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prisoner solidarity

please remember that not all political prisoners want the same publicity,as someone who was in jail there was times when I felt like common property wether I liked it or not,I wasnt to chuffed when some trot/communist paper was delivered in a clear wrapper every week even though I didnt ask for it,the screws thought it was good amunition to give us all some stick,when I contacted the organisation to say we didnt want there shitty rag ,suprise suprise no reply and they still sent it,point is the right support is invaluable but remember its up to the prisoners how they want to be supported


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Urgent ELP! Bulletin (3rd of August 2004)

Dear friends

ELP has three lots of news for you today:

1) Italian animal rights activist, Sergio, is back in prison
2) Urgent action needed in support of Tre

1) A few days ago there were a number of raids across Italy as the police
investigated a letter bombing campaign which was claimed by an Italian
anarchist group. However the raids appear to of been just as much about
harassing known activists as any serious attempt to investigate the letter
bombs. As a result of these raids four people have been remanded into

One of the four is Sergio Maria Stefani, who, as ELP has reported, was under
house arrest for alleged participation in a series of animal rights actions
which included allegedly leaving an incendiary device outside a butchers

Now despite the fact animal rights incendiary devices look nothing like
letter bombs. Nor do they explode or do anything other than produce a small
flame the Italian police are trying to link Sergio into a conspiracy to
carryout a letter bombing campaign. (This is a common tactic of the Italian
police to take out political opposition).

Supporters of Sergio said "This is a very dangerous case, since letter bombs
and bombs are taken seriously and the police wants to find someone to
incriminate [for them], guilty or not."

Please send urgent letters of support to Sergio at his new prison address
(below). Sergio told his friends more than once how it was only letters
keeping him alive in his prison cell. Therefore please do not forget

Send urgent letters of support to:

Sergio Maria Stefani
c.c. Regina Coeli
via della Lungara 29
00165 Roma

Also if anyone knows the names and details of the other three people who
were arrested & remanded at the same time as Sergio, please get in contact
with ELP as soon as possible.

2) Last night ELP received the following e-mail concerning Tre Arrow.

>Dear ELP:
>Please distribute this emergency alert on behalf of imprisoned forest
>activist Tre Arrow, known to authorities as Michael Scarpitti. He is
>malnourished and jailers are abusing him in British Columbia, Canada.
>- Tre's weight has dropped to 91 pounds. The jailers still refuse to
>provide him with raw vegan food (fruits and vegetables).
>- The jail is punishing for supposedly "hoarding" food in his cell. (The
>food they found was his lunch, served by the jailers earlier that morning.)
>- Tre is in segregation and locked down 23 hours a day.
>He must be released back into the general population.
>- He has been subjected to an arbitrary "suicide watch," and harassment.
>The jailers have taken away his blankets.
>- Tre says he can't go on like this much longer. After 10 years on a vegan
>raw food diet, cooked food makes him ill and he can't digest it. He is weak
>and near starving.
>- He has requested that we email, write and call the Attorney General of
>British Columbia, Canada.
>- Tre is known by his former name of Michael Scarpitti. He is being held at
>the North Fraser Pre-Trial Centre in Port Coquitlam, BC.
>Honourable Geoff Plant
>E-mail: geoff.plant.mla@leg.bc.ca
>V8W 9E2
>Fax: 250 387-6411
>Phone: 250 387-1866

Obviously this situation for Tre is very critical and its urgent that
everyone acts now to support Tre.

Also, besides writing letters to the Attorney General ELP encourages
everyone to help keep Tre's spirits alive by sending letters of support to
him. These letters of support should be addressed:

Tre Arrow
c/o Rudy Kischer
Embarkation Law Group
609 W. Hastings St.
6th Floor
BC, V6B4W4


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Dear friends

As most ELP supporters will be aware, in June 2001 anti-globalisation
activists took to the streets of Gothenburg in Sweden to protest against
Global capitalism and its environmental impact.

Three years on, on the 31st of August 2004, Dutch anti-globalisation
activist, Maarten Blok, was arrested in Holland and on the 1st of September
2004 he was handed over to the Swedish authorities for his alleged
participation in the protests that occurred in Sweden in 2001.

Maarten is currently being held on remand, awaiting trial, and his
supporters are urging everyone to send urgent letters of support to:

Maarten Blok
Box 216
40123 Göteborg

Please note, it is unclear at this stage if letters written in Dutch will be
allowed to reach Maarten, so please write your letters of support in

The following statement has been sent to ELP by Maarten's supporters.

