Printing to canvas - what resolution do I need to aim for?

Discussion in 'photography, graphics & art' started by Fez909, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    I'm going to get a couple of images printed out onto canvas using one of those online things where you just upload a photo. The photos are not mine, so I have no control over the size/quality.

    Ideally I'm aiming to go to around 30cm x 30cm. One image I have is 1200x1200px. Will this look OK?

    Also, what's the ratio I should be aiming for so that if I get another image I can calculate its maximum size on a canvas while still looking OK?

    This is just for display in my house. Doesn't have to be art gallery quality. Just on the upper end of "good enough" will be fine for me. I'll be using the cheapest service I can get away with so I don't expect them to do much fancy reszing work or processing to maximise quality.

  2. Crispy

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    1200px @ 30cm is ~100dpi which is just about bearable for regular photos, but the texture of canvas prints goes a long way to hiding it. You'll be fine. Much lower will be noticeable I think.
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  3. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Thanks. What would you say is the lower limit for canvas?
  4. Crispy

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    I wouldn't go lower than 100 really. That's about the dpi of a modern monitor.
    It depends on the subject mater too. Portraits with shallow depth of field will hold up at low resolution much better than sweeping landscapes or city streets.
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  5. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Ah, they're not going to be photos. Mostly graphics/illustrations. I don't think it's hugely important for them to be high quality.

    Here's one I like, for instance:

  6. Crispy

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    Oh that'll be fine at low resolutions. There might even be some content-aware scaling methods that can enlarge it without blurring (I'm out of my depth now)
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  7. Supine

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    Standard for printing is 300dpi but as said canvas may be forgiving
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  8. High Voltage

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    This could be a bit of a weird one - typically when supplying a scan for printing any repro company or printer should ask for a file at double the resolution that it's going to be printed at, at the size it's going to be printed at - by that I mean, that if the printer is going to be printing same size at 150 lpi screen then the file should be supplied at 300 lpi at 100% of the print size but this would be for CT (continuous tone work) so a proper photo

    Then you come to line work - and the example give above IS line work - it looks "simpler" when compared to a photo but the lines won't be made up out of dots, so typically I scan line work at 1000 lpi (one thousand lines per inch) AND HIGHER depending on how much detail I want to keep - I've been known to scan in at 4800 lpi when I've go to recreate something in illustrator but you do end up with a large file size, a couple of hundred megs is not unusual

    The canvas should take away some of the necessity for a high resolution scan but 100lpi is going to be pretty poor, certainly with the scan shown above

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