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Paralympic Games - we should piss this*


Pleasant and unpatronising
*Not including the Chinese Central Committee and friends

. . . anyway, it kicks off on the 6th September and finishes on the 17th. Quick summary of teh sports:

Err . . . sports

For the medal-table heads among us, GB came second overall last time. Not going to improve on that as the top side was China.

Linky: Official Guff.

Final linky: The BBC's tv coverage schedule - generally it's an hour a day on BBC2 and 6 hours a day on yer Interactive.

May the Games commence >


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It's a pity that the Paralympic games get so little coverage compared to the regular Olympics.

The things that these athletes do could put many more able-bodied athletes to shame. I know most of them are a damn sight better at what they do than I'd ever be.


Pleasant and unpatronising
I saw something the other day that indicated the Goverment/Lottery fund are taking this very seriously (obviously, in addition to the able bodied stuff). The GB rubgy team hired an American coach full time (he had a record of vastly improving every team he'd coached and was wheelchair bound), and he had a full time assistant as well - the Yank got fired in the end but it does suggest the money is flowing if they have full time staff (plural).

I guess everyone has at least one eye on 2012 now . . .


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