> In the morning of June 14, 2001, a European Summit
> began in Sweden, in the city of Gothenburg. Maarten
> had arrived in the city the previous night and had the
> bad luck to have chosen a place to sleep in a school
> provided by the city council that on that morning was
> surrounded by the police for a mass arrest of all the
> people (more than 450) who happened to be in that
> place at that time. He was arrested and deported to
> the Netherlands.
> About four months later, he received notification from
> a Swedish group supporting those who had been charged
> after the European Summit; there was supposedly an
> international arrest warrant for him for severe
> disorder and violence against a police officer, after
> some research it turned out that this warrant did in
> fact exist.
> Although the case is hardly supported, although there
> is sufficient evidence of Maarten's innocence (video
> recordings and witnesses) and although all other
> 'foreigner' cases have been transferred to their own
> countries, Maarten is still waiting for extradition
> and a trial in Sweden that he has probably already
> lost in advance. He lost his courtcase about the
> extradition, and the minister of Justice mr. Donner
> made his final decision, to extradite. Maarten was
> handed over to Swedish authorities on the 1st of
> September 2004, to undergo a almost certain unfair
> trial in Gothenburg.
> The chance of Maarten getting a fair trial in Sweden
> is deemed to be minimal, according to his attorney and
> those who have been following the trials until now.
> The Gothenburg court has not been objective in
> comparable cases, relies on 'flawless' police
> witnesses who contradict one another as well as
> manipulated evidence and hands-out extremely high
> sentences (especially to witnesses whom they regard as
> 'political'). In short, it is more interested in
> setting examples than in justice. His Swedish attorney
> estimates Maarten's chance of getting justice in a
> higher appeal as practically nil.
> Maarten will not receive a fair trial in Sweden.
> Therefore we demand freedom for Maarten. And a
> critical review of the 'political' trials in
> Gothenburg.
> His trial date is now set for the 23th of september
> 2004, but this can still chance to an even earlier
> date. There is a big manifestation on the 23 th in
> favour of Maarten. Everybody who can make it there is
> more than welcome...
> www.steunmaarten.org (english, swedish and dutch)


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here's the latest list from Anarchist Black Cross Brighton _ this is only European prisoners. Repression against anarchists in Europe, especially Spain and Italy, is becoming a main aim of the State: watch out , it will be here soon. Show your solidarity (solidarity is not just sending money or writing letters - it is striking at the institutions that cause this situation to come about: charity helps, but ultimately achieves nothing - get out and fuck shit up!). Also, if you're from London then see my other thread about setting up a London ABC if you're interested. (this is in two posts cause of the word restrictions)

James Borek LL6803,HMP Blundeston, D-108, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 5BG Sentenced in January 2004 to four and a half years for injuring a cop during the June 18th 1999 "Carnival against Capital" riot in London's financial district.

John Bowden John Bowden,#6729 HMP Saughton, 33 Stenhouse Road, Edinburgh, EH11 3LN
Long time prison resister.

Keith Pringle CB0078, HMP Whitemoor, March, Cambs, PE15 0PR
Keith has been inside for 11 years and continually harrassed for standing up for himself and other prisoners, rioting, dirty protests, and general disobediance. Recently fitted up for threatening to kill a screw landing him with another 3 years just when he was due for release.



Thomas Meyer Falk, JVA Bruchsal, Zelle 3117, Schoenbornstr. 32, 76646 Bruchsal, Germany: In 1996, Thomas was sent down for a bank robbery. He’ll be inside until at least 2010. Because of his strong beliefs, he’s been subject to very harsh repression – kept in solitary, daily cell raids, suppression and censorship of mail (no packages, and he has recently been denied his regular correspondence with some political groups by High Court Ruling), no access to education. On top of this his cell is in bad disrepair. Protest letters and faxes are needed towards improving his conditions. When writing to him don’t mention you are a political supporter. Besides hand-written letters, the only things he can get in the post are 3 IRC’s at a time.
For more info email: thomas_m_f@so36.net, or see http://www.freedom–for-thomas.de


34 people are still in prison Berlin, prisoner support groups have contacts with 21 of them (in all there have been 177 people imprisoned because of the events on 1st of May and the night before in Berlin and 186 warrants).

Markus Bederke (16 years old), Jugendarrestanstalt Berlin, Lützowstraße 45, 12307 Berlin-Lichtenrade, Germany.

All the other prisoners who have contacts with support groups are in Moabit prison:
Justizvollzugsanstalt Moabit, Alt-Moabit 12a, 10559 Berlin-Tiergarten, Germany.

One of them speaks only French- his name is Julian Fiorentino.The others are:

* JANECK EISSLER (buchnummer: 325-04-6)
* HANNES JÄGER (buchnummer: 1618-4)

You can write to them with their name and the address of the prison.

This year the State is being very hard on those arrested. It's not possible to bail somebody out (for example in one case they don't accept 10.000,- € !). One of the prisoners has already got 2 years without probation. However, all the imprisoned women are free now.

‘Revolutionary Cells’-Arrests in Germany: At 6am on Sunday, December 19th, 1999, heavily armed riot police stormed Axel Haug’s and Harald Glaede’s flats in Berlin as well as Sabine Eckle’s in Frankfurt. All three were arrested. At the same time the Mehringhof, a social centre in Berlin Axel and Harald work at, was surrounded by 1000 police. They trashed the place looking for some secret weapons cache, but just found two immigrants, Frank and Alicia, who they promptly deported to Russia and Bolivia. All this was based on the confessions of a recently arrested alleged member of the ‘Revolutionary Cells’, who were responsible for campaigns of criminal damage in the 80’s. Contact the Mehringhof Soli-Buero, Gneisenaustr. 2a, 10961 Berlin, email: info@freilassung.de, website: www.freilassung.de for current prisoner addresses and more information.



