has become a target, she says, and can’t be named for legal reasons.

    Nottinghamshire City Council and County Council deny liability for abuses against Melanie and some 100 other victims of Beechwood Children’s Home, but have already paid out compensation to 26 former residents to the tune of £250,000. Some of the allegations made against staff go back as far as the late 60s through to the early 00s.

    Chris Ratcliffe, a Director with Uppal Taylor Solicitors and the solicitor acting for 75 former residents, said in an earlier press release: “the sheer scale of the allegations made is shocking. We are not just talking about a discrete period of time with a few rogue members of staff. What we are looking at here is a period of around 40 years, during which numerous vulnerable children were abused by a number of staff members."

    “These former residents suffered great pain and fear, during their residence at Beechwood, and the impact that such terrible abuse has had upon their lives is immeasurable. The former residents deserve recognition for the atrocities that they suffered and compensation, which will go some way to rebuilding the life that they could have had, had they been looked after properly.”

    Writing from prison, Melanie paints a disturbing image of deeply traumatised inmates. “There are so many ex-care kids of government rape and torture in here, self-harming, people with terrible burns where the boiling water urn suddenly turns up, broken hands from hitting walls.”

    Melanie, who bravely stepped forward in 2011 as a witness, hopes her testimony will help deliver justice for all ex-care victims. “It’s not right the perpetrators, the Council and Police investigate themselves,” she says. “We want a full public enquiry into kids care home abuse nationally and the truth for the victims and public.”

    Meanwhile, a change in attitude towards victims is needed, says Jon Bird. “Anger is a very common and understandable emotional response. Unfortunately for children in care or in difficult home situations there is very little emotional support and the young people are labelled as simply being ‘bad children’. So we should not be surprised if abused and unsupported young people exhibit challenging behaviour. They need support to recover, not more punishment in an environment which is far from nurturing.”

    I've been corresponding with Melanie over the past few weeks. She'd really appreciate your support. What she needs more than anything is for people to write to their local MP to petition Parliament for her release. if you would like to write to Melanie please be aware that if you send a gift or a small amount of cash you will have to supply your full name and address.

    Melanie Shaw A4126DE, Wing C1-24
    HMP Peterborough,
    Saville Road,
    Peterborough PE3 7PD.
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    I was just about to start a new thread but thought maybe here was better: I was watching something about the refugee women detained at places like Yarl's Wood the other day and wondering whether they would like to get letters or even if they are allowed to get letters. It might bring a bit of hope to know that somebody's watching, and it might also make the corporate goons like Serco who are running the place behave slightly better. Obviously nobody would want to harm their chances of a safe life in the UK though. Is this an idea worth pursuing and are there groups doing it already?
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    Yeah, it's coordinated through AVID - they offer training if you're near a detention centre (in things like age estimation and risk assessment I think).
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    Nice one, thanks!
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    it's sad this thread is dead
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    Red Sky It was like that when I got here.

    There's been a handful of anti fascist prisoners this year. Prisoner support has been organised through the Anarchist Black Cross. Sentences have been short though (2 to 4 months) so full blown prisoner support campaigns haven't got off the ground or really been necessary.
  16. Red Sky

    Red Sky It was like that when I got here.

    Michelle Smith,anti fascist, was jailed for twelve months two days ago after being charged with Violent Disorder after the Dover protests on January 30th.
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    Red Sky It was like that when I got here.

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    Something's just popped up on Facebook about Melanie Shaw - a link to a "uk column" website.

    Googling her name reveals an unusually large vacuum of information - you expect some "noise". I'm still suspicious that there's more to this than claimed, but confused at the lack of Usual Signals (other media reports, the fact that David Icke turns up quite high in the search results, etc.).

    What gives?
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    Hmm i saw something on facebook too, and did a bit of digging ḅecause her case sounded awful. The stuff on uk column (sounds like a fash site but i think just fairly conspiracy based) about her is very confused with big gaps. I found a couple of nottingham post articles from 2014 saying she had been convicted of arson for burning down someone's garden shed, and given a suspended sentence and restraining order. I also found a you tube video, made by someone who seems to spend a lot of time debunking freeman of the land nonsense and taking the piss out of conspiracy theorists, where he interviews the mum of a teenager she was appatently convicted of stalking in 2016 (according to the video, she was concicted of stalking and harrassment against others too at the time) - and this relates to a big gap in the UK Column account.

    It seems to be a very sad case where she was abused and witnessed abuse, has not been listened to, and then was probably treated badly by the police when they finally investigated, and not given help in prison - but she is also very ill and seems to have done some fairly awful things because of her illness, and her involvement in the conspiracy scene has probably made things worse for her.
  20. existentialist

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    Thank you. I really couldn't understand her role in the - albeit vague - claims being made by UK Column, but what you're saying makes sense: she clearly was doing some strange things, but the strangeness wasn't because it was part of a conspiracy, but because she was behaving strangely.

    It seems as if UK Column, far from wanting to help or support her, were/are content only to use her as fodder for their own peculiar views.
  21. crossthebreeze

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    The institutional abuse may well have been originally covered up, the police may have been dragging their feet in the investigation to the point where its another cover up, and she may well have got into a cycle with them, which a few people i know have got into, where they become a thorn in the police's side and so the police give them hassle, so they start hassling the police, and it escalates, and prison can be hellish, and in someone who's vulnerable to it all that can send them into a volatile/obsessive/delusional state. But then the comradely thing to do is to advise them to break the cycle and lay low for a bit, not get them to do a you tube video for your conspiracy channel about how the police are out to get you.

