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poetry competition?

Discussion in 'books, films, TV, radio & writing' started by METH LAB, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp

    A nice thread ruined :(
  2. Corax

    Corax Read my blog you bastards.

    The Mary
    Was Raised.

    Can this thread
    Be similarly
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  3. Corax

    Corax Read my blog you bastards.

    Uncanny that you somehow knew I'd just written a poem to you! :eek:

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    Nobody excpet butchers is in this poem, and he can take i like a man coz its only one ickle bit, disclaimer though just in case you get the wrong idea i care not im doing this for me i need an outlet is all. i put a * on line three and thats it. i only uedit coz it fitted in with how im feeling right now. big love to ya.
    fags hate god dot com, coz at £7.50 for 20 regal thats your benefits all gone

    half past 2 in the morning no fun
    a week i wouldant wish on anyone
    excpet maybe a butchers bloody apron*

    if my poetrys literal
    than i guess its just typical
    of un-educated political voters
    not getting that its a fuckin sport... so quote y'as

    you take it like im really insulting you with this?
    its a fuckin competition haters just cant read go take a piss
    anyone can say "fuck off" but only some can say "fuck off" like this
    a peice a piss
    my kidneys feeling larger,
    heart beat skipping anxiety harder,
    liver eyes and ankles pufed up like mr. staypuff
    ghost busters i need 'em where the fuck is dan akerroid and a wake up
    ahh shit he the one i damn hacked to death last night with my make-up

    if i feel like im loosing i see things in the curtains
    carpets wardrobe mirrors every fuckin god damned surface
    and if i close my eyes they still there, they always there
    and atm the moment they rising out the carpet and grabbing my hair

    i never use another psudoname on here
    cant even spell it but my pint is simply beer
    i guess the pseudo hallucinations make up for the lack of pseudo accounts
    barbiturates are comming hope-fully so one last binge and im all out

    yaba yaba yaba yaba C my Method in that did ya thatcha?
    apparantly im like you despite not knowing one damn thing about ya

    can i give you maybe a bit of a bigger picture?
    unlikely coz i cant paint for shit
    but i spent many a nigh sketching out on white pasety shit

    or maybe i spike ya drink with ant-abuse when you pissed out ya skull
    and run like fuck for a atleast a mile or few
    projectile vomiting organ damage and bile with coffee grain poo

    once upon a time i started flying through the skys like no tommorow coz there wernt one, litterally i didnt take it 'day at a time' shit i was droppin and puffin was week at a time no god damn sleep, the god is slaying me for saying god damn beef

    and i rely in this god damn word god dammit allready god i pray but you never heard
    bollox and bull shit meets fire and brimstone
    im the fire
    chiststonabike is the lier
    if you dont do what the preacher says you'll end up with hell fire
    so fuck that mr peacher you peado fuckin twat
    and i belive in lots of strange things, but the bible? not that

    might aswel bomb the church
    since my life has been something i didnt deserve
    in skool the precher would say "read ya fuckin bible,
    it has all the answers you'll ever need my son,"
    outta his god dam mind wheres god now?
    taking a shit on the beachbreakers visit
    send them soldiors out to kill says the god he does
    every fuckin war is holy insanity it cant be won

    problem is its the most contracticting re-translated book on the planet
    so no mr. preacher i dont want it you can have it
    so then im a sinner for slating the bible
    he grabs me by my hair and face and throws me at the black board
    the religion teacher in high skool, he did that to me lord

    is this what its about we dont belive your tripe,
    they turn violant coz i dont think heavans white?
    heaven is white untill the bag of heaven runs out
    and yea it does seem to leave you kncoked out
    oh wait wtf am i saying im outta my brain of course yes absoutaly insane
    not to mention thik as pig shit
    but hey just let them get away with it

    way with words you could eat my turds
    im only even crapping coz booze is a laxative
    crude and not exactly practicle but hangovers are joked about no biggie good night kid
    better out that way though coz regergitaded(sp) shit
    aint the kinda of shit that i wanna fuckin spit

    why im i hear oh lord with ya fuckin re- re re- re- translated bible of fear
    tell the vica to shove that shit right up his reserve parking rear
    for a second there i almost felt like laughing
    then i rememberd the situation and the darkin
    i shuldant let them get to me but i allways fuckin do,
    its a hell for me for them its just a laugh to see what i'll do

    and i can keep gong all fuckin night
    till i see the fuckin sun rise as i light up a pipe
    it aint the god or spirituallity i dont belive,
    just that book that claims to have all the answers,
    13 years old "here kid this is all you'll ever need"
    maybe if you aint got a brain in ya head,
    not realising that one page is the complete opposite to whats allready been read
    turn the page again you got a fuckin mix of both,
    condradicting hypocriticle
    red wine is fine
    turn the page wine is a sin
    turn back its fine again
    the fuckin bible is there for you to belive whatever you wanna belive in!

