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*Police/public relations - Brian, your opinion?

paul boateng

Cheers for that Agricola.

Flaco your post is still wrong and a little dodgy. A 'Yardie' is a person born in Jamaica. Those who pimp out girls and sell drugs are as much 'Yardies' as my parents, who I'm sure have never sold drugs or pimped out anybody.

You just cannot use that term 'A gutter press' anyway. And pretend that it signifies a particular group within a group.

Last year a 'Yardie' gang from Beckton and Barnet were sentenced for a gunfight in Lewisham. These 'Yardies' came from Ghana and Nigeria.

Don't believe the hype or help the gutter press stigmatise my people



New Member
okay paul - fair point - and getting bogged down with handles of one sort or another isn't helping anyone. So lets skip using terms like yardie at all, and if we're referring to pimps, muggers or dealers - just stick to that. The point I was trying to make - was that (in my area at least) this kind of anti social behaviour is not a race issue to the people within the community at all.... but the press/authorities like very much to act as if it is...



Mr Paddick ,

I too am one of your many supporters and have lived in Brixton or LD as the Police refer to it as for many years, I have seen change in Brixton from the very bad to almost good and I am sure that things will only go on to improve now that you have gained control ( you will again have control when you come back)!.

I still see on a daily basis officers stopping and searching mainly black youths on the street and on occassions I have heard officers use language towards these youths that really they should not (although I know they have a hard job), recently there has been a lot of press regarding Police officers and heavy handedness and this used to be a major problem in Brixton some 20 years ago.

Can you tell us the situation with complaints against Police in Lambeth as they stand now, how many are there, how many officers are suspended at the moment as a result of assault/criminal allegations against them and what is your view on officers who are caught doing something they shoudl not, my point being taht one this type of behaviour is stamped our relations between Police and Public will be greatly improved.

Good luck and thanks for your time.


Peter Matisse

Queering the Mail
I wanted to add something to the debate and share a couple of things that I came across recently. The first was a letter in last Saturday's Guardian which was originally publisherd in The Spectator on March 30th. It was very anti Brian and was signed by a gentleman who styled himself 'Metropolitan Police (retired)' At first I could not beleive the letter was serious, it made some very bigoted remarks about Brian and said that his behavior 'should not be tolerated in a police constable, let alone the commander of a sink precint of the Met.' The whole of the letter made me furious but what made me especially angry was the 'sink precint' as a description of the Brixton area. It made me wonder if this is a view that is held by some still serving officers, possibly at a senior level. I have come to think that Brian's real 'crime' is that he is succsessful and that he and his officers have made life unpleasant for those involved in hard drugs, and they have moved to other areas like Islington, Chelsea and god forbid Westminster ! There have been a number of high profile muggings recently (Angela Ripon etc.) and if areas of London like Brixton are considered sinks, and the people in them written off as of being of little worth compared to those who live in the more 'civilised' parts of London, then what is happening to Brian seems to me to take on a more sinister aspect. I have lived in SW9 for may years and I love Brixton. It's a wonderful place, sure it has it's problems, but what inner city does not.

The other thing that made me think was a program on Channel 4 called 'Unreported Britain'. It was about 3 teenage boys who lived in Brixton and their views on why young people turn to crime. What struck me was how many single parent families there seem to be, with mothers struggling to bring up their children alone, and how without fathers many of the young people have no role models to look up to other than drug dealers. The drug dealers are admired because of the money they have, and the ability it gives them to buy all the symbols that mark them out a special i.e. clothes, cars, gold chains etc. It seemed to me that the police officers at Brixton by targeting dealers may at least help break a self perpetuating circle. But how do you deal with the materialistic nature of our society where people are judged by what they own or can buy, rather than their worth as a human being. One of the young guys interviewed on the program made the point that not all teenagers were the same and many were ambitious, hard working, and law abiding. But nobody wants to write about that. Nobody seems to want to mention the warm, friendly, inspiring, creative, colourful and caring Brixton and its residents.
Then as we all know Electric Avenue on a Saturday morning is just like a war zone - Yeah right.

William of Walworth

Good post.

Excellent Peter.

Just wanted to ask, was that letter in the Guardian (which I didn't see on Sat.) in the main letters columns or in "The Editor" (weekly digest of items from all media)?

You said it appeared in the Spectator first, which suggests the latter .... well the Spectator is reactionary central ...


Local friendly ex-cop
Peter, I could not have put it better myself.

