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They are ringing the bells now but soon...
Seeing as theres a thread for Lewisham, this is time for a Peckham thread

I Havent been stabbed ( which is lucky, as I forgot my stab vest today ) or had my iphone stolen tonight, which makes a change..:D

SE15 lets hear ya !


Thank you for not calling it something with 'chitter chatter' in the title.


well-meaning tosser
Sunday lunch at the White Horse is well-cooked and good value. Some of the older clientele dress smartly to go there on Sundays, which is nice to see.


Active Member
thats nunhead. they are pussies & the sworn enemies of Peckham

Well I did hear there was a campaign to get Nunhead it's own postcode (I guess to get cheaper insurance!), can't say it'd make a differnce though I was in Nunhead express on Friday when a policeman came running in asking if anyone had seen a guy walking around with a machette!


The Talibum
This is Frank's bar, the one on top of the car park, it's actually better than this review suggests

"Come on," I consoled, "look at that view of the Gherkin and the London Eye. Imagine being 19 and into bad art, LSD and urban deprivation tourism. It's paradise!"

Is it still open? I thought it was just a temporary thing.

e2a: Doh - I should have read the second link :rolleyes:


The Talibum
I don't remember :(

This is why sinking a fair bit of schnapps before leaving the house is always a mistake...


I was impressed with the Italian place, Il Giardino, on Blenheim Grove the other night.

I wasn't impressed by the wanky bar further down the same street which is in an arch under the railway line.

Stoat Boy

Seeing that bar on top of the multi-storey car park is weird.

I used to live on Moncriefe street, where the car park now is, which used to run all the way down to the lane.

Strange how things turn out. Might have to pay it a visit.