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Help Photo restoration recommendations please


Must fly!
It would be possible to repair the original, but it's a job for a specialist paper conservator and picture restorer. It would not be cheap (unless you could get it accepted for 'Repair Shop' on TV).

Scanning and retouching in PS should give you a good result.


Here’s a couple of photos of the torn up photograph.

View attachment 183328 View attachment 183329

The photo is quite badly yellowed, so I guess that ought to be sorted out.

It’s in four pieces, as you can see.

There’s a lot of damage on the surface where he dashed the photo frame and glass to the floor and wrenched it open and tore it all up. I guess it got grazed or abraded.

It makes me so very sad to see this and to handle it and remember that awful night.

So what can I do to repair this photo? Is scanning and photoshopping the best option?

I’d really rather somehow mend and repair the actual photograph instead of create a copy.
I don't know if you will find someone who mends an actual photo. Everyone will want to scan and digitally fix them.

Just take it to snappy snaps and get them to scan the bits. Post it here and you will get lots of people fixing it. It will only cost you a few quid.

Then later when you find a wise old photo specialist you will still have the bits for them to work on.