    i bombing god now for fucks sake damn im alive
    dying from alcohol and drugs as i thrive
    if i ever meet jesus i'll ask him one thing,
    dont you think you should have voluntarally gone in?

    take alook around its the cause of fuckin war and disaster.
    im gonna drink more beer and contemplate on becommming a rasta, and a bunch of yaba pills slowly flying faster
    and fuck comming down its morphine and barbs
    see you on the flip side,
    maybe i'll get a better set of cards

    (any referance that somebody thinks is a dig probably isnt correct, when i say preacher i mean preachers etc..i did mention a certian apron, but nothing bad just for entertainment, this disclaimer is here as im not sure what the fuck im doing)

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    I was pataint with cloud when mostly all others wrote him off. Still abit bemused at thati went out of my way for hours on end for years when everybody else were just like "fuck it"

    turns out he trolling the entire damn time none of use saw that comming. i suppose i should put semi-troll coz i think he probably is a wife beating stealla drinking white-ace glugging diazepam crushing nob... but it was on those nights that he decided to drink whilst smokin smack on 20 vals that he decided to come and troll the place.

    anti-social PD probably although i shouldant diagnose i thought BPD till the bitter end.

    he used to take a hell of alot of holidays i remembertha but just didnt really go into it coz i thought he was for real but he had a pattern of comming and going every couple of months and have these holidays in spain come out of nowhere when he also claiming to be to agrophobic to pick up his meds and booze.

    regardless of that, apart from throwing a few insults about i cant see where im ging wrong.. apart from not having ultra-left wing views i aint into polotics..BA has never liked me its a mutual "fuck you to" has been for ages nothing new there, i was surprised by diskomerit though dont recall having any issues with him b4 my drunk ramblings on the carr crash thread.. i honest to fuck didnt know it was so important to you all.

    i suppose you dont reallly know whats happaning in my life so i cant really accuse you of anything but if you did know you would be kickin me and sptting on me whe im at my lowest but how can anyone tell if i dont tell them? they cant so no it aint yours or anybodys fault if you knew what was happaning youde probably understand the pain that this ugly rotten life is thrwing at me again(offline, and now online aswell)

    god could use some wizz been up all night.cant even remember what the fuck ive been doing. there was 10 cans now only 2, there was 10 blues they all gone i was supposed to smoke a spliff 7 hours ago and avant got roun to it yet..just spaced out de-personalisatin..looking at my hands like 'what the fuck are these' as people do when the all dissocaitied

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    yea..maybe i'll call the next one poetry competitin with insults required by defualt and then maybe the likes of certain people would be so offendid for what.. taking the piss to the beat of a non existant drum for fun?

    i dont get ya;s.. but i dont mix with society/people IRL ... some people yea but i dont really like life..well thats wrong i dont like what people do. screw the planet of al its resoirces not givin a fuck about what happans in 200 yeas time.. is that tory? or labour? labour just means manual work to me..heavy ass lifting and carrying and fixing and all that bollox ive always hated that shit.

    if i had to vote, like at gun point ide go with lib-dems but i cant stand them coz they suckin on tory discharge is all i can make out of it all.

    fat old bastards in suits and some younger ones which can often be pretty hard not to wana punch. i wouldant waste the energy on pikcing up a pen to tick the box or whatever coz it dont make any differance. my vote dont count nobodys does. democracy is a rather backwards way of doing things..not so much as communism but its still pathetic. and thats why i have nothing to do with it
  7. Corax

    Corax Read my blog you bastards.

    My friend Billy
    Has a ten foot willy,
    And he showed it to the girl next door.
    She quite correctly called the police
    And Billy's now on the sex offenders register,
    And had to pay an undisclosed sum in compensation for the distress.
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  8. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    I peered on the pier at a pear over there but I was on the privvy so peed on my pleated pants which was unfair.