Thessaloniki Prosecutions



There’s a steady stream of reports of extensive repression from Italy. Ecological anarchists, squatters and ALF activists are more and more active, but are also facing more arrests, raids and random fit-ups. The following five anarchists were accused of belonging to a fictional armed anarchist organisation, and fitted up by the infamous prosecutor Marini in a trial ending on April 20th, 2004.

Gregorian Garagin, Via G. Leopardi 2, 61034, Fossombrone (PU), Italy (sentenced to 30 years)

Francesco Porcu, Via provinciale San Biagio, 81030 Carinola (CE), Italy (sentenced to life)

Carlo Tesseri, c.c. La Dozza, Via del gomito,2, 40100 Bologna, Italy (sentenced to 3 years 10 months)

Alfredo Maria Bonanno, Via Papiniano 1, 34133 Trieste, Italy (sentenced to 6 years)

Il Silvestre defendants

Six eco-anarchists in Pisa, Itlay, have been arrested on charges relating to alleged involvement in the magazine 'Terra Selvaggia', considered 'inciting', as well as alleged involvement in actions claimed by the Cells of Revolutionry Offensive (COR) - a marxist group! The eco-group linked to the six is called 'Il Silvestre'. The defendants are under house arrest, are in complete isolation and they are not allowed any letters or visits for the time being. Therefore until further notice please do not send letters of support to the Il Silvestre defendants who are under house arrest.

However we would like to remind everyone that one of the Il Silvestre
defendants, Alessio Perondi, is still in prison and he is allowed letters of
support. Therefore please do send letters of support to:

Alessio Perondi, Casa Circondariale di Prato, Via La Montagnola 76, 59100, Prato, Italy.

or to the group address:

Il Silvestre, via del Cuore 1, 56100 Pisa, Italy



Tomek Wilkoszewski, Zaklad Karny, ul. Orzechowa 5, 98-200 Sieradz, Poland: Tomek was sentenced to 15 years after killing a nazi in self defence in Radomsko, 1997. He recently appealed against the sentence but with no success. See website: www.wilkoszewski.pl for more info.


continued in next post


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On 14/05/03 three Russian "New Revolutionary Alternative" (NRA) activists were given lengthy prison
sentences for anti-war activities. The three who were jailed are Nadezhda Raks, who received 9 years in prison, Larisa Romanova who received 6.5 years (reduced to 5.5 years on appeal), and Olga Nevskaya who received 6 years imprisonment. The NRA first appeared in Russia in the autumn of 1996 when they attempted to burn down a military call-up (conscription) centre in Moscow, in protest against the Chechen war. Over the next few years the NRA carried out a number of actions, mainly criminal damage but also a few symbolic explosions. The targets included Government, military and police buildings. Of the three, Olga Nevskaya defines herself as an anarchist and has been involved with Rainbow Keepers. Larisa Romanova is a member of a Bolshevik group and has also been a member of Rainbow Keepers. Nadezhda Raks is a member of a Bolshevik group but is now said to have links with far-right groups, and is not supported for this reason. For more information including information about an active support campaign set up for eco-anarchist Olga Nevskaya contact P.O. Box 13, 109028, Moscow, Russia.

Olga Aleksandrovna Nevskaya, UU163/5, 7 Otryad, pos.Dzerzhinskiy, Mozhaysk140090 Moskovskaya oblast,Russia.
Larisa Valerevna Romanova, pos. Golovino, OD 1/2,Sudogordskiy Rayon, 601395 Vladimirskaya Oblast,Russia.



Eduardo Alonso Sánchez C.P. Madrid II, Carretera de Meco km.5 Alcala de henares, Madrid, Spain. One of two anarchists from Valencia who are being held in prison, charged with being part of the "anarchist terrorist conspiracy" that the Spanish state is determined to see everywhere.

Amanda Cerezo Garcia C.P. ALICANTE II, Ctra. N-330, km. 66, 03400 - Villena, Spain. One of two anarchists from Valencia who are being held in prison, charged with being part of the "anarchist terrorist conspiracy" that the Spanish state is determined to see everywhere.

The Cordoba 4: The Malaga court of appeal sentenced the anarchists Giovani Barcia, Michele Pontolillo and Claudio Lavaza, already sentenced to 11 years on September 1999, for an incident in the Italian vice-consulate in December 1996. Three persons wearing balaclavas imprisoned the consul and an employee, sending a message of solidarity to the Italian prisoners jailed by the Judge Marini (the judge who built a false accusation against Italian anarchists) and disappeared with passports and some money. These three Italians were convicted of this, as well as a previous bank robbery with sentences of 49 years for Claudio, 48 years for Giorgio and Giovani, 3 years for Michele. Write to them:

Claudio Lavazza c.r. huelva mod.16 carretera la ribera s/n 2161 Huelva, Spain.

Michele Pontolillo & Giorgio Rodriguez, (Giorgio can speak english), C.P
Madrid VI(Aranjuez), Ctra National 400, Km 28, Apdo 2000, 28300 Aramjuez, Madrid, Spain.

Giovanni Barcia C.P.Madrid V (Soto del Real), Ctra Comarcal 611, Apdo 2000, 28791 Soto del Real, Madrid, Spain.

