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Post your new tunes (z)


poppin' like a cork
Amen mashup brought to you by the wonderful conditional sequencing of the Deluge. I.e. break sliced to 16 parts, 'correct' part plays 50% of the time, 10 other parts have 5% chance of playing. According to a random American it's 'siiiick'.


A detail, a footnote, a snag in the plan.
I’m not a Stevie Wonder fanboy by any means but if this song was in any contest it would win. Always. No act can follow!



toilet expert
Never heard of this before a record store last week, already damaging the decks
New to Me, issued late last year I thnk.....
Ey up fella. Nice tune, but wrong thread this. This thread is for tunes youve made yourself.

There's this thread for new records you've bought ;)