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Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by mememeandme, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. mememeandme

    mememeandme New Member

    What are peoples views on this?... Having owned one of Londons stations, I'm fully backing pirate radio, Before I go on, what are everyones views on it?

    ps. On a side note, I would like to add, I no longer do pirate radio, I've moved on to do other things, as of a month ago.
  2. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    Never let it bleed onto Radio 4 or you'll forever suffer the Magpie Curse
  3. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

    tbh, like mrs magpie, it pisses me off when it interferes with the frequencies of radio stations i have chosen to listen to

    and i've heard it can affect emergency frequencies - ambulance/fire/police which is not a good thing...

    if it doesn't interfere with emergency broadcasts or the stations i'm listening too...then...s'alright
  4. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

  5. mememeandme

    mememeandme New Member

    yeah fair enough, London is cramed of pirates, there is about 190. you get the pricks putting there transmitter on 0.1mhz away from legal stations, causing interference etc, and people using crappy old transmitters they dropped down the ladder climbing onto the roof, which cause interference to other bands eg, police, airband and so on. But generally the pirates are trying to make something, as I did, we are trying to make it as professional as you possibly can doing something illegal. So time, and care is taken in selecting a frequency to transmit on.

    Not many people know, but there is no room left in london to transmit on. When your a pirate and looking to start a station, we have a basic rule, transmit on a frequency 0.2mhz away from any other station, and don't transmit on a frequency with another station on that frequency.

    So basicly, theres so many pirates, and legals, there isn't no room to start a station 0.2mhz away from anyone else!. So you get divs putting a rig on 0.1 away, hence, causing interference and so on!!
  6. mememeandme

    mememeandme New Member

    Yeah, we all suffered the effects of "operation crystal" my station wax fm, lost 3 transmitters to DTI/OFCOM last week, "Wax FM, Plumstead, 1 transmitter seized" although they only stated 1, because the others were seized outside of operation cyrstal.

    Regarding the person who said he highly disbelives fm pirates interfere with the airband and so on.

    "I'm very doubtful over OFCOMs claims that FM pirate radio "interferes with communication between aircraft and air traffic control" and the Fire Brigade's radios.

    The "public" FM band is from 87 - 108 MHz. This is what everyone's radios can tune into, so pirate stations, like legitimate stations, broadcast between those two frequencies."

    Poorly tuned, cared for FM transmitters, can bleed over any frequency in the spectum. One of my transmitters was "spogging" where it transmits on all differnt frequencies, we knew this because when we turn our transmitter on, I stand by our aerial with a scanner, take out the aerial, and do a scan of every single band, airband, police, mil and so on, and if it picks up my transmission on anyother frequency otherthan the one im supose to transmit on its "spogging" causing interference. These problems are known as sprogging, and harmonics, filters are used to stop harmonics, most pirate rigs have certain filtering in them, you can place more filtering in to help stop the problems, thesedays pirate rigs are very well made, time is spent to insure they do what they are supose to do, but sometimes they go wrong, as with legal transmitters.

    So althought I'm all for pirate radio, obviously as I have my own station. Your statement is incorrect and ofcom, actually right.

    However, the drug issues, pirate radio from what I have exsperianed, is not used to promote drugs and so on, studios are not crack dens, the station managers are trying to keep there station safe, so why would they wack a crack den in their studio to create more problems.

    You hear of, gun crime, people fighting, threatening each other. This is due to rival stations, there will always be someone jellous of what you are doing, and they will try to take your station off, by stealing your transmitters, smashing up your tower block roof, ripping down your aerials and so on. This is why there is violence, not because of drugs.

    You may of heard about stations glueing razo blades to ladders, fucking locks up, this isn't to stop ofcom, this is to stop theifs, other stations stealing our stuff. I say our, im refering to pirate radio in general.

    There is a lot of stuff the media, ofcom don't explain, as they are always trying to create a negitive view of it. Our station takes on anyone from the area, anyage, colour or race, to play their music, it gets people doing something constructive.

    People ignore this fact, because its "illegal". Just now as illegal as the authorties would like it to be, so they add stuff in, pirate radio, is gun crime, drugs, viloence and so on.

    On a side no regarding the seizeure of our equipment, any transmitters, aerials cable etc taken by dti is dystroyed, in studio raids, decks, mixers, records are given to youth clubs etc. We do not get anything back, and it isn't on a degree of how nice the police are feeling, DTI take it, and get rid of it, we do not get nothing in return for it, other than a peice of paper saying they have taken this and that!

    and yes we "link" between our studio and transmitter site, either by using microwave band x, like what you sky dish picks up or BAND 1, its another type of band like fm, which only certain equipment can pick up. Its hard to track bandx, but dti can do it, band1 is much easier, but dti only normally take our transmitter, which they can pinpoint the location of from their listening station.
  7. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    I really think there should be some sort of community open access radio. Spectrum is an example but that sort of idea should be expanded....and do Pirates only squat FM frequencies? Why do I not get pirate bleed misery on MW & LW?
  8. mememeandme

    mememeandme New Member

    Thats right, Pirate Radio is illegal use of the spectum, eg, not paying the Government for something which actually isn't theres, how can they own the air and the magnetic field?.. anyway

    There are one of two on LW, UHF and so on, nothing serious tho, FM has the sound quality and the audience.

