"Police to probe Bloody Sunday deaths" - BBC

Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by danny la rouge, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. tim

    tim Well-Known Member

    After lots of practice on the Shamima Begum targets on the shooting range.
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  2. DaveCinzano


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  3. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Without music, life would be a mistake.

    The UDR gunmen in the UVF and intelligence links to the Miami Showband murders? Indeed.

    I wasn’t being serious: I was being ironic about what Bradley had been “thinking”.
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  4. dylanredefined

    dylanredefined Not a house elf a tiger

    No they weren't they murdered civilians for no reason. Should have been done 40years ago. Too many lies have been told about this incident already.
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  5. likesfish

    likesfish officaly hardest and most tooled up urbanite:)

    2 paras from the support company did most of the killing because they were psychotic cunts. most of the rest thought they were returning fire. No conspiracy or orders just two arseholes thought they'd murder some paddys safe in the knowledge they'd get away with it:mad:.
    seen that happen on exercise somebody fires and everyone else joins in.
    That they weren't done for murder at the time made everything worse
    now the whole things are seen through 30 years of "war" and whataboutery
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  6. Idris2002

    Idris2002 Well, there goes the frying pan theory.

    One soldier to be charged: insufficient evidence in the other cases.

    One British soldier to be charged over 1972 Bloody Sunday killings

    From the IT story linked there:

    "Should any of the soldiers be convicted of the charges the maximum they are likely to serve in prison is two years. They could also be released by royal pardon.

    Although the early release scheme of the Belfast Agreement does not pertain to the period before 1973, Northern Secretary Karen Bradley this week indicated legislation would be introduced to retrospectively apply it from a new start date of January 1968, and that it also would relate to former members of the British security forces."
  7. Sasaferrato

    Sasaferrato Grateful for what I have.

    May one take it that the disgraceful 'pardons' given to the IRA murderers by Blair will now be rescinded? Or are only the army guilty?
  8. Teaboy

    Teaboy It definitely looks brighter over there..

    Surely one has to be convicted before they can be pardoned?
  9. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    being as well over a hundred thousand soldiers served in the six counties, out of which precious few have been arrested let alone charged or prosecuted, your shrill objections don't seem entirely rooted in reality. and on the few occasions soldiers have been convicted of murder (ian thain, lee clegg and i think one more) they've been released from prison and restored to the army with unseemly haste.
  10. N_igma

    N_igma Epistemic nuisance

    19065 people were charged with terrorist offences from 1969-2003 in N.Ireland and the minute one soldier gets charged you come in here with your ‘or is it only the army who are guilty?’ bullshit. Go away and hang your head in shame you absolute ballbag.
  11. One may shove it up one's arse. Armalite optional.
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  12. Idris2002

    Idris2002 Well, there goes the frying pan theory.

    I had to look this one up, and I can see why you used the inverted commas around 'pardons'. Far from being actual pardons, these were more of a 'nod and a wink' arrangement called 'letters of comfort'.

    Which I doubt have the same legal standing as an actual pardon.

    IRA fugitives given 'letters of comfort' are linked to 300 killings
  13. Sweet FA

    Sweet FA ✪ Three rounds Lord, in my .44 ✪

    Just reading this thread then opened emails to find an ad for this on Netflix from the 22nd...

  14. Idris2002

    Idris2002 Well, there goes the frying pan theory.

    British AG defends IRA ‘letters of comfort’

    "In 2005 Mr Hain published legislation that would have enabled OTRs to qualify for an exemption certificate which would ensure they would not be prosecuted for crimes. However, he had to withdraw it after a year-long battle with Conservatives and unionists, though Sinn Féin later also opposed it when it realised that British soldiers could equally benefit from it."

    Sasaferrato - one thing I think we can agree is that T. Blair was a Bad Egg, as the attempted stroke pulling in this link would suggest.
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  15. Sasaferrato

    Sasaferrato Grateful for what I have.

