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Discussion in 'computers, web and general tech' started by mhendo, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. mhendo

    mhendo Aussie in San Diego

    I've been running my self-built desktop computer for a few years now on the motherboard's native graphics processor. For a few reasons, I've decided to get myself a low-end video card. I bought myself a Powercolor Radeon 570 4GB card, which arrived today.

    The card requires an 8-pin connection to the PSU. My PC is running an EVGA Gold 550W G2 power unit, and the two 8-pin connectors (called VGA1 and VGA 2 - seen in bottom-left of this image) are currently free.

    My problem is that I can't find my 8-pin connector. There were spare connectors that came with the PSU that I didn't need during the build, so I put them aside. We just moved house, however, and now I can't find them. Either they're buried somewhere in a box that I haven't yet unpacked, or I accidentally tossed them during the pre-move cleanup.

    I just wanted to check that I can buy a 8-pin to 8 (6+2) pin, male to male connector, and that will do the trick, right? Something like this? I know it's a noob, question, but when it comes to graphics cards, that's what I am.
  2. Weller

    Weller So ermm ... You know ermm

    yes you can std lead on modular psus to power graphics cards , 2 is split pos and neg as some cards only need the power from 6 pins and if you look at both your power supply and the zoomed photo of that std lead you will see that they have different shaped connectors on plug and socket so can fit one one way for proper voltage neg pos etc so do not force ;)
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  3. Nemesisuk

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    That's not entirely true. Not all psus the psu end are wired the same. I'd contact the psu manufacture to get the correct lead.

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  4. Chz

    Chz Stark Raving Sane

    Not sure about the end on your PSU, as said above. What I can tell you is that there's no effective difference in power delivery between 6 and 8 pin connectors, so if you've got a 6 to 8 connector you can give that a try. The extra two pins are just ground and only make a difference if you're blowing out the 150W spec (which a 570 is not).
  5. mhendo

    mhendo Aussie in San Diego

    Thanks for the feedback, folks.

    I bought the power cable from eBay, linked in my OP. It seems exactly the same as the other EVGA cables that came with my PSU.

    I've hooked it all up and installed the drivers, and the graphics card seems to be working just like it should. Cheers!
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