Inaki Garcia Koch was sentenced in July 2001 to 5 years for sabotaging dam construction. He is one of the eight members of the campaign Soliderios con Itoiz, who were put on trial in their absence and convicted of sabotage of the construction of the Itoiz dam. In 2001 Iñaki Garcia Koch was the first of the eight to be captured and imprisoned. Letters of support to Carcel de Pamplona, C/san Rogue, Apdo 250, 31080 Irunez, Pamplona, Navarra, Spain.

Ibai Ederra, Carcel de Pamplona,C/San Roque. Apdo. 250, 31080 - Iruñez - Pamplona, Navarra, Spain. On the 15th of March 2004, Spanish eco-activist Ibai Ederra was arrested and remanded into custody, for the same reasons as Inaki Garcia, above.



Marco Camenisch, Poeschwies, Postfach 3143, 8105 Regensdorf, Switzerland.
In 1980 anarchist and eco-activist Marco Camenisch was arrested, and after a year being on remand, the court pronounced a 10 year prison sentence, for direct action against a pylon and a nuclear power station for ecological reasons. In 1981, together with 5 other prisoners, he escaped from prison - a prison warder died, another was seriously injured. Marco wasn't part of the group which shot them. After ten years of clandestine living and strugging, Swiss federal police and media claimed him responsible for the killing of a border police officer. After a shootout with the Carabinieri, he was arrested in 1992 in Italy, served 9 years and was extradited back to Switzerland, where he remains in prison. In June 2004, he got a further 17 year prison imprisonment for the murder of the border guard, though he always denied his involvement in the murder (see his statement before the court on freecamenish website). As he escaped from prison in 1981, he'll also have to serve the 8 years he had left when leaving with 5 fellows. The court didn't find him directly guilty of murdering the prison guard during the escape, but he was considered jointly responsible for it.

For more information see:


visit brightonabc.org.uk for constantly updated info on anarchist and class struggle prisoners of the State.


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I don't have a prisoner I wanted to mention but I was wondering (as a bad letter writer) what else we can do for prisoners more generally.

Are there many protest outside prisons? Or campaigning during visiting hours?

Also what is Prison Visiting? Is it some state selected group of old dears ignoring conditions or is it worth being a prison visitor to complain about conditions?

I was involved after the Strangeways uprising but not done anything about it since.


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Ray Davies jailed for non-payment of fines for anti-war actions

This is a cut & paste from Indycymru, there was some mention of this on the This is Gwent newspaper "website", but it is such a shit site that it is impossible to turn up a stable link to the actual news story. I don't have any more details at the mo, but Ray is a great bloke and any support would be greatly appreciated. Trident Ploughshares have his release date as 19/11/04


Ray Davies was today sentenced at Caerphilly Magistrates Court to 28 days in prison for refusing to pay fines from 3 peace actions he undertook to protest against the war in Iraq. Supporters outside the court held banners against the continuing war of occupation.

He said, "Nothing can condone the deaths of 100,000 Iraqi civilians and over 1000 British and American soldiers, including 3 members of the Black Watch who were killed yesterday. More innocent lives will be lost in Fallujah, and our British government must be held accountable.
I am proud of the stand I have taken against this illegal war. It is a crime to stand by and do nothing when you see a crime being committed in your name."

Joyce Giblin, a supporter from Newport, said, "They are jailing the man of peace, while they give guns to the men of war".

Ray is expected to serve his sentence in Cardiff Prison, where he will be taken later today.

Ray would appreciate any letters of support.
I expect to get his prison number after he is processed and given a phonecard tonight, but in the meantime anything addressed to Caerphilly Councillor Ray Davies, HMP Cardiff, Knox Rd should get there.
Wendy Lewis


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since the courts have started "operation payback" i reckon urbanites might be able to write to smashthestate in prison some time soon too :( (unpaid fines for antiwar stuff)

col_buendia, do you know how much he owed for them to put him in prison for so long?


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smashthestate said:
since the courts have started "operation payback" i reckon urbanites might be able to write to smashthestate in prison some time soon too :( (unpaid fines for antiwar stuff)

col_buendia, do you know how much he owed for them to put him in prison for so long?
Bummer, smash, I'll send you a postcard from sunny Spain... Trident Ploughshares has this on Ray (for those of you who know him, you'll not need telling that he is a brilliant bloke, and you wouldn't catch me saying that about a lot of Labour councillors!):
Popular Caerphilly councillor and veteran anti-nuclear activist Ray Davies, was sentenced to 28 days in prison today, for “wilful refusal” to pay fines of over £2000. The peace protest fines were incurred while taking non-violent direct action at UK nuclear bases.
Trident Ploughshares

PS - smash, is it "can't pay! won't pay!" or is it "could pay but no intention of doing so on principal"... I mean, are you accepting help if it is the first proposition and would rather avoid prison? Let me know.


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New London ABC group meeting-interested??

if anyone is interested in joining a new ABC group in London, not just for prisoner support, but for active solidarity and action against the system of state repression, then please email chimp23@techemail.com. also, initial meeting is on 17th nov at approx 7pm at 56 dalston lane.

anyone interested please come along and bring ideas and contributions - food provided!!!

see ya there!!!

ska invita

back on the other side

Britains Guantanemo Bay

Just in case we forget, we have our own Guantanemo down here in South London. Prisoners are being held indefinetley and without charge at Belmarsh prison. Despite the recent releases from Guantenemo, there are still other British citzens being held in contravention to the human rights act at the American base.