    Oh, why thank you.
  9. Mephitic

    Mephitic It's not easy having a good time

    I WANDERED lonely as a Torie
    That floats on high o'er t' unemployed
    When all at once I spied opportunity,
    A host, of golden benefit cuts;
    Beside the dole, beneath the trees,
    Fluttering and drinkin Bacardi breeze
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  10. Lock&Light

    Lock&Light Ignoring most idiots Banned

    It was not an enormous surprise
    That she of the brilliant eyes
    Having smiled without thought
    Was irretrievably caught
    And reduced to telling some lies.
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  11. bmd

    bmd you left me standing here

    My expression wouldn't stick,
    it was the glue, unable to piece
    together the times when we sat on our own
    in a field, on a blanket.
    For the love of God.

    Shall we get a take out?
    I'm starving you said. Are you?
    I was starving to see your wallet.
    The rarest of all of your accessories.

    Why here? Why now?
    Why not? I thought.
    Who cares? Food was everywhere and we just ate,
    Hard to imagine eh?

    You said "it could be worse, you could have brought
    your shit poetry and bored me to death
    No need to be polite I thought,
    happier now that I knew you weren't.
  12. petee

    petee i'm spartacus

    haiku cannot wait.
    impermanence is its own
  13. Greebo

    Greebo 'scuse me, Mrs May, can I have my country back? R.I.P.

    Shadow edged by light
    Water shaped by a bottle
    Absence in presence
  14. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned


    My rhymes are tight
    like the lases on my shoes
    if its abusable for now then i got nothing to loose
    although i allready lost
    cats out the bag
    some cunt is stealing my post and i cant pin point that fuckin rag

    wanna punch and push ya
    anoy and destroy ya
    tortue ya, bore ya
    do it all for ya.

    and also for me
    an answer to my bizzarity
    self harming like no tommorow
    which they say doesant come
    the old saying it doesant,
    but im pretty damn sure i'll wake up in a saturated pool of sweat
    and shaking like im freezing, out in heavy wind and the wet

    drink on benzo's and get angry as hell
    but i dont need to be sleeping in another fuckin prison cell
    drinking again
    dont know how to deal with this pain
    so surpress it for the sake of getting a place where i can play my own game

    tell them all to go do one
    24/7 i feel blue mum
    "well you gotta stay sober"
    what and why the hell for mum?
    "because its life and you should want it, do it for me and i'll buy you some CD's"
    i dont want this life anymore mum, havant since my teens

    I aint gonna let you guilt trip me into making you happy
    all those years i told you "i dont feel right in the head"
    you say "thats an excuse to buy another bottle to hide your damn head"
    you say excuse, i say reason
    and now you belive me coz i got diagnosed by two people..
    ...and you aint ever seen them!

    so if my word as your son aint good enough mum
    find another obbsession coz your harming me mum
    im 33 bit i still remember the time
    you saw me in the street with some guys
    pulled your fuckin car over and demended to know
    what was i doing who are these people... like why the fuck you gotta know?
    make me look a prick but you always wealsal ya way back in
    i love you to the death that unfortunataly you might have unknowingly been
    a very big part of,
    although i never said that, was just the therapist team

    if i lived in an igllo somwhere very cold ide set it on fire
    if i lived in australia ide make an ice age happen to get rid of the spiders

    If i live hear i continue to drink beer
    if i didnt ide be on something stonger i fear
    although i duno why i fear it since not one fuckin day goes by
    that i just wanna crawl up and hope to fuckin die
    they revived me from 7 they wont revive me from 8
    anger, fear, guilt, stress, pain and of course hate

    so thats what the call it, what i just typed in bold
    borderline personality disorder, some symptoms although there are more than that behold
    but since you cant fuckin see my pain than how mum can you be told?
    i screamed and kicked with my last drop of energy
    stayin up for weeks you telling me that im just being lazy
    and that i dont even know what tirdness is
    if i wernt so attachted to it ide offer you a dab of my wizz

    So it BPD and aload of other shit,
    yet they expect me not to act that way despite telling me that thats how people with that shit react.
    i can no longer deal with another fuckin NHS prat

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  15. Termite Man

    Termite Man zombie flesh eater

    the trout swims in the ocean
    but not for long
    because it is a fresh water fish
    death comes quickly
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  16. Termite Man

    Termite Man zombie flesh eater

    the misery of rain
    can be lifted by a prism of light
    but to see it
    you must have your back to the sun
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  17. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    perhaps i wait a little longer for making that one public
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  18. ice-is-forming

    ice-is-forming Its Hammock Time

    well meth that'll teach you eh?
    don't tell anyone your postie business yeah?
  19. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    its just a poem ice
  20. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    are you saying that i shouldant put it up? or that i shuld? or what? cant see the harm myself they nicking my personal use, probably dont rad this website, they might.. although i aint done anything wrong except the contents of the post not being 100% legal but it aint more than personal. although it talleyd up to £200 worth give or take but thats 3 lost RD's and one tamperd with SD.