    If we made a station on AM,UHF the sound quality isn't going to be there, as with the audience, hardly anyone will listen, pirates have followed trend since, radio caroline and the early pirates.

    Pirate radio targets the younger generation, supplying the styles of music they wish to listen to, the styles they go out clubbing to.. Pirate radio has always been FM, and thats why. There is rumour some pirates have aquired DAB Transmitting equipment, so DAB can't even escape it, its only a matter of time, until homemade DAB transmitters are erected, plans sold, and it will continue like FM pirate radio has done for many years!

    Regarding community radio: There is community radio, who is it run by? not the kids, not the community, its owned by officals, the goverment, they tell you what you can play and say. They give you a small powerd 30watt transmitter, just powerful enough of transmitting to your local estate!.

    The idea will never kick off. We create stations to cover the whole of London, my station covers London, Essexs, and parts of Surrey and Kent. Not a local estate!.
  9. polo

    polo Active Member

    Well two things comes to mind:

    Wasn't the dubious news reporting by Pirate radio stations implicated in the recent Birmingham race riots? If there is any truth in that, it would be difficult to think of any reason why they should not be closed down immediately (it made me think of Rwanda.)

    Secondly isn't there some sort of new community radio license that can be part commerically funded? If that takes off, won't it cannablise the Pirates revenues or encourage them to go legit?
  10. mememeandme

    mememeandme New Member

    I can't comment on that as I'm unware of the issues involved.

    But the commuinty radio, I explained in my pervious post.

    The bottom line is, if I was offered a legal licence, I would decline, as would the majority of londons pirates, the only ones who would accept, are those hungry for money, not the love of music.

    As soon as you go commercial, you lose every aspect of freedom, you are told what you can say, what you can play and who can play on your station. You are laid down the rules. Rules which we don't want to play by, as you lose the freemdom to say and play what you like!

    I would also like to add, regarding the comment

    "It does make you wonder, Vibes & Lightning have been broadcasting for years without any problems, I think this is just a big PR operation, they'll all be back b4 long."

    I 100% agree with you regarding been broadcasting for years, but without problems is very untrue, every station in London, loses a transmitter, once a month, some every 2 days, 5 times a week. Rinse Fm have been getting hit by ofcom 3-4 times a week losing a transmitter everytime, which cost money to replace!. There isn't one pirate station in london which hasn't lost a transmitter, there has been alot of studio raids also, which you lose all your sound equipment etc. As soon as ofcom have taken your transmitter and drive off to take another station off, you are back on your roof, putting up a new transmitter, time is lose of audience. Its cat and mouse!
  11. catch

    catch runt.littercom.org

    You going to close down VOICE as well?
  12. WWWeed

    WWWeed Bandwidth Bandit

    its a disgrace how hard it is to get a licence, I mean for an RSL ofcom wants £5000 before they will even look at your mail and thats before we even start thinking about licence fees. For 5k you can set up a a pirate station and have change for a couple more rigs to put up when the dti/munchers take them.

    Pirate Radio? I'm behind it all the way, The pirates seem to be ONLY stations worth listing too.
  13. mrtambourineman

    mrtambourineman Banned Banned

    Most people listen to FM, for music at least, so thats what most pirates use, and the transmitters are readily available and cheap.

    It's ironic that we have the most pirate radio stations where IMHO there is the least need for them, in London where there are already a lot of legal stations.
  14. polo

    polo Active Member

    Well that is the problem, I am sure there is a lot of good out there as well and I sympathise with the freedom of expression argument, up to a point. But anyone who uses radio to stir up hatred should have their plug pulled immediately.

    But, much though you may resent restrictions on artistic freedom due to commercial concerns, without some sort of control you have an untidy scramble and lots of stations, interferring with each other, ruining the whole medium. I'm sure it must be highly frustrating for a well run and established pirate station to have some egomanic bleeding onto your signal.

    Which is better? Dealing with an authority which has to obey its own rules and is subject to the law, operating within an agreed framework. Or tolerate the skirmishes between pirates and their supporters as they fight to see who is the strongest?

    The community radio licenses may not go far enough for some, but they are a step in the right direction. Decent equipment can be used, salaries can be paid, people can learn and use the medium and they will have a local community emphasis. We will see if it takes off.
  15. mememeandme

    mememeandme New Member

    Commuinity radio is in the right step direction for young council estate childen. You won't come across a london manager of a pirate station giving us his/hers station, frequency, name, respect to broadcast to one estate. The idea will never take off, and that is better than an educated guess, as being involved in radio my self, we all share the same views, and its been discussed time and time again. A waste of time, Ofcom, know full well the idea won't stop us, its all done to make it look like ofcom is doing something good, helping us, not fighting against.
  16. nino_savatte

    nino_savatte No pasaran!

