Possible strike at Amazon & boycott - 10?15?-18 July 2018

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    I've just seen this on social media. Its seems that there is very likely to be a strike at the Amazon MAD4 logistics centre at San Fernando de Henares in Spain organised by the CGT, CCOO, CCIT, and possibly other unions covering the period around Prime Day - Amazon's big summer promotion, but it seems that there is some sort of co-ordination and organisation happening across Europe so there could be some interesting developments. Article in Spanish (which puts it at 15-17 July), machine translation. The developments have also been picked up by the Yes We Coupon too, who seem to have written a better article than the Independant.

    There is also a call to boycott being circulated:

    Don't purchase products from Amazon, or visit the site, especially during the Prime Day sale. You might even cancel your Amazon Prime subscription.

    July 16-18

    PRIME DAY: July 16

    Or weeks, months... up to you.

    Warehouse workers in Spain are planning a 72-hour strike to coincide with the Prime Day event, July 16-18.

    Amazon warehouse workers have brought attention to the horrendous conditions they must work under, but there has been no change from Amazon itself. This month, surrounding the Prime Day sale event, workers in multiple European countries are striking for better conditions. As consumers, we can show our support for the Amazon workers and demonstrate to Amazon that a change must be made by refusing to give Amazon our business.

    Strikes are historically one of workers' strongest forms of negotiating power with their employers. The more people participate in the strike, the more companies are encouraged to change. Our best shot at a real change in Amazon's behavior is to join together with the workers in Spain and all over the world.

    Lots on Twitter and other social media, including form GMB union Amazon branch and IWW who are saying the boycott and strike already started on the 10th or 12th July

    and a call for a Europe-wide strike at Amazon
    List of amazon subsidiaries to also boycott:

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    Boycott Amazon on July 18th?

    I've been boycotting Amazon for years. The cunts.
  3. treelover

    treelover Well-Known Member

    Something to be really considered, they sound like they mean business
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  4. spring-peeper

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    "Dear comrades"

  5. crossthebreeze

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    The confusion on dates seems to come from:
    a) the Europe-wide strike call-out for a strike in "the second week of July"
    b) a threatened strike at the Spanish distribution centre for earlier this week that was cancelled for negotiations - though the strike 16-18 July is still on.
    c) There is Prime Week rather than Prime Day in the USA and certain other countries

    Spanish union sources are calling for a boycott in support of the strike 16th-18th July inclusive, as is Amazon Strike.
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    Strike is still on in Spain - and apparently a 1 day strike in several locations in Germany, and work to rule in Poland, 3 workers arrested and one injured in police attack on picketers in Spain
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  8. existentialist

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    I've been boycotting them for years. In fact, the order I placed with them yesterday (in ignorance of the strike) is the first time in well over two years that I've bought anything from them :rolleyes: (battery pack only sourced through amazon :()
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    Couldn't find any other threads specifically discussing Amazon staff so will post this here, finally some good news for those warehouse and courier staff

    As an aside I find it quite surprising that majority of Urban over the years have continued to embrace Amazon (myself included) despite their unethical & almost Sports Direct esque treatment of workers.

    Amazon raises minimum wage for US and UK employees
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