No charges, no lawyers, no rights.

There is a campaign of letter writing taking place... I wont put all the details here, rather, here is the link with all neccesary information.



Victory to the Intifada!
Mum in prison vigil

VIGIL: Pauline Campbell with a picture of her daughter
THE mother of a teenager who died after taking an overdose in jail two years ago mounted an anniversary vigil at the gates.

Styal women's prison in Cheshire was criticised following an inquest into the death of 18-year-old Sarah Campbell, which concluded last week.







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Support Anti-War Prisoner Brendan Walsh

Solidarity for Brendan Walsh

After serving 5 years behind bars, Brendan Walsh of Endwell, New York, will be supervised for 3 years. He was recently sentenced in Federal Court. Walsh had pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to damage or destroy a building by arson.

In April of 2003, he threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of the recruiting station on the Vestal Parkway. He was also charged with attempted destruction of communication lines utilized by the U.S. Armed Forces, which carried a maximum sentence of 10 years. Detectives
say Broome Security's work with surveillance video was crucial in their investigation.

Walsh is also responsible for smashing the window of the recruitment center in June of last year.

From his friend:
I talk to him via telephone on a regular basis. He is currently in syracuse in a holding facility where he is teaching GED classes, and he is working on attending Ohio State University via correspondance courses.

If you feel the need to contact him in support please mail all correspondance to:
Brendon Walsh
Jeremy Shirvan
2714 wIlliam St
Endwell, NY 13760-5822

to discuss on AIm : psychologic03
or e-mail: jashirvan (at) earthlink.net


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Support ALF Prisoner Josh Demmitt

***Support Imprisoned Activist Josh Demmitt***

Joshua Demmitt is an 18-year-old animal rights activist recently sentenced to 2.5 years in federal prison for his alleged involvement in an illegal direct action at BYU – Provo Utah. In these alleged actions animals were freed from abuse and property left damaged. Josh has shown the greatest integrity and courage throughout this ordeal. Leaving court he was quoted as saying "I'm going to support the cause until the day I die.” as a community of conscience it is imperative that we support Josh through his prison stay.

Take just five minutes to do a couple important things to support Josh:

1) Write him a letter.

Prison is a lonely place, and Josh needs know there is a large community of supporters wishing him well, and waiting for his return. A simple card, letter, or even just a brief note of support means a lot to a prisoner kept from his or her friends and family. Remember that all prison mail is read by the authorities, so think before you write. Mail to prison facilities must always include a return address and the full name of the sender. Write to Josh at:

Josh Demmitt #12314-081
Federal Prison Camp Sheridan
P.O. Box 6000
Sheridan, OR 97378

2) Send a donation to The Josh Demmitt Support Group

Prisoners earn less than 25 cents an hour and have very limited access to the resources that we have on the outside. This means that it's up to us to make sure that Josh receives everything he can to make his stay in prison a little easier. Although checks may also be sent directly to the prison, Josh's personal prison account can be used only for the limited purchases he can make as an inmate. The Josh Demmitt Support Group has formed and is currently raising money to fund the next two and a half years of prison support for Josh. We will be helping to cover Josh's legal expenses should there be any, the cost of postage and telephone calls, travel expenses for prison visits, reading material for Josh, his commissary fund for the purchase of vegan food, and whatever other needs might arise.

Josh has spent countless hours working for the animals - thank him by sending a couple hour's worth of your work to:

The Josh Demmitt Support Group
c/o The Animal Defense League
PO Box 1587
Huntingdon, NY 11743

Make checks payable to: The Josh Demmit Support Group

Alternately, send a money order made out to Josh Demmitt (personal checks are not accepted by the prison) to:

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Joshua Demmitt #12314-081
P.O. Box 474701
Des Moines, IA 50947-0001

3) Check the Josh Demmitt Support Group Website

Visit http://www.supportjosh.org for current news about Josh, information about his case and animal testing, and more ways to support him and other prisoners.

***Email bpersky@defendanimals.org with any questions***


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exhibit @

Yeah wow this thread is well old
any one interested in some bang up to date prisoner support stuff drop us a line at

or exhibit A
c/o 56a infoshop
crampton st
elephant & castle se1

we are into prison solidarity we write to various anarchist and non anarchist prisoners in and around the uk. we are more or less against the whole concept of prisons

send us some stamps we'll send ya the latest news letter and some cool anti prison stickers

konsh :cool:

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G8 Remanded Prisoner RELEASED!

Just heard that one of the remanded G8 Prisoners, David Boudin, who was in Barlinnie, was released this morning. :cool: He received a £750 fine. Not so :cool:


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Pauline Cambells daughter was only 18 was ment to go to a mantal health ward but eneded being sent to Style....by 7 that eve she was dead........
how? what? where? and why? are the questions left unanswered .......then the other 26 suicides....not counting the many with mental health problems, self harm is rife behind the walls......think of the mums sent for minor crimes.....kids put in care......

And no christmas lunch on the day for them......packet of crisps, sandwiches bit of fruit........ & LOCKDOWN.

lets hope the animal lovers can also see how fellow humans slowly suffer incarcaration.....some prisoners(approx 75%) cannot read or write well enough to protest.