    The choice on pirate radio isn't as diverse as it ought to be imo. I'm speaking as an auld pirate here btw.
  17. polo

    polo Active Member

    So, are you saying that the current pirate situation works just fine, should be left alone, and is a benefit to the community and its faults should be tolerated for the freedom of expression it brings? Or is there anything that you would change?
  18. rennie

    rennie m'enfin!

    i like vibe fm me, sorry mrs m!
  19. mememeandme

    mememeandme New Member

    Who is that question for?
  20. polo

    polo Active Member

    youyouyouandyou or anyone involved in Pirate radio who feels they can comment.
  21. nino_savatte

    nino_savatte No pasaran!

    I think any pirate who knows their salt will do their utmost to ensure their signal doesn't splash onto other freqs. Of course with FM it isn't quite as easy as it was with MW where the crystal sets the freq. With FM you must rely on a VFO which can move with the heat generated by the tx. So it is very important that the tx is kept cool.
  22. polo

    polo Active Member

    What do you do if someone doesn't maintain those responsible standards and interfers with another stations signal?
  23. Giles

    Giles Well-Known Member

    If they had a "minimum cost" registration scheme so that stations avoided clashing frequencies with neighbouring stations, but other than that could still broadcast what they do now, wouldn't that work?

    But I'm sure that being legal comes with loads of extra costs and compliance and control stuff, most of which is clearly unnecessary.

    For a station to be legal, what other restrictions are placed on them? Does anyone know?

  24. jæd

    jæd Corporate Hooker

    What about internet radio...?
  25. mrtambourineman

    mrtambourineman Banned Banned

    Lack of portablity is it's main problem. And not all teenagers have PCs with broadband connections in their bedrooms either.
  26. nino_savatte

    nino_savatte No pasaran!

    Triangulate their signal (impossible on FM), identify their location and give them a good kicking....well, that's one response. :)
  27. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    I don't like or dislike it as a radio station. What I don't like is when I'm forced to listen to it bleeding onto something else that I have chosen to listen to instead. Vibes FM has taken away my choice to listen to Radio 4 on FM in my own home. :mad:
  28. mememeandme

    mememeandme New Member

    I didn't once say that, I belive stations causing interference, swearing on air, disrespecting every thing possible, deserve to be taken off etc, and then again so do the other stations doing everything right as we are still doing something illegal, I'm not complaining, I was just asking everyones views on pirate radio.

    Pirate radio is illegal, we all know that, the good stations do everything possible to make it less illegal eg, by not swearing, being raciest, not using bad lyrics during the day etc. Thats the bottom line it will always be illegal.

    However the stations abusing the fact its illegal deserve to be treated more serve, swering and so on, and they do, they get hit first.

    As for the person talking about VFO transmitters, FM transmitters use PLL Crystal locked quartz locking systems. Which lock the transmitter onto a certain frequency it was tuned onto. So it dosn't matter about keeping it cool, keep it cool will stop it over heating and swtiching off. The problems are caused by harmonics, and or spogging transmitters, for example if i droped my transmitter it will cause problems and cause it to sprog, transmit on other frequencies etc. VFO transmitters drift, up and down the band, PLL do not. We all use PLL transmitters.

    DTI have a priorty list. The station causing the most problems, interference etc, or with the most complaints will go to the top. Thus, being the 1st station to get taken off by dti, everyone on the list will eventrually get taken off, wether its 2 weeks or two months. DTI will take us off, we will replace our rig and put it back on


    Transmitting too close to another station, a 0.2mhz seperation is nesscarry.

    Poorly tuned transmitters, eg rushed to be tuned, not locked onto frequency correctly.

    Poorly cared for transmitters, eg getting them wet, dropping them and so on.

    Incorrectly cut aerials,

    or just a shit transmitter which took the rig builder 30 seconds to make.

    Over modding, eg pushing too much through your transmitter, creating a wide bandwidth, if you keep your transmissions compressed and limited, not going too wide you won't create a wide bandwidth eg streching the frequency you transmit on.

    Also, if you want to listen to Kiss 100. And you are close to say a pirate broadcasting on 100.2mhz, say 2 miles. You will get interference from 100.2 on 100.0mhz because you are close to 100.2s transmitter, if you move down wo 109.5 you will move down a little and your radio will lock onto 100.0 transmitter and filter out interference from 100.2.
  29. mememeandme

    mememeandme New Member

    Legal stations are told what they can play and say, and quite oftern who can play on their station, they are told what power they can transmit to, what music they can play during what times of day and so on. And if you say something which ofcom would rather you didn't say, exspect a nice fine or a licence removal.
  30. mrtambourineman

    mrtambourineman Banned Banned

    Try doubling that, to .4 at least. Which is why there is very little room left on the FM band in London.

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