    Thats my mistake for dealing with the local scum round here.
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  21. ice-is-forming

    ice-is-forming Its Hammock Time

    nah man! put it up :cool: just sad that you're not getting your post cos of thieving bastards thats all.

    think you may be getting a tad paranoid again tho, reading stuff into my post that wasn't meant:hmm::)
  22. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    im a little paranoid coz of the contents of the post lol but its only personal, and they would have to confes to nicking it anyway its all probably gone by now. so yea it can go back up
  23. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    yea its the content of the post is making me abit hmmmm, but fuck 'em whatever was init is gone now init?
    theiving bastards have had a warning. allready i sent an RD with empty strips of phenergan and citolopram back to myself, and a note telling them to fuckin pack it in. it hassant turned up so they have read it...or one of them has whoever's doin the nicking, could be more than one i dunno. i'll put it back up just for the sake of it being some funky as shit..although it aint got no beat so how can it be funky lol. i need a beatmaker.

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  24. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    (disclaimer, this is said in jest, it means nothing im not gonna do anything at all i just saying what ide like to do)


    i gotta get a postman fired
    if its the last thing i do
    i'll go to jail for it just to have that thieving cunt through the window

    of his own red damn van, he smiles at me when he drives past
    the type of smile you give to somebody that you know you have blaged
    bombed and hit me,
    fuckin blitz me,
    last week has put me in a state of mind i cant handle
    so im drinkin like fuck just to try and pretend it didnt happen
    but it did so now im self-harming with booze, its also the reason for this ramble

    so some prick is doing to me what i never saw comming
    i think ive worked it out now the reason why
    but only now have the pennies droped,
    and im dropping with 'em like a fuckin dead fly
    it aint a white van man causing me this trouble
    its a postal theiving red van man stolen my bubble
    so the next time they try to take whats mine they gonna get a suprise
    a surpise like me so dark and thick
    a surpirse that rhymes with prick
    just gonna kick back with the knowledge that somwhere sombody is gonna be doing nothing but being sick

    so now we gotta sick prick
    yea just like me
    and my oh so woefull personality
    disorder distorted,
    little bit warped in the head
    my passive aggrestion is out in fuckin force
    and that side of me shows no remorse
    you wanna nick my post? next lot i hope you do
    coz whats in it is very bad for you.

    so if these pricks think they gonna nick my post
    to get a free and heafty dose
    expecting to go to dreamland
    give it about 10 mins and they will wish it was a nightmare that they can wake up from
    not the crushed up anta-buse and vodka, i got ya punks my passive aggression is on one
    sending shit to myself open it up chumps i want ya
    and drink away...
    what you think is methadone but nope, not today

    i dont mind the price of a letter and a first class stamp
    in the knowledge of what im sending str8 back to myself
    im gonna laugh hard when you take it yourself
    nick it, drink it
    eat it, sink it, belive me when i say this next line
    they gona be in with one of the worst biological states known to mankind

    i'll put outta warning shot first but if them bastards dont heed it
    imma doctor every damn pill i got,
    post it to myself so it aint my fault
    you wanna nick my post next time i hope you do
    fuck dreamland no, just be an ambulance for you
    No apologies, nah suckas im not sorry
    you can all get fucked, im off my trolly and out my brain
    so you aint getting an apology, here let me say it again

    No apologies, not even aknowledgin you at all
    till i get i call that i made somebody sick and fall
    for nicking my posts.. im glad they sick they can suck my dick
    there choice to nick it
    ant-abuse and vodka...yea enjoy it prick

    fuckin penile discharge savouring bastards gonna feel how i feel
    and do what? they would have to admit to stealing post
    either way they're ass is toast coz once tempted they gonna do it again
    and if they do it again
    the effect will be anything but heaven
    str8 to hell mutha fuckers
    and thats me done now,
    I know you got the warning, so with this situation
    imma fuckin pharmacist without the qulification
    i make technology sick, i fed it to my playstation

    if i lose one more post they gonna feel the force of my escalation
    i can make a pill or liquid that make you all so damn sick
    ballistic sick
    just like my rhymes
    pising over anyone at anytime
    still to my own damn surprise
    im owed 200 quid from a thieving posite
    look him in the eyes, he knows i know, he knows its me
    but doesant know my passive aggresive styleee

    if he dont pay up im gonna poison he..
    ..he who dares to fuck with my head
    will be needing a fuckin hospital bed
    and not even one punch thrown
    i do this all passively, to get back at them from what im owed
    there choice to open my mail, so its there choice if they take whats in it
    and iff its one ive sent to myself one swig of juice or a couple of alterd pills
    then i guess its tough shit init
    although more likely to be vomit with the runs, good buzz init?