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Demand immediate release of jailed Mexican human/labor rights activist Martin Barrios

In the summer of 2005, I had the pleasure of being placed by student organization United Students Against Sweatshops with an organization in Tehuacan, Puebla, in Mexico, called the Tehuacan Valley Commission for Human and Labor Rights (DHuLVaT), an anarchist human and labor rights group that has been organizing locally with sweatshop workers to take control of their lives at work for over a decade. These were the most tireless fighters for human and labor rights I have ever met. They are proud working class Nahuat indigenous people who distribute self-published pamphelets to the sweatshop workers in the area the texts of revolutionary anarchist Ricardo Flores Magon, in addition to helping them organize on a complaint basis. They have been the contact persons for their area for the Zapatistas on their country-wide tours. They recently began organizing the laborers in the area for forming a union. They have done amazing work in their area, but they desperately need help. One of the main organizers of the group has been arrested on trumped up charges and is being detained illegally by the Mexican pigs for supposedly “blackmailing” a sweatshop owner. Please check out this action alert and send emails to the governors of Puebla, etc., helping this amazing activist out.

Demand immediate release of jailed Mexican human rights
activist Martin Barrios
December 30, 2005

On December 29, Martin Barrios Hernandez, President of the Mexican Human and Labour Rights Commission of the Tehuacan Valley, was arrested by the intelligence division of the Puebla state police and transported from his home city of Tehuacan to the state capital of Puebla where he is being held in state prison. The arrest comes exactly two years after Barrios was kidnapped and beaten by unknown assailants.

Barrios is accused of blackmail, based on a charge filed by Tehuacan maquila owner Lucio Gil Zarate. In Mexico, there is no possibility of posting bail when facing blackmail charges, and a guilty verdict could result in a 2-10 year prison term.

Despite the fact that the charge was filed on December 16, Martin was not informed of the charges until he was picked up by the police without warning outside his home as he was going to assist a maquila worker.

The charge against Martin was filed on the same day as independent journalist, Lydia Cacho, was arrested by Puebla state police in Cancun and transported to Puebla on defamation charges brought by maquila owner Kamil Nacif, Mexico’s denim king concerning allegations that he was involved in a child prostitution ring. The out-of-state arrest has been widely condemned by human rights and journalists’ organizations. Barrios has publicly supported Cacho.

Gil is a subcontractor for AZT, an apparel company in which Nacif is a part owner. Nacif is also a part owner of in the Tarrant Apparel Group, which closed its factories in 2003 after workers tried to organize an independent union at the Tarrant Ajalpan factory. The Commission provided advice and support to Tarrant workers who lost their jobs as a result of the factory closures. The US and Canadian labour ministries and the International Labour Organization (ILO) have issued reports documenting violations of worker rights in the Nacif-owned factory.

Over the past few months, the Commission has been providing advice and assistance to workers employed at the Calidad de Confexiones maquila, which is owned by Mr. Gil. In early November, the Commission assisted workers in filing a complaint before the local Conciliation and Arbitration Board, charging the employer with worker rights violations. On November 10, Gil signed an agreement to resolve the outstanding issues, but, according to the Commission, has failed to comply with the agreement. On November 22, the Gil fired all 163 workers who had been part of the original complaint.

The workers responded to the firings by staging peaceful protests outside the local offices of the Conciliation and Arbitration Board, the FROC-CROC (an “official” union that has failed to defend the workers’ rights), and Mr. Gil’s home, demanding the severance pay they were owned.

According to the Commission, Martin’s arrest is part of an ongoing campaign by maquila owners in the region to discredit and obstruct the work of the Commission. In recent months, maquila owners in Tehuacan have been making public accusations against Martin and the Commission, charging them with organizing protests and strikes that discourage foreign investment in order to blackmail the owners.

Barrios, who is also an advisor to the Mexican Federal Electoral Institute in Tehuacan, is internationally known as a defender of worker environmental rights in Tehuacan, one of Mexico’s major apparel producing regions. Last year the Commission was awarded the Tata Vasco human rights award by Mexico’s Jesuit universities.


Send letters of protest to the Governor of the State of Puebla, Mario Morin Torres, with copies to Attorney General Blanca Laura Villeda Martinez, demanding Martin’s immediate release and that no harm comes to him while he is in custody.


Mario Marín Torres, Gobernador del Estado de Puebla
14 Oriente, No. 1006, Colonia El Alto, Puebla
Puebla, México

Cc. Blanca Laura Villeda Martínez, Procuraduría General de Justicia, titular.pgj@puebla.gob.mx

Estimado Gobernador Marin Torres:

I am / we are writing to urge your government to take immediate action to ensure that Martin Barrios Hernandes, the president of the Comision de Derechos Humanos y Laborales del Valle de Tehuacan, who is being unjustly imprisoned at the San Miguel prison, is released without further delay.

I / we would also urge you to
• take appropriate steps to ensure respect for Martin Barrios’ physical integrity, and
• carry out an investigation regarding these unjust charge, his arrest and imprisonment.

