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Discussion in 'Bristol and South West' started by on_the_fly, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. on_the_fly

    on_the_fly New Member

    Anyone got places of interest around Bristol that I can take my kids have taken them to :- :)

    Bristol Museum
    Noahs Ark
    @ Bristol

    PS ed can we have this as a sticky ?
  2. Sunspots

    Sunspots what's my mission now?...

  3. WasGeri

    WasGeri Banned Banned

    Bristol Zoo

    Clifton Observatory & caves

    Brandon Hill and Cabot Tower
  4. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    There's an exhibition of football photos on at the museum for the next couple of weeks. I keep meaning to go, that bloke takes excellent crowd/stadium shots.
  5. Sunspots

    Sunspots what's my mission now?...

    Ah, glad you know about it!

    'Football In Our Time' by Stuart Clarke. I went to it a few weeks ago and 'kept forgetting to mention it.

    Bloody fantastic pictures. I recognised a lot of the shots from the last time they were exhibited (-can't quite remember where though...). My favourite is still the one taken at Turf Moor on relegation day. It shows the Burnley fans on the terraces looking up to see a light aircraft towing a message from Blackburn supporters: 'Ha! Ha! Going down forever!'. So cruel, but so football.

    The exhibition's been updated, up to and including a few great shots from Euro 2004.

    It's on until Sunday 12th September. Go see! :cool:
  6. WasGeri

    WasGeri Banned Banned

    Shit, thanks for reminding me! We were going to see this the other week and didn't get around to it, and it slipped my mind :rolleyes:

    Sunspots, are you thinking of the other one he had a few years ago? 'Football grounds of Britain' or something, IIRC. There were some great pics at that one.
  7. butterfly child

    butterfly child Well-Known Member

    No good making this a sticky when all this lot have gone on about is some exhibition due to close in a fortnight!



  8. DaveCinzano


    the industrial museum on the harbour is brilliant; it's free, it's open all year (not 7 days though), and you can clamber over loads of the exhibits. there's also a print shop for kids to take part in on some days, plus in the summer there's a steam train that takes you up and down the harbour at weekends :D and at the other end of the railway is the brunel buttery, perfect for great bacon butties, and a little bit further up the harbour is the cottage, for thirsty parents ;)
  9. DaveCinzano


    also, don't forget the city farms: i know st. werburgh's the best - there's loads of cool animals, like the moody sow and the crazt goats, and there's a café and adventure playground, plus the farm pub too.

    windmill hill and lornsweston city farms both seem nice too.
  10. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    Driven by my uncle (or Dad's cousin's ex-husband to be more exact) :)
  11. DaveCinzano


    i bet he built it too :D
  12. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

    yep, that museum is great, went there a few years ago, but let's not forget bath, bristol's fashionable neighbour :p

    and how about cheddar gorge? and stourhead - great gardens
  13. J77

    J77 residing

    The one of the Kop is class, with the focus of the piece someone giving the old one-finger salute :D
  14. DaveCinzano


    not really my cuppa tea, but let's not forget concorde at filton.

    concorde 216 was the last to remain flying, and was the one that drew huge crowds to see it flying over bristol on its way to filton last november. it's now a static viewing attraction (mmm tourist info-speak!) at the airbus site at filton airfield.

    cost: £12.50/£10 conc/£7 u16 - must be booked in advance.
  15. WasGeri

    WasGeri Banned Banned

    Concorde museum currently closed due to a fatality.
  16. on_the_fly

    on_the_fly New Member

    Hope to take kiddies to WESTONBIRT this weekend, its always nice up there (weather dependant), and now I got used to my new Digi camera should get some nice shots of trees lighting and kidlets !
  17. Loki

    Loki RIP R.I.P.

    Clifton Suspension Bridge


    Fantastic views and right next to a lovely park.
  18. Skate

    Skate bin/ban/ben/bun

  19. E.J.

    E.J. Away from U75

    One of my best memories of visting Bristol was walking across the Clifton Suspension Bridge to Aston Court.
  20. DaveCinzano


    apparently the health & safety executive are sending a file to the dpp to see if charges should be brought, and the police are to investigate...

    bbc report


    presumably in a downward direction, and assisted by gravity :rolleyes:
  21. NQ2005

    NQ2005 New Member

  22. Zaskar

    Zaskar Satirist of seriousness.

    I like the museum on the docks where the cranes are, lots of big aero engines, and the museum up top of park st is nice. That indoor greenhouse thing attatched to the imax rocks too, go check out the leaf cutter ants... ace. And kids might like that tunnel that runs down from the camera obscura on the downs to the cliff face ledge bit.
  23. cyberfairy


    can i just mention in case you're interested that Noahs Ark is a creationist zoo. I haven't been there so don't be cross if wrong but ive heard from many people that they teach creation over evolution there so if you're opposed to biblical thought over darwin then you may be pissed off! Or go to the farm in st werberghs, a lovely city farm, next to fab city pub (the farm)which welcomes kids and has cheapish food or go to victoria park in bath which has skate ramps, huge sandpits and general kiddy fabness.
  24. rowan

    rowan I'm back!

    The station, to get a train to Cornwall? Best day out you could have :p ;)
  25. The Lone Runner

    The Lone Runner Bring it on!

    Get this weeks venue...comes with a free days out in the bristol & bath

    Have been recommended...
  26. easy g

    easy g Banned Banned

    come on....let's have some more :mad:
  27. WasGeri

    WasGeri Banned Banned

    Goldney Hall & gardens in Clifton - absolutely beautiful, they have a gorgeous shell-lined grotto as well. :cool:

    The gardens are open most weekends in the summer holidays (they belong to the university) but the grotto is only open on special occasions.

    I can recommend the Amnesty International garden party which usually takes place in August every year, they serve tea/coffee and cakes in the orangery and the grotto is open as well.

    See here for some pics:
  28. J77

    J77 residing

    Leigh Woods, especially Nightengale Valley is nice to walk round.

    Also the bridleway up the river to Pill is a nice bike ride.
  29. FruitandNut

    FruitandNut New Member

    For the cricket buffs, there is a hole in a window in the church on Frenchay Common that W.G. Grace is supposed to have made while smashing a 6.

    There is also a plaque (near Bristol Zoo) commemorating a Clifton College student's world record batting score.

    Arthur Edward Jeune (James) Collins (18 August 1885–11 November 1914), typically known by his initials AEJ Collins, was a British cricketer and soldier. He is most famous for achieving the highest-ever recorded score in cricket: as a 13-year-old schoolboy, he scored 628 not out over four afternoons in June 1899. Collins' record-making innings drew a large crowd and increasing media interest; spectators at the Old Cliftonian match being played nearby were drawn away to watch a junior school house cricket match.
  30. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

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