Pride (movie) - when Welsh miners and gay activists teamed up to fight Thatcher

Discussion in 'protest, direct action and demos' started by dynamicbaddog, Aug 30, 2014.

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    a show of naked hands. Palms exposed.
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    Thanks very much for that. I really enjoyed it and wondered how well it captured the people involved. Lovely to hear from someone who knew them that the film captured them so well. :thumbs:
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    Looking forward to seeing this, but Lazythursday is really on the money here: has distance allowed people to think about the 84/85 Miners Strike as a cuddly feelgood cultural event, and is that feeling widely shared? Because let's face it, the supporters of the miners were the few, and those who conspired to destroy them and our industrial base, and to bring about the credit/services/leisure nexus we now live in,were the many. Blame Maggie and the NCB all you like, but they had the tacit support of the millions who quietly shared their vision. And I don't think its a guilt thing - they would do it again for no money to defend their right to complacent disengagement. Ultimately I think it's about people wanting it all ways simultaneously.
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    Chatting to my youngest brother on facebook about the film, turns out Hefina was his great auntie. Bloody pit villages, everyone is a relative somewhere along the line :D
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    But not your great auntie?
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    We have the same dad but different mums. He's twenty years younger than me.
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    Just found this thread ( thank you Brixtonscot) .

    Just wanted to make a few points relating to things raised much earlier in the thread .

    The young miners wife who spoke at. 85 gay pride march was indeed Sian James - the first time she had ever spoken to a crowd of more than a few dozen .

    She's not ( thankfully) retiring , I think it's more a case of leaving parliament in order to get involved in politics again.

    The LGSM member speaking at the Lexi and raising money for Soma was actually me :) I'm not an invented character , though there are elements if the character that are drawn from other real people and as mentioned I 'me not actually Jonathan's partner .

    I think the scene where Cliff talks about the Great Atlantic Fault is based on a real conversation ( or several) - I certainly remember him talking with real pride about the Peacock Seam (worked at Abernant, Cefncoed and Onllwyn ), the difficulty of working it and the quality of the coal.

    As Belushi says , he was a physically much larger man than Bill Nighy , and his character was quite different , but that scene is very true to him. I remember that visit to Castell Cerrig Cennin with him , Hefina , Sian as well.

    If anyone hasn't seen it - do go . ( and go to see Still The Enemy Within to)

    And if anyone is anywhere near Tywyn , i 'm speaking at a screening there on the 17th oct - come and say hello .

    Some of us will be speaking at screenings at Blaenavon Big Pit and in Llanelli soon as well .
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    Croeso Gethin! :)
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    Gethin R , also Croeso (from a non Welshman) here in SA. We saw the film 3 weeks ago and we were massively impressed.

    I'm quite frustrated not to be able to vote for Sian next time, now she's retiring from MPdom. In case people don't know, she's one of the 43 who last week in Parliament voted against war (more than 500 voted for :mad: ).

    She's sound.
  12. William of Walworth

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    Really want to see that ASAP! Cheers for the reminder :)
  13. kalidarkone

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    Just been to see this and can honestly say it's the best film I have seen this year! Loved it! Took me right back to my own involvement in politics and activism in the same period.
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    Here's an actual pic of that first meeting:

    Edit: been posted already - drat
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    Saw this a few weeks ago. Deeply moving and doesn't put a foot wrong. Period details and feel were spot on - it was like getting in a fucking time machine. It will probably get classed as a cosy 'feel good' movie in the vein of Brassed Off, Full Monty or Billy Elliot - but its much harder, darker and genuinely inspirational than them (not that there;s anything particularly wrong with the first two - billy elliot is shite though). Aside from the fantastic performances, I liked how they depicted the mining community with respect and didn't patronise . A remarkable piece of film making and the best account of those times I've seen. Sadenned and somewhat surprised that is hasn't been more of a hit.
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    Is it out on Doovde yet?
  17. belboid

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    December 23rd
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    I've got it on pre-order on Amazon. Bit disappointed it wasn't released a bit earlier so people could buy it for Christmas presents
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    It is odd, especially as the 23rd isnt even a monday.
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    Yeah, reckon it'd have flown off the shelves :(

    Doesn't matter really, as I have two birthdays (30th Dec and 1 January) so hopefully I'll be able to get them to recipients in time for birthdays
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    Just got an email off Amazon saying new delivery date is now MARCH! :mad::mad::mad:
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    Having now seen the film,i was wondering which parts were fictional - and this very interesting interview on the internal/lefty/organising side of things answers one key one:

    Dear Love of Comrades: The politics of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners
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    I can imagine in the states anything lgbt which isn't porn is a wtf do we do with it problem?
    Label it lgbt and it gets dumped with fire fighters with big hoses .
    Which limits its appeal seeing its an indie film you'd think whoever was doing the DVD realise wasn't a complete idiot.
    Obviously you'd think that but you'd be sadly wrong.
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    friendofdorothy it is so much worse than Thatcherism now

    I can imagine that any american homophobe who bought that might be a bit shocked by the gay pride maerch in the first 10 minutes of the film. People who wouldn't watch it just because it said 'gay' on it might benefit from seeing it, so good luck to them.
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  28. friendofdorothy

    friendofdorothy it is so much worse than Thatcherism now

  29. butchersapron

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    That's pretty much been the justification - on commercial grounds. That it's not anti-gay.That it just won't sell and will be shunted off to a 'queer films' section that doesn't get as much attention - backed up by cold hard figures. Which isn't to say that it's been done to promote the films message either. They've got bigger fish to fry.
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    nominated for 3 Baftas

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