Yours truly,
There will be solidarity practiced by this group

Going back 10 years I remember a vibrant march that went through Holloway on International Police Brutality day, and it was against the Prison and the range of Criminal Justice Oppression possible. I remember some people concerened with miscarriages of justice, and some Republicans came along too - were they the Wolfetones? Not the band (my memory has faded on this one). Was anybody who posts on U75 there?

Anyway, the reason why I post here is that a theroetically and practically coherent Prison abolition conference has taken place in London. Some old guard of the anti Prison movement came out (PROP, RAP etc) as well as some newer ones, including former prisoners. This looks interesting and something I will be a part of. The only mistake was in not making Joe Sims key note speech available on the web for later listening - nobody recorded it. There's always next time to improve our propaganda though, and here's the website; http://www.alternatives2prison.ik.com/


In a message dated 14/02/2006 15:34:13 GMT Standard Time, Pauline Campbell writes:
Please consider writing to your MP, with a request that he/she signs EDM 1603 (Use of sweatboxes for pregnant prisoners) in order to get this barbaric practice stopped

Address: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

The Guardian, 1 February 2006 - 'Barbaric' trips endured by pregnant prisoners
The Guardian, 6 February 2006 (Letters) - Put an end to prison van sweatboxes
EDM 1603 - Use of sweatboxes for pregnant prisoners: http://edmi.parliament.uk/EDMi/EDMDetails.aspx?EDMID=30041&SESSION=875

Report in The Guardian, 01.02.06, referred to heavily pregnant, 27-year-old prisoner, in the 'care' of HMP Styal, who spent 4 hours in a prison van the day before her baby was due.
Letter from the Prison Reform Trust, The Howard League for Penal Reform, and others (The Guardian, 06.02.06), asks the Home Secretary to put an immediate stop to transporting pregnant women in prison vans; letter points out that "better care is taken to regulate the transport of live farm animals".
The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIMS) is concerned that the Prison Service has no understanding of the damage that can be done to an unborn baby "whose mother is confined to what amounts to a broom cupboard for many hours ..."
Women are locked in cramped cells measuring 24 in by 34 in inside the prison vans, known to inmates as "sweatboxes".
EDM has now been tabled by Annette Brooke, Lib Dem MP, Mid Dorset and North Poole.

EDM (Early Day Motion) is a motion put down ("tabled") by Members of Parliament calling for a debate on a particular subject. Its purpose is to enable MPs to draw attention to an issue and to canvass support for their views by inviting other Members to add their signatures in support of the Motion.

Pauline Campbell
[Mother of Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, 18, who died in the 'care' of HMP & YOI Styal, 2003]


New Member
Yay Jim is out of prison!

Rabidrodent said:
American Anarchist Gets Sent down For J18
Jim Borek Sentenced to 4 1/2 Years

On the 23rd Jan, at Southwark Crown Court (England) James Borek pleaded
guilty to a Section 20 Unlawful Wounding (GBH) charge and 2 violent disorder
charges plus an additional charge of skipping bail in 2000...

...Jim feels he can now start looking to the future and would appreacate and
needs our support
Please write to him at James Borek LL6803
HMP Wandsworth
PO Box 757
Heathfield Road
London SW18 3HS
From Bombs and Shields posted Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New York, New York - Anarchist prisoner James Borek is scheduled to be released tomorrow after spending more than two years in prison for his participation in a 1999 London Reclaim the Streets sponsored Carnival Against Capitalism protest. Jim is a New York native who travelled to England at the age of 18. After being arrested, Jim fled to Ireland without his passport, where he joined the Irish trad/punk band Blood or Whiskey.

It was while on tour with his band that Jim was apprehended in Belgium with a phony passport. On January 23rd, 2000, in Southwark Crown Court, he pled guilty to a section 20 Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) and 2 violent disorder charges, plus an additional charge of skipping bail.

The June 18th, 1999 Carnival Against Capital was an international day of protest, timed to coincide with the meeting of the G8 (Group of Eight most industrialised nations) Summit in Köln, Germany. Anti-Capitalist protests were organized in over 40 countries. The demonstration in London, organized by Reclaim the Streets, shut down the city center with 10,000 protesters. Demonstrators occupied the London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE) building, trashed corporate and financial targets, and built bonfires in the streets.

Another anarchist, Rob los Ricos a.k.a. Rob Thaxton, was arrested at the June 18th Eugene, Oregon protest. Rob is serving a seven year and three months sentence for throwing a rock at a police officer who attacked him.

Jim will be flying into New York City Thursday afternoon, and will be welcomed by friends who have planned a party for him this Saturday in Brooklyn.


Attica said:
I've known about this for ages;http://www.freemumia.org/news.html

Looks like its time to do stuff....