    i want them to nick it, coz then i'll be laughing as they get carried from there house to an ambulance
    for being such damn fuckin theiving cunts,
    i can feel my passive aggresion wakin up inside me
    waking up to make a fuss that bastard looks just like me
    it is me
    and its wanting to be fed and im obviously gonna feed me.
    no apologies! (chorus repeat to fade out)

    (nicked small amount of chorus from elswhere, more a case of sampling than nicking it just fit right and was only 2 small lines)
  25. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards Food please.

    Below the below is a colour few willl see.
    Deeper and darker and richer than healthy blood.
    Cheaper than blue with a reflection you can't see through,
    scrape the surface until your finger tips are raw. You will never find it.

    Slow motion ripples of treacle stick in your mind.
    You couldn't swim in such a dark place.

    It's a very deep place. Probably to hot to be cold.
    Some people have seen it. Felt it. Heard it, but they will never explain it.

    Imagine a fine white feather floating on molasses. Then add a few drips of fresh, warm blood from your own raw finger tips.

    Blow the feather away. It deserves another chance. Too late.


    Prose for a painting :)
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  26. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    dammit i saved it to note pad and all the bloody paragraphs have done there own thing like.. it will have to do for now i wanna go sleep
  27. Citizen66

    Citizen66 splash the cistern


    the brain is shot, the mind's a blank
    Thoughts all robbed by what I drank
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  28. Termite Man

    Termite Man zombie flesh eater

    the only change I'd make to that is a comedy misspelling of brain to brian.
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  29. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    Bullshit for the day, longer and better,
    always the way, i can do this all fuckin day,
    make it a capitol B for the bullshit..
    coz i aint really thinking imma just shoot it

    brian and brain
    brain and brian
    doc says she thinks im low on iron
    me skin is creepy white
    like its abit too white

    few years ago my blood was white to
    now its some kinda gloop
    my over worked liver leaves toxins to

    can only deal with so much at a time
    it sometimes goes on strike and fatty deposits deposit
    in retern my liver gets fatter to stop it
    destroying my brain with toxins again
    when i drink i get these same damn pains

    pain pain and would you like some pain with your life sir?
    no, would you like a blade in ya eye sir?
    get a fuckin move on the lines filling up
    and i gotta go get something i need to pick up!
    RAGE allready i thought this was fast food?
    dont even talk bitch Mr.Labs in a bad mood
    2 fuckin double cheeseburgers and chips
    if this is thre idea of fast god knows what slow is
    finally i get my bad diet
    and bugger off somewhere quiet
    chomping down on god knows what
    tastes good enough and aint really the worst of what i got

    a little bit of nothing
    for you to read if you want
    a little bit of something
    with a dash of extra salt

    take one pint glass full it up with squash
    half a teaspoon of salt and a full one of suger
    what have ya got? diorilyte, just a shit load cheaper
    i aint really saying shit i need to go deeper

    if i go any deeper now i'll fuckin drown
    being to bloody blatant about my acts around the town
    and when the queen gets a finger instead of a fuckin royal wave
    i'll no doubt be shown via violance on how to behave

    i aint even got a topic im just shooting the breeze
    i might go play my playstation
    and drink and take a few more of these

    yay! just one more thing
    im playing hawx.. so i got both right and left wing

  30. Termite Man

    Termite Man zombie flesh eater

    Meth Lab where is my E for effort then?

    you have clearly read my post from the first line of your last 'poem'

    I use inverted commas because because i consider what you do to be arrogant and prescriptive in terms of what poetry is. While it has meaning to you and other people it is essentially descriptive prose in rhyming form and for me that isn't enough to warrant the label of poetry. poetry makes people think, it doesn't tell or describe, it questions, it is a force for change because it makes you confront yourself, it makes YOU think, and in all the lines of poetry I've read from you I've been talked to, told how it is. While that is very valid it never questions, it never asks anything of the reader. It is essentially lifeless.

    This is my interpretation, it's how I feel, it's not wrong or right. It is just the way it is to me.

    I'll finish with another poem.

    When life is hard
    it's easy for others
    and when it's easy for you
    they find it easier

    Fuck them
    Fuck you

    it's life
    it's yours
    take what you can
    or what you need !
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