    Indeed. You know what I am referring to though.
  16. Sasaferrato

    Sasaferrato Grateful for what I have.

    I see. Are IRA murderers just fine then?
  17. Is anyone saying that?

    Tory prick Bob Stewart was just on the radio saying that the paras made a mistake that day. He repeated the word about six times. Mistake. Thirteen dead on the day, a fourteenth dead later, due to a mistake. Yesterday you suggested that if people at Boeing had made mistakes that led to deaths they should be taken out and shot. That would be 'just'.
  18. Sasaferrato

    Sasaferrato Grateful for what I have.

    'Following orders' is not a defence to committing an illegal act. An order may only be followed if the order is legal.

    This is drummed into every soldier in basic training.
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  19. Teaboy

    Teaboy It definitely looks brighter over there..

    I do but its one thing to 'pardon' somebody who has been convicted as part of a peace process and another thing entirely to just not investigate or prosecute. Should this soldier be found guilty I have no doubt he will be immediately pardoned in one form or another.
  20. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    Nobody has said that.

    Every single soldier who killed someone that day is a murdering cunt who should have served life in prison. This does not condone the killers of soldiers in Ireland.
  21. What is also hardly ever mentioned is just how many British soldiers were killed as a result of this IRA recruitment drive the Paras led that day.
  22. Sasaferrato

    Sasaferrato Grateful for what I have.

    Murder is indeed murder, and those guilty should be punished.

    Strange though that Republican murderers are give carte blanche by the Blair government, as a bribe to get the Good Friday agreement in place, yet the security forces are still pursued. Somewhat short of 'justice' in any reasonable person' view.

    I've nothing further to say on this, so don't waste your time with derogatory posts. The filth of the IRA, and their supporters will answer to a Higher Power in due course.

    I hope the DPP in NI has good security, I have a feeling they may need it.
  23. Sasaferrato

    Sasaferrato Grateful for what I have.

    I don't think he should be, TBH, murder is murder, and whether in uniform or not, murderers should be prosecuted and locked up for a long time.

    It is the principle of this I strongly object to, not the individual case.
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  24. likesfish

    likesfish officaly hardest and most tooled up urbanite:)

    This is a dogs dinner and 40 years too late and media's going to be full of whataboutery from both sides.
    2 individual paras did most of the killing and did it because they were sociopaths who thought killing was a giggle:(. HM government covered things up because of the "war".
    going to be hard to justify when some IRA members have gotten away with murder
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  25. tim

    tim Well-Known Member

    As was made clear in the link about the so called "Nuremberg Defence" I attached.
  26. dylanredefined

    dylanredefined Not a house elf a tiger

    I think some might have made a genuine mistake others were murderers.
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  27. Sprocket.

    Sprocket. Pogo Suppression System Installed....

    I recall the news stories when it happened. The one thing around it all that has stuck with me all these years was an eye witness who was a sitting MP in Westminster wasn’t allowed to speak about it in the commons, prevented by the speaker from giving an account. I knew even as a teenager that there was something very wrong going on. The MP, Bernadette Devlin ended up crossing the floor and slapping Reginald Maudling when he said the soldiers acted in self-defence.
    Of course we only heard these events on the radio and television afterwards, no live parliamentary broadcasts back then. But as likesfish says above, it should have been sorted at that time. Not left to fester and become a recruiter’s dream for the escalation, murder and mayhem that followed.
    How many lives lost, not just on Bloody Sunday. On all sides.
  28. Fuck your higher power. Tiocfaidh ar la.
  29. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    What mistake is that? Joining the army?
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  30. likesfish

    likesfish officaly hardest and most tooled up urbanite:)

    once the two murderers opened fire, they did most of the killing, others may genuinely have believed they were under fire there was a riot and Gunshots are really loud seen it happen on exercise somebody opens fire and other people join in.
    Especially if your paras who are expecting trouble and don't actually expect fellow soldiers to commit murder you'd assume you fellow soldier was shooting at an identified target rather than just for the hell of it.

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