Former Black Panther - award winning journalist - the 'voice of the
voiceless' - framed on false charges of killing a cop - on death row 24


Benefit gig for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Film - discussion - spoken word - live music - Sooth Sayers Trio & Yabba
Funk- DJS

Sunday 19th November 2006
7 - 12 pm

Grosvenor Pub, Sidney Road, Stockwell, SW9
(sidney road is just above the arrow)

(Please be generous - funds are urgently needed for legal defence)

contact: brixton4mumia@yahoo.co.uk


"The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal" pamphlet available online

IBT pamphlet "The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal" is now available online at http://www.bolshevik.org

The case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, America's best-known political prisoner, starkly illuminates the brutal reality of racist capitalist justice in a country that advertises itself as the citadel of "freedom." It is an extremely complicated case, and while the main elements are now known, pieces of the puzzle are still missing and ambiguities remain. This pamphlet outlines the essential elements of the case and the legal/political issues it poses. Appendices include new evidence and declarations not introduced in the original trial or Mumia's two PCRA (Post Conviction Relief Appeal) hearings, such as Mumia's own affidavit and Arnold Beverly's confession to the 1981 killing of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. This is the most comprehensive treatment of this material available in English, with the legal complexities of the case clearly explained, and is essential reading for those who want to fight for Mumia's freedom.

The frame-up of Mumia Abu-Jamal stands as a powerful refutation of all civics-class theories about the state as a neutral arbiter between conflicting interest groups. Mumia's case graphically demonstrates the mechanism through which the judicial system perpetuates the status quo of exploitation and racist oppression behind a facade of disinterested impartiality. It also shows that America's rules are neither so powerful nor so self-confident that they do not fear the truth and those who dare to speak it. They have been forced to pay a political price for the frame-up of this opponent of social injustice - the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal has educated tens of thousands of young people in the U.S. and around the world as to how "justice" is administered in the imperialist heartland.
Latest News;

12/7/06 PRESS RELEASE: U.S. House Condemns Mumia Abu-Jamal

To All Supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal:

Protest this outrage!!

*12 NOON

Circulate this press release widely!


415-255-1085 12/7/06









O: 415-255-1080
CELL: 510-268-9429
H: 510-268-9429

On December 6, in a non-binding vote, the U.S. House of Representatives intervened in pending FEDERAL litigation in the case of Pennsylvania death row inmate, Mumia Abu-Jamal.

By a non-binding vote of 368-31 a motion introduced by two Philadelphia-area congresspeople was approved demanding that the French government intervene to pressure the Parisian suburb of St. Denis to reverse an earlier decision to name a street, Rue Mumia Abu-Jamal, honoring a man who they believe did not receive a fair trial in the United Street. The City of St. Denis last week refused to change its decision.

An earlier decision of the City of Paris itself granted Abu-Jamal honorary citizenship, the first such honor bestowed since it was granted to Pablo Picasso in 1967.

French President Jacques Chirac has also added his name to the long list of international and U.S. leaders who have condemned the 1982 frame-up trial of Abu-Jamal.

The decision by the House of Representatives constitutes a direct intervention into the legal proceedings presently underway in the U.S.

Abu-Jamal's case is slated for oral arguments before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. This court, reversing previous rulings of the Federal District Court, granted Abu-Jamal two additional certificates of appealability to challenge racial bias in his trial and improper instructions to the jury. Abu-Jamal's appeal also includes a challenge to the exclusion of 11 of 14 Black jurors.

The State of Pennsylvania is appealing before the same court, seeking a reinstitution of the death penalty.

Abu-Jamals' lead attorney, Robert R. Bryan has repeatedly stated that the gross violations of his client's constitutional rights will result in a new trial and freedom for a man whose fight for life and justice is today supported by groups ranging from the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, the city councils of San Francisco and Detroit, the 1.8 million member California Labor Federation, the European Parliament, the National Conference of Black Elected Officials and other organizations representing hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

"The House action" said Pam Africa, chair of the International Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal and just returned from Paris, "is designed to weigh in on and promote an atmosphere in the U.S. judiciary that is prejudicial to Mumia's receiving any form of justice today."

Several leaders in the defense of Mumia Abu-Jamal will be present at the Tuesday, December 12 Federal Building protest against the vote of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Issued by: The Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Jeff Mackler and Laura Herrera, Co-coordinators

WASHINGTON - House members last night passed a resolution denouncing a French city for naming a street in honor of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

"We must stand together as one and send a strong message to the world that cop-killers deserve to be punished, not to be celebrated," said Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R., Pa.), the Bucks County congressman who wrote the resolution.

The vote came a few days shy of the 25th anniversary of the slaying of Daniel Faulkner, a 25-year-old officer shot after he pulled over Abu-Jamal's brother on Dec. 9, 1981. Abu-Jamal, a onetime radio reporter and former Black Panther, was convicted in 1982 and sentenced to death.

Abu-Jamal's writings and taped speeches on the justice system have made him a cause celebre among Hollywood activists, foreign politicians, and some death-penalty opponents who believe he was the victim of a racist justice system.

In December 2001, a federal judge overturned Abu-Jamal's death sentence but upheld his conviction. Both sides have appealed that ruling.

In April, a street in St. Denis, a suburb in France just north of Paris, was named after Abu-Jamal.

The vote was symbolic, since the U.S. Senate is not expected to take up the measure before Congress adjourns this week.

The police union in Philadelphia sent a representative to Washington on Wednesday and watched the vote closely, especially that of Rep. Chaka Fattah, a candidate for Philadelphia mayor. The union has promised to work against Fattah in the 2007 Democratic primary, because he supports giving Abu-Jamal a new trial.

Fattah said in a statement that despite being unconvinced that justice was served in the case, he voted for the resolution because "anyone who stands convicted of so terrible an offense is an affront to those who risk their lives on a daily basis to serve."