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Paddick News


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News just in:
Members of the Metropolitan Police Authority's senior officer conduct
sub-committee have announced today their decision in respect of
allegations against Commander Brian Paddick. The case will not be
referred to a tribunal hearing. The MPA has provided feedback and
comment to Commander Paddick. The matter is now closed.

So does he get his job back?


not enough characters for
like fuck does he.

shame for those living in lambeth.

heres hoping he travels east and sets up shop in lewisham.

Stobart Stopper

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Oh that's fantastic news, it really is. I KNEW nothing would come of it. Let's see if the Commissioner to keeps his word. (I doubt it though.)


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a bit more

The sub-committee's decision was made in accordance with its powers
under the Police (Conduct) (Senior Officer) Regulations 1999 in
respect of allegations that Commander Paddick's conduct had failed to
meet the appropriate standard.

The sub-committee has taken this decision after full and thorough
consideration of all the evidence collated by the investigating
officer in this matter including written submissions received from
Commander Paddick.

The Authority is unable to discuss the details of any individual
case - no media interviews or facilities.

It's unclear at the moment if Paddick has been completely cleared, or if the
MPA has issued him "words of advice" - ie a written disciplinary warning.
We are trying to clarify this.


Stupid Twat - sorry to be rude but occasionally I really wonder what planet you are on!

The Commissioner has already broken his word and and made it clear to all of us he has no interest in Lambeth residents wishes whatever they are. Wake up.

But yeah, good Brian isn't getting even more crap.

Caspar Hauser

Boy from Nowhere
OK, so they have found him guilty (conduct has failed to meet the appropriate standard) without a trial (the case will not be referred to a tribunal hearing) but they won't punish him (the matter is now closed), or what? :rolleyes:

Mrs Magpie

On a bit of break...
No they haven't found him guilty...it's going no further as I understand...I too am trying to find out more........


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This from lambeth4paddick

Unless the Met announce otherwise, there is still a job to be done heading up Lambeth’s police by an officer of Commannder rank and that officer should be Brian Paddick. Sir John Stevens and Lord Toby Harris now have not even a privet leaf with which to hide their shame.

The retention of the rank of Commander in the borough is the subject of an allegedly independent review, costing £70,000 of public money, by Accenture (formerly Anderson Consulting). Within the borough, there are serious doubts as to the independence of this review:

On Friday 25 October, the Met’s press office briefed Richard Evans of the South London Press, that the decision to abolish the Commander rank had already been taken;

At the November meeting of Lambeth Police Community Consultative Group on 4 November, Chair Lee Jasper reported that the Group had not been approached by Accenture for consultation;

At the same meeting, Lambeth Councillor Charles Anglin (Deputy Executive Member for Community Safety) reported that “regrettably” Accenture had not approached the Council either.

There is an old saying, that a consultant is someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time. In this case, it looks like the hands have been set first. The Mail on Sunday allegedly paid £100,000 to get Brian Paddick out of Lambeth. Looks like London’s tax payers are having to cough up £70,000 to help Sir John and Lord Toby finish the Mail’s business.

Peter Matisse

Queering the Mail
It seems obvious to me that the Met and their creatures, the MPA, are doing what they always do, which is to word things in such a way as to leave a doubt when there is none.

Either Brian has breached the rules or he has not. To say they have written to him but will not discuss what was said is typical double speak.

The people of Lambeth have been lied to by the Commissioner and the MPA. A superb police officer who has done so much to improve police/community relations over many years has been removed from his rightful post for almost a year. All the crap about policing by consent and working together to beat crime is just that, crap!

This has all happened because of a homophobic witchhunt conducted from within the Met, by senior police officers. The Met which is run by a commissioner who has demonstrated that his word cannot be trusted, and in fact it seems the Met is really run by the Daily Mail. When the DM says jump, the commissioner and the MPA say how high.

Neither the commissioner, Sir John Stevens, nor the deputy commissioner, Ian Blair, have lifted a finger to protect Brian from any of this. They either have no control over their officers or they share their views. I do not see how Sir John can remain as commissioner, I think he has no option but to resign.

The attempt to have Lambeth run by an officer below the rank of commander must be resisted. The commissioner lied again when he said that a review was taking place to decide the matter. He had already decided before the review started and circulated documents showing Lambeth without a commander. The people doing the review, accenture, have only spoken to selective people regarding Lambeth. They have not spoken to local councillors or local groups, and MP Keith Hill has been told that no matter what the review says Lambeth will not have a commander. And Westminster, which also has a Borough Commander, has been deliberately excluded from this review which included Lambeth and other boroughs.

Again I say the commissioner should resign and Lord Toby Harris, chair of the MPA, has a lot of questions to answer about his part in all of this as well.

We do not have to put up with being treated in this way!

The fight goes on!

Edited for theatricality.

Mrs Magpie

On a bit of break...
Originally posted by Peter Matisse
..........a revue was taking place to decide the matter.........The people doing the revue, accenture, have only spoken to selective people regarding Lambeth..............
Great Freudian slip Peter!
I can see that "Springtime for Stevens" is taking shape!

Peter Matisse

Queering the Mail
Caspar you are the business, what would we do without you!

This article just says it all.

Come on Sir John, make yourself the second most favorite cop in Lambeth, let Brian come home.



Local friendly ex-cop
For the record...

The BBC website is wrong and I have demanded they change it.

The letter from the MPA does not say that I demonstrated a lack of judgement in permitting the use of my premises for the smoking of cannabis, for failing to take positive action to deal with any criminality or for not consulting a senior officer about meeting my ex when I knew he was on bail. I have consistently denied these allegations and they have not been proved in a tribunal. To suggest I fell below the appropriate standards in regard to these matters is libellous.

The only advice they have given is that, if I find myself in a similar position in the future, I should seek the advice of a senior officer.

Newsnight BBC2 10.30pm may be worth watching ;) .

Mrs Magpie

On a bit of break...
I watched Newsnight (one of my rare forays towards the world of TV) Brilliant to hear that Brian still wants to come back. We had better sure there's still the post of Commander to come back to...I fear that Lambeth will get stitched up by Accenture previously Andersen Consulting who made such a good job of the computers for the London Ambulance Service....remember that fiasco?


Originally posted by Mrs Magpie
I fear that Lambeth will get stitched up by Accenture previously Andersen Consulting who made such a good job of the computers for the London Ambulance Service....remember that fiasco?
Er... not to mention Andersen's involvement in that minor Enron matter ;) ;) ;)
They should all have been locked up by now.

I didn't see Newsnight. What happened?

Mrs Magpie

On a bit of break...
The small and perfectly formed Ms Wark talked to Brian Paddick about the investigation, Lambeth etc....He has been found guity of nothing.....he has been advised though that if he is in a moral dilemma that he should seek advice on what to do from a more senior officer.........
Basically he said he loved the job of being Commander in Lambeth, and given the chance to come back he'd grab it with both hands.......

There's probably a link to see it again on the Newsnight bit of the BBC website.......


Mongolian eyed
Just seen on BBC Breakfast - Jon Gaunt's hot topic is 'Do The People of Lambeth want Paddick back?'

...just rushing to work now, but anyone's who's free might want to let their opinions known....


Ako mula sa ibang planeta
I really didn't like that Ms wark, trying to be Jeremy Paxton only without ammo. Could have been a bit clearer, she still left it seeming you had done something wrong with the "did you allow cannabis stuck record bit"

Also they are continually saying 'Your' initiative to soften the approach to drugs, and then saying it has been discontinued, hasn't it been taken nationwide?

So much double talk:mad:

Thought you held your own against an unpleasant woman


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So much for accountability

This press release from the Green Group in the Greater London Authority re this morning's meeting.

Green Assembly Member censured for supporting Paddick: Controversy over Paddick deepens

Darren Johnson, Leader of the Green Party Group on the London Assembly has been censured by the Assembly for standing up for Brian Paddick, the Borough Police Commander who was moved from his post in Lambeth.

Darren Johnson, who is openly gay, said at the Assembly, “There is a widespread public perception that Brian Paddick has been treated shabbily by both the Metropolitan Police Service and the Police Authority.”

His comments were immediately seized upon by Labour and Conservative members who argued that Darren’s comments reflected badly on those Assembly Members who had taken part in the Metropolitan Police Authority’s inquiry into Paddick. Darren Johnson refused to withdraw his remarks and an emergency motion to censure him was approved by Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat colleagues. This is the first ever time a member of the London Assembly has been censured in this way since it was established.

Darren added,
“I will not be silenced on this issue. Commander Paddick has an excellent record as a police officer and it is an utter tragedy that he is not back at his desk in Lambeth. By not reinstating him as Lambeth’s Borough Commander, the Police are in danger of sending out