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Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by not-bono-ever, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. the gowlett has had its noise abatement order quashed- no more sound systems for Johnny I think
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    Police appeal to commuters over fatal stabbing of father of four in Peckham
  3. GarveyLives

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    This is 17 year-old 17-year-old Abdirahman Mohamed from Camberwell ...


    ... on Friday 2 June 2017, just after 11.00 p.m. he was stabbed to death Southampton Way in Peckham, close to the Tesco Express.

    The Homicide and Major Crime Command have launched an investigation and ask anyone with information to contact the incident room on 020 8721 4005.
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  7. ah fuck, another one I have failed to sort out a stall in time for
  8. oh hang on, I may be up for this having just spoken to them
  9. Also, someone ram raided Balfes Bikes on East Dulwich road last night and stole 4 bromptons- yes, ram raiding a bike shop
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    That's grim, but in a weird sort of way I'm very impressed that they managed to get a car in there. Hope they catch the scumbags though.
  11. scooters apparently - wrenched the door down and scarpered with Bromptons - they are not stupid- they know what a Brompton is worth.
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    The Peckham Coal Line project needs your help to oppose a planning application that could affect it's viability.

    The East Dulwich Forum
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  17. Peckham station is open today/ weekend - lots of decent pics of the old peckham and some plans for the waiting room - which is a stunning location

    Peckham Streets - Peckham Festival

    worth half an hour of your life easy
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    It looks like Made of Dough pizzeria has opened up on the Bellendend Road a few weeks ago. Their, what appears to be another case of cultural appropriation, Wind Your Batty Up pizza was profiled as a must try in Time Out yesterday.
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    A nice pic of peckhams once famous Jones and Higgins. It was a great place for messing around in the toy department after school.
    Jones& higgins.jpg
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  21. Also, someone mentioned this earlier to me and I am not sure

    you know there is a bar under the arches- Peckham springs- I though it was a lazy homage to the Trotters bottled water episode. Have just been told that if you Claphamise "Peckham" , so where Clapham become C'larm, Peckham becomes P'arm - then it sound like Palm springs

    Hmmm, who would have thought that hipsters have so many levels of Irony going on
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    I'm spending the weekend in peckham. No idea about what to do apart from a party at rye wax on Friday. Exciting times!
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    What do you want to do? :)
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    No idea!
  25. Drinking? Eating ? Cheapest cinema in London?
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    Stuff we take our friends to do when they visit:

    Peckham staples would be Bar Story on Blenheim Grove, by the station, the cinema (5 quid, all day, every day!), there's an actual Nag's Head Pub at the top of Rye Lane towards the park. Great Dim Sum from Lovely House (been there forever, afaict.) Montpelier is probably the best pub left round Peckham Rye way. Clubbing in Bussey Building or Canavans Pool Club (yes, really.). Fried chicken from Morley's across the road after. Sunday breakfast in Anderson's (Crossroads cafe, the proper caff, is still shut on a Sunday I think).

    Newer stuff that's also fun - Four Quarters arcade bar, (bit wanky, but the machines are fun, and they have Mariokart) John The Unicorn pub a few doors down looks like it's going to be incredibly wanky, but is actually quite laid back and surprisingly inexpensive. Brick Brewery by the station is good and has street foody type stuff in. Begging Bowl has great Thai food, but is pricey. The Coal Room restaurant at the station is v good, and new, run I believe, by the same people that run Spike Roastery, which is a good local social enterprise co that helps homeless people.
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    Sad news: the Gowlett is closing
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