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Player of the tournament (FIFA Golden Ball)

Player of the tournament?

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Here for the football.
They wont pay out, if it is tied to goes to assits in which case muller won.

Thought cassilas was fairly ropey to be honest, but i think they pretty much always give it to the winning keeper don't they?


Placid Casual27

Gorau Chwarae Cyd Chwarae
Cheers Dave worra bunch of cunts. If his free kick at the end v Germany had gone in I would be minted

Do bookies give in to arguments re natural justice? Thought not


Left Of The Dial

Do they still name a Tournament XI?

Can't find anything on google or the rather complex FIFA/Castrol site


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Do they still name a Tournament XI?
Not sure, but I had a think about mine whilst the post-match analysis was going last night and came up with the following;


Lahm, Lucio, Godin, Coentrao

Iniesta, Schweinsteiger, Mascherano

Muller, Klose, Villa

Feel free to rubbish/debate my choices.

Placid Casual27

Gorau Chwarae Cyd Chwarae
Innit, Icarus. 1950 they beat Brasil in Brasil, that sounds one of the heaviest games ever

Hills paid out on my Forlan bet! Only a quarter of my stake, but at 50/1 top man, definitely the player of the tournament ;)

Placid Casual27

Gorau Chwarae Cyd Chwarae
What I liked about him was the way he clearly revelled in basically being his entire country, coming so deep to collect, scoring wonderful goals, taking all the set pieces, tirelessly, sleflessly, with a smile on his face. So fucking proud just to play for his country. He looked like he loves his game, and he was world class.

When Aaron Ramsey does that for us in Brazil 2014 I will be happy as fuck :)