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Post up your favourite hi-fi components from the past

two sheds

Least noticed poster 2007
Had a pair of Russian Rigonda? speakers in early 70s. Really liked the sound, and they had amps and controls in the top of the speaker - really good idea, just plugged the record deck in as I recall (Garrard SP 25 Mark III).

Plus quad speakers and amp which I loved dearly too, one channel went down so I gave them away :(


still got mine
All the connections at the back started to fall apart and I couldn't justify the cost of fixing an amp that was so old and likely to go wrong somewhere else. I certainly got value for money off the amp though!

Lazy Llama

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I had one of these in the mid-80's - Acoustic Research - "The Amplifier"

Stan Curtis, Engineer, The Acoustic Research integrated amplifier from 1984
To be honest, I'm not sure what happened to it.

I used to use it with a Seedek Revolver turntable, which I still have but haven't used in 15+ years, and a pair of Wharfedale Diamond II's which I still use in my office.
All solid bits of kit, mostly metal and wood with few components inside.