....Please hold on. the bus is about to move..

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by blossie33, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. mx wcfc

    mx wcfc Well-Known Member

    Yes, that is clearly it. But if the announcement doesn't happen until after the bus moves off, they are asking to be sued.
  2. mx wcfc

    mx wcfc Well-Known Member

    I mean, ffs, how many generations of Londoners, and brief blow ins like me. have there been before this message was deemed necessary?

    It was so much more fun with the old buses, where you could jump on, and then jump off if the conductor got too close.
  3. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    Certainly are with their noise pollution
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  4. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    Only Londoners travel in London of course.
  5. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    And nobody from outside London knows that London buses move
  6. existentialist

    existentialist FiVe ᵈAʸs tᵒ FʳᵉeᵈOᵐ

    Well, TBF, you might get the idea from a lot of the photos of London traffic that buses just sit there, like little houses for people to rest out of the pea-soupers in. Guv :D
  7. Slo-mo

    Slo-mo Banned Banned

    Quick question, if you don't mind me asking. How does your smartphone tell you where you are? I do realise people who are registered blind have very different levels of sight, and you may simply be able to look at the phone screen. Or does it describe it to you?
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  8. nemoanonemo

    nemoanonemo Active Member

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  9. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist slowtime

    I'd take any number of pointless announcements for a decent service. Some of the buses are older than me, and thats not right. The new ones run limited intercounty town runs and only they have wifi. My face when hearing londoners complain about public transport:

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  10. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    That image is aulder than you too
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  11. friendofdorothy

    friendofdorothy it is so much worse than Thatcherism now

    On the 3 buses I used today, the message didn't play after every stop. But it did play often 30 secs to a minute after the bus had moved off. It often playsed before the people had even boarded at a stop and inbtween stops including as the bus slow down before a crossing. It made no sense at all.

    I think people fall over on buses more because they are all playing with their phones so both hands are busy swiping and pointing and not holding on.
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  12. cupid_stunt

    cupid_stunt Dyslexic King Cnut the Great.

    weepiper posted a photo on the snow thread, which included a sign counting passing cyclists. :hmm:

    I responded:

    Scotland have signs counting cyclists, London has buses that warn you they are going to move, Worthing has never felt more sane.:thumbs:
  13. Guineveretoo

    Guineveretoo Mostly bewildered

    I got on a bus this morning, and the warning came at the perfect time, as I was trying to secure the buggy and myself. So I thought I wa on one of the buses where it worked.

    But, for the rest of the journey, the announcement came after the bus was on the move. Fucking annoying.
  14. tripadvisah

    tripadvisah Banned Banned


    (according to the band that picture was taken real and live on oxford st.. hate to think what happened seconds later. great song mind :))

    Produced by the legendary Martin Rushent (RIP) in 1983.

    Edited - and here's the 12" mix :thumbs:

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  15. Guineveretoo

    Guineveretoo Mostly bewildered

    This morning, the announcement came while I was still on the pavement trying to board. And with people behind me.
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  16. xenon

    xenon Radical efficiencies

    I use a screenreader. In this case, VoiceOver on Iphone. Speaks what you touch. You use different gestures to get round.
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  17. Manter

    Manter Lunch Mob

    I fucking hate the announcements, whenever they happen. Irritating and infantilising, and yet more audio pollution.
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  18. blossie33

    blossie33 trailer trash

    The bus I caught early this morning to get to the tube station for work didn't have the automated message on :thumbs:
    Maybe they have now given the drivers the option to keep it off?
  19. Guineveretoo

    Guineveretoo Mostly bewildered

    On my bus it has changed to “please hold on while the bus is moving”

    Still happening randomly but at least it makes some sense.
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  20. blossie33

    blossie33 trailer trash

    Yes, all the buses I've been on in the past couple of days have changed the message - much more sensible!
  21. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

    Yep. And it comes straight after the announcement of the stop name i think. Much better. Is this an example of where twitter outrage is actually a force for social good?
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