    It suits their purpose if she is being arrested, roughed up, and held in solitary in prison and denied medication because then it shows how persecuted she is and how the conspiracy is real. The thing is, if they believed such a conspiracy was really taking place around her and the charges were all trumped up, thats even more reason to try and keep her out of the authorities' spotlight as much as possible rather than plaster her activities all over the internet.
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  22. Magnus McGinty

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    Four days left on this crowd funder for an antifascist jailed because of one of the Dover actions.

    Solidarity Fund
  23. hash tag

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    This poor Brit is still in an American prison for a crime he did not commit and he is in very poor health.
    Still, at least he has been stood down from death row and is now life with payroll, but it's still wrong, so very wrong.
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  24. passenger

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    There really is so much more to this hash tag I do strongly think one day
    he will be free, he come to the UK with very little and become a very good business man
    married a bit of a gold digger,they had a beautiful young daughter who was about 5 , but have no contact at all with him, as far as I know. Thanks for the post mate we must try and keep the fight up for his freedom up.

    Pablo Escobar? How did that man, these evil people, get involved in our lives
  25. hash tag

    hash tag member

    I picked up Kris's case through this Injustice by Clive Stafford Smith | Waterstones
    It's a book I got to learn more about the inadequacies of the"system", one of many books out there. Sadly, his is just one
    case of many, but you can't fight em all. I guess what you can do, is use his case to highlight how dreadful the system is.
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  26. hash tag

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    Bother, I have sent him the odd birthday card and forgot it's now :facepalm:

    "Tomorrow, on 26th January 2019, Krishna “Kris” Maharaj reaches eighty years old.

    Let us avoid the suggestion that he will “celebrate” his birthday, for he has little to be happy about. Since October 16th, 1986 – more than thirty-two years now – Kris has been variously on death row and latterly serving a life sentence, ineligible for parole until he is 101.

    The optimist would say that Kris has done well to reach this milestone: in Florida’s prisons, the deplorable conditions and the absence of medical care means that life expectancy hovers only a little over sixty. Kris suffers from everything from diabetes to high blood pressure, but with the help of the British Consulate we have managed to ensure he gets a basic level of care.

    Meanwhile, things are little better for his decades-long-suffering wife Marita, who is 79 herself. She scrapes by thanks to donations from strangers. Marita can only visit Kris on Saturdays, which this year does at least mean that she will be able to see him on the day of his birthday.

    I have kept time sheets for most of my career, so I can say with some accuracy that I have spent perhaps three years’ worth of time, and counting, on Kris’ case.

    People ask why I spend so much time, and Reprieve spends resources, on a man who cannot expect to live much longer than that if we do get him out? Ultimately it comes down to the principle that drives everything that we do at Reprieve: humanity is not faceless, and each person has just one life to live, or to lose.

    Kris has promised to stay alive for his wife, so that they can share their final days together. Marita has shown unparalleled loyalty to Kris, and we owe the same to them both.

    We are currently waiting for a ruling in a motion we have pending before the federal judge - the motion calls for disclosure of evidence which has been withheld for 32 years and that we know would exonerate Kris. The judge could rule any day – I will keep you updated when there is more news.

    Clive Stafford Smith

  27. MadeInBedlam

    MadeInBedlam Arm the mentally ill Enforced Holiday

    Please come out and support us in protesting the National Autistic Society on March 29th 11.30 - 3.30pm details here:

    Autism charity escapes prosecution over care home bullying

    'A charity that ran a care home where autistic people were taunted, bullied and humiliated by staff has escaped prosecution over its failings.

    The National Autistic Society has agreed to pay a £4,000 fixed penalty notice instead of facing a potential prosecution over Mendip House in Somerset.'

    Our protest last year:

    We cannot let this go unchallenged we MUST speak out on this.

    These people did not deserve this.

    Emma Dalmayne.
  28. Riklet

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    Does anyone know of any political prisoners in Turkey to write to? Be good to send some solidarity.

    Was talking with a Turkish friend about just how bad things are there, currently, and how many people are still in prison. Leftists, Kurds and anyone opposing AKP from across the whole of society.
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    I don't know how to contact a prisoner in Turkey, but see there are many websites catering for death row prisoners (Human Writes - befriending prisoners on death row in the USA). I would urge caution to anyone considering this.
    It takes a lot of commitment as you might be the only contact that prisoner has with the outside world. How must they feel if you start writing to them then you suddenly disappear? They
    often get moved without you being told so you might have to wait a long time to hear from them or you may have to track them down. It's probably best you don't know about their "crimes"
    as it may prejudice your thoughts about them also best not to ask about their crimes, you may even prejudice their appeals. It's best not to ask to many probing questions either. As they have
    nothing, one thing they will probably need is stamps. It can be quite a harrowing journey. By all means write, but just be aware; it can be difficult and requires commitment.
  30. Limerick Red

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    There are Tens of Thousands leftist prisoners in Turkey. Just recently (last month) Germany on instruction from Turkey arrested 7 DHKP-C members, its very hard to find uptodate English details, but they had thousands of prisoners in say from 2000-2010, I'm not sure the current state of play.
    There was a "fairly" high profile case a few years ago, where a Scottish man was arrested for attending a Party/front anti-imperialist symposium, and he was getting letters and writing back. However he did mention this a liberty many of his fellow Turkish political prisoners did not get.
    Most of the organisations with prisoners in Turkey have a fairly strong base / network of social centres and business's in Britain also, so perhaps worth touching base with them to ask about it.
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