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    Hither Green Lane (HGL) is a very busy road that is suffering from excessive speeding, heavy traffic and dangerous pedestrian crossings.

    HGL is frequented by many of us, especially by school children and young families. Over the years, residents have sent a significant number of complains to the Council and the Police re: speeding and nothing is done.

    The implementation of the community led “HGL Streetscape Improvement” has already been delayed from 2018 to 2019 and now to 2021 and is in jeopardy of being replaced or cancelled altogether.

    Please sign this petition to show your support for the HGL improvement scheme to make HGL a safer, more pedestrian / family friendly place to live, work and shop.

    Note: there is no age restriction on who can sign this petition, so please sign for your children and please share with your family and friends who live, work and/or study in the area.

    Support Hither Green Lane - Streetscape Improvements | Campaigns by You

    HGL Streetscape Improvement Objectives:

    --- Support the introduction of a borough-wide 20mph speed limit, reducing vehicle speeds and improving safety at junctions.

    --- Help the local economy by improving the overall appearance and accessibility of the street through upgraded paving and street trees.

    --- Make the street more pedestrian friendly and encourage sustainable travel modes.

    HGL Streetscape Improvement Main Proposals:

    --- Narrow the available carriageway width to 6.2m and widen the western footway where possible.

    ---- Introduce raised tables at junctions to replace the existing speed cushions and narrow and raise the side road entries which will improve safety by reducing vehicle speeds and provides better facilities for pedestrians to cross.

    --- New trees are proposed where sightlines and space allows.

    Any questions please let us know.

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