Police punching people in the face

Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by fractionMan, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. fractionMan

    fractionMan Custom Title

    To avoid the disruption of another thread, I'm starting this one.

    I've seen the clip, the copper well, he just punches some random guy in the face.

    what say you urban?
  2. TopCat

    TopCat Gone away, no forwarding address

    Police can be nasty violent bastards shock. Only the cosy middle classes would think otherwise or not care.
  3. fractionMan

    fractionMan Custom Title

    Here it is from another angle:
  4. Deareg

    Deareg Well-Known Member

    Usual police thuggery, I have seen and been on the end of this type of thing countless times in my life
  5. stupid dogbot

    stupid dogbot Haughty and Superior

    Personally, I'd say that bloke's a thug.

    There was a copper on another board absolutely basking in the glory of his colleagues getting to punch people last week, so I'd imagine it's not that hard for them to find the use of any force "reasonable and justified".
  6. QueenOfGoths

    QueenOfGoths Fuck you Dave!

    I say it's wrong and if done by from someone in a position of 'authority' very wrong.
  7. fogbat

    fogbat The Talibum

    I love the look on his face when he clocks the camera :D
  8. TopCat

    TopCat Gone away, no forwarding address

    Keep in mind that Police bastard Smellie was acquitted for baton striking a woman on the leg after back handing her across the face as she was dangerously near him holding a carton of orange juice. They can do what they want, act with impunity. Kill if they want to.
  9. longdog

    longdog What is it you can't face?

    One of the finest things about modern mobile phones is their ability to capture plod acting like a cunt without the same risk of the CCTV evidence conveniently and mysteriously going missing.
  10. Teaboy

    Teaboy It definitely looks brighter over there..

    As this month's Viz points out whenever anyone punches a copper its described as a 'cowardly attack' yet, given coppers are tooled-up to fuck and probably have several mates equally tooled up nearby, punching a cop is actually quite rock.
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  11. longdog

    longdog What is it you can't face?

    Unless the face in question belongs to plod in which case god help you.
  12. detective-boy

    detective-boy Banned Banned

    You'd say what was wrong?

    A punch in the face?

    A punch in the face in this situation as depicted in the footage?

    Any use of force by the police?

    Be specific.
  13. revlon

    revlon Well-Known Member

    surely it should be police punching youngsters in the face
  14. S☼I

    S☼I already bored

    A punch in the face is wrong, no matter whose fist & whose face.
    In this situation (the copper in the video) it is utterly unacceptable, and constitutes an unreasonable degree of force.
    Should be charged for it, the fucker.
  15. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    This is police officer U1202

    There's a small amount of outcry on the old face

    Is there a violent copper name and shame site? If not there should be, I remember there being a corrupt copper name and shame site a few years ago.
  16. Teaboy

    Teaboy It definitely looks brighter over there..

    If someone punches me in the face then I think a returned punch in the face is really quite right, whether I was a policeman or not.
  17. silverfish

    silverfish Sprinkling glitter on turds

    Hands up if you've been on the receiving end of a violent crowd?
  18. Callie

    Callie Pivoting

    I thought you weren't supposed to film or take photos of the police?
  19. TopCat

    TopCat Gone away, no forwarding address

    They have given up on that one.
  20. longdog

    longdog What is it you can't face?

    You can but the filth don't let minor things like the law to get in the way of doing whatever the fuck they like.
  21. S☼I

    S☼I already bored

    S'up to you, of course, and I can see the justification - but it's here we differ.
  22. longdog

    longdog What is it you can't face?

  23. S☼I

    S☼I already bored

  24. Teaboy

    Teaboy It definitely looks brighter over there..

    So you'd just take the kicking?
  25. S☼I

    S☼I already bored

    I'd extricate myself from the situation without attacking. :)
  26. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

  27. TopCat

    TopCat Gone away, no forwarding address

  28. stupid dogbot

    stupid dogbot Haughty and Superior

    Whilst I agree with this broadly, it's surely not always possible?
  29. stuff_it

    stuff_it stirred the primordial soup

    In this case none of the other coppers were using their fists, just trying to contain the crowd. Mr U 1202 was punching randomly into the crowd at head height. He's not concerned about the crowd's safety or the security of his job/reputation of the force at all (and therefore not suitable to be a professional police officer, esp not on the front line like that) - if the person he hit by accident had suffered from a medical condition and died or something then there would have been even more of a shitstorm.

    Seems to have well confused 'pushing' and 'punching'.

    Was it Thames Valley TSG as per?
  30. S☼I

    S☼I already bored

    You'd be surprised, the lengths I'll go to avoid either taking or dishing out a good hiding.

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