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Post your new tunes (z)


splash the cistern
https://www.dropbox.com/s/t88i8vpv7fsddbu/Pussy & Crack.wav?dl=0

Not on soundcloud yet, as I'm canvassing opinion on whether its shit or not....

A garaged up version of My neck, My Back
I like it, and the squeaky toy. Constructive criticisms - erm, not really sure about the alternative bit around the two minute mark and have you played around with the dynamics? It lacks the punch it deserves. Get playing with compression at the bottom end and a limiter on the master bus.


i haz boobz
I like this. It's got an Underworld feel to it which makes me think it should speed up a bit and have an acidic bass added. What vocoder are you using?
i think it was the one made by the people who do fruityloops, is it imageline? something like that anyway. Don't know where i stole it from but the version i have now is not as good.


Mind The Gap !
have been meaning to go the saturday social for ages..i have a mate who lives near there , im always visiting him on the wrong bloody weekend though..
will have to make more effort.. :)
im giving the set a listen to while i finish my book as its pissing down outside..


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New anti-war song NOT IN MY NAME by The Spirit Union

I see you’re pulling out of Afghanistan
Why you’re even in there I still don’t understand
I can’t recall was it Iraq or Iran
You seem to go wherever at a nod from an American
I know you’re not listening but I'll tell you just the same
You can choose to go on killing, but not in my name

To bring down taxes you bring down the spend
For the benefit of those who want wealth without end
There's food-banks on our streets and I can't comprehend
Just where you get the money for the troops you always send
Into other people's countries as you lie without shame
You can choose to go on killing, but not in my name

When will we learn when will we understand
We only ever go to war for the wealthy man
And all this talk of heroes hides the truth
Of the greedy corporations that demand our youth
And use them like pieces in their power game
You can choose to go on killing, but not in my name

Bells are ringing out
Christmas time again
Troops are coming home
And we'll never know their pain
Their lives will never be the same again

So Merry Xmas, but the war's not over


Licking windows on the 303 bus.
Im planning on entering a Gentlemens Dub Club remix competition, by properly dubbing out One Night Only, so I'd love some peoples input....... Unfortunately I don't have studio monitors, but Ill master it on some friends. I'm hoping the bass comes through ok, it certainly does on my headphones.

Its a wav on dropbox, so quite big, but I don't want to put it on soundcloud yet as I think that means I've entered the competition with it :eek:

Dropbox - One Night Only Dub.wav


Licking windows on the 303 bus.
Wouldn't mind some views on this

its on private, so if there's problems listening let me know as I've never done a private track before on soundcloud.