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Rough Like Badger
Stuff we take our friends to do when they visit:

Peckham staples would be Bar Story on Blenheim Grove, by the station, the cinema (5 quid, all day, every day!), there's an actual Nag's Head Pub at the top of Rye Lane towards the park. Great Dim Sum from Lovely House (been there forever, afaict.) Montpelier is probably the best pub left round Peckham Rye way. Clubbing in Bussey Building or Canavans Pool Club (yes, really.). Fried chicken from Morley's across the road after. Sunday breakfast in Anderson's (Crossroads cafe, the proper caff, is still shut on a Sunday I think).

Newer stuff that's also fun - Four Quarters arcade bar, (bit wanky, but the machines are fun, and they have Mariokart) John The Unicorn pub a few doors down looks like it's going to be incredibly wanky, but is actually quite laid back and surprisingly inexpensive. Brick Brewery by the station is good and has street foody type stuff in. Begging Bowl has great Thai food, but is pricey. The Coal Room restaurant at the station is v good, and new, run I believe, by the same people that run Spike Roastery, which is a good local social enterprise co that helps homeless people.
Top tips. Will road test some this weekend :)


Rough Like Badger
I liked Voodoo Rays pizza place. Rye Wax was also a decent little basement club. Good times in the rye :)


Taking it to whole new levels of fun packed hipster irony.

Two iconic South London institutions are coming together in the name of love. And chicken. For one night only, you and your bae can enjoy an array of wings, soul food and a sweet apple & blueberry pie thanks to the Morley's Prince of Peckham Valentine's Dinner. Situated just off Peckham High Street, Prince of Peckham is the perfect place to show off to your beau. Further Information: www.princeofpeckham.com

Prince Of Peckham has teamed up with South London chicken champions Morley’s for what is set to be a tasty night with an exclusive four course menu created in collaboration with White Men Can't Jerk. Prince of Peckham is a home away from home for its regulars, a concept that has stuck with the independent bar since its the start. The special menu for Valentine’s Day specifically will kick off with 'Bae', a warming cocktail to give romance a kick start with Wray & Nephew overproof, Luxardo, passionfruit, pineapple juice, fresh lime and fiery ginger beer. Next up, 'Wings of Love', a sharing plate of Morley's Spicy Original chicken wings with a selection of sauces including WMCJ Homemade Buffalo sauce, blue cheese dip, jerk BBQ and the WMCJ Signature Wing Ting Glaze.

The romance continues with Morley’s Special Fried chicken served with a rich and creamy mashed potato, sweetcorn and 24 hour chicken gravy. Last but certainly by no means least, a fruity and delicious homemade apple and blueberry pie served with freshly whipped cream. Bon appetit.


They are ringing the bells now but soon...

pic from the east dulwich forum. keep an eye out for the scum who are posting up this shit and report/ deliver summary justice ( only kidding officer)


festival on BH Monday on the rye

Line Up - Jam On Rye - KERB - The Best of London Street Food

seems a bit low fi - all the usual SE15 arriviste suspects will be there - may pop along or see what I can do without paying to actually get in. Franks is open as well now, so may have a day there for some afternoon imbibing. see you there Urbs
Here's the main attractions with a load of 'street food' in tow.
David Rodigan, Horace Andy (live), Mungo’s Hi Fi, Reggae Roast, Nubiyan Twist, Earl Gateshead, Sisters Of Reggae, Reggae Roast & Mr Williamz, Adam Prescott, Vibration Lab, Clifford Junior, Donovan Kingjay, Brother Culture, Natty Campbell, Interrupt, Theon Cross, Soothsayers and more.
£33 to get in.

Jam On Rye festival in Peckham – 3 stages of reggae, afrobeat and jazz, plus street food, Mon 28th May


A modernist

ska invita

back on the other side
Not around but would have liked to see Horace Andy live...

saw him last month...completely blew me away...was expecting 'sleepy' - he came out in a tight red suit, almost like MJs Thriller number and rocked hard. Really great live, pure energy, better than any of his recordings IMO. And he's no spring lamb but it didnt seem to make any difference