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Paris museums put over 60 thousand photos online


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And copyright free !!!

Paris Musées, a group of 14 public museums in Paris, has made a splash by releasing high-res digital images for over 100,000 artworks through a new online portal. All the works were released to the public domain (CC0, or “No Rights Reserved”), and they include 62,599 historic photos by some of the most famous French photographers such as Eugene Atget.

Gallery here Les collections en ligne des musées de la Ville de Paris


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Not just you, it's almost as if they don't want anyone to actually use it.
I’m going to need some time before I’ve learned to find much on that site, but I relish the challenge.
I'm afraid I won't be spending the time required to get to know how to navigate the site. My feeling is if they can't be bothered to make it easy why should I waste my time?