John - 'Lies, damn lies and statistics' so lets not worry about how many complaints (I do not know the exact numbers but they are lower than most other Boroughs). An academic did some research with street robbers in Lambeth and in Tower Hamlets. In Tower Hamlets the police were hated but not in Lambeth. The Territorial Support Group (TSG) who are not Lambeth officers but work sometimes in Lambeth, drive around in police carriers (mini-buses). The robbers call them "bully vans" which may indicate a bit of heavy-handed policing from these guys, but views of Lambeth officers are positive. Yes, you will always get some encounters where things go wrong (inappropriate behaviour, inappropriate language) and some (rare) when things go badly wrong (excessive force used by an officer). Overall, according to the street robbers of Lambeth, they feel they get a fair deal from Lambeth cops.


Originally posted by Brian
The Territorial Support Group (TSG) who are not Lambeth officers but work sometimes in Lambeth, drive around in police carriers (mini-buses). The robbers call them "bully vans" which may indicate a bit of heavy-handed policing from these guys, but views of Lambeth officers are positive.
And there was me thinking that TSG stood for TONY'S STREET GANGS!



Excellent post Peter. I wanted to say something about how I hoped that Brian would ensure that his officers treat young men, particularly in relation to their record with black youth, with courtesy when stopping people, who may well be innocent of any crime, in the street.

That documentary on the Brixton teenagers raised the point that some police officers are simply downright rude when stopping youths.

When it's a standard stop and search, it would help police/community relations greatly I feel if a police officer simple said "excuse me" and "thankyou" and explained politely what he was doing. I know some do, but some are still quite antagonistic.

Brian, please fix.

Peter Matisse

Queering the Mail
Thanks for the encouragement everyone;

William, yes it was in 'The Editor' it was in the Letters of the Week section. The headline across the top ran 'Stop 'helping the sodomy lobby to run the police'. Personally I always thought the sodomy lobby was a waiting room in a brothel, but there you go. By the way the author of the letter signed himself Frank Pulley which is why I thought a first it was a joke.

Hatboy, yes the point was made about the police not being polite, what was also interesting were the three young guys, two balck one white, who recounted the story of being stopped by the police and the two black guys being searched but not the white guy, and it was the white guy who had cannabis on him. But Brian has said when he gets back it's on his agenda so more things may change for the better. Whilst on the subject of Brian it seems to have gone a bit quiet which is making me uneasy. I have come in a bit late to things but would like to offer any help in keeping the momentum going. I would not like the powers that be to think we have forgotten about Brian, and that they can quietly crucify him on a technicality behind closed doors and not let him back 'home'. What do you think we can do to keep the issue in the public eye.

Did anyone see the article about Brian in The Mirror recently, what did you think of it.

Peter Matisse

Queering the Mail
William - I didn't know there had been more than one. The one I read had a picture of Brian on the front page, and the headline was something like 'Brian Paddick speaks out '.


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Cor I think I might have found a job for me............answering the phones at Brixton Prison........two days and no one answers........it means a VACANCY.........yippe I'd be good at that job...........but isn't it worryin...? Stepans there CARING for all those men and no one can phone him.

And The old Plod are gettin clever at spin doctoring......they pester motorists to remind them....for voting....that they areHERE???!!! and want more money.....whine that they need more technology.........tell porkies.......i heard one telling a rich couple that they cannot attend for 2 hours......yet the kid down the street got nikked in seconds???????.........more perks coz the GOV dont understand.........and they get discount on boots.

We are in the middle of a barristers, legal eagles V POLICE battle.......who will win.....listen to them slaggin each other off in Court.

Im gonna apply for that job ....telephonist @ HMP Brixton.....even will offer to find a suitable telephone/technology system......coz they need to wake up to 21st Century. All of them.

All Police/solicitor/barristers procedures should be carefully CCTV'd and monitored.................asap.


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No sorry I just very think its odd that an institution can hold over 800 men.......but they disappear for awhile and the establishment doesnt even answer the phone.....let alone E:mail.....then people die. And no one knows why?....film disappear...evidence gets tampered. Prisoners sit in their fuming.....they want a REWIND of their trial coz they feel betrayed.....get me?

And why not ask....why cant they answer the phone?


New Member
They answered today. After awhile......itz all very well having pretty web pages I told them but they aint exactly interactive.

Work it out....800 inmates..........so many calls.......so many relatives.......so many visits....take a computer seconds...........

communication...Paddock made a progression.......he communicated...... a lot dont.

The Polic cut communications when they want. Dont be fooled. They made that poor Officer who worked hard...........a Racism hell...+ his family + others have died.

Basically think new technology...a suspect is nabbed...put in cell.....camera....confessions on going..........meanwhile so is evidence....forenic........no driving back + forth to Courts for actors performing....the polic are fed up with it.....time wasting....ineffeciant...DAVID ROSE's ...book...The Collapse of The Criminal Justice System........it is burning right now..................the cops...the Uni bods .....the lot have got 2 communicate....coz new technology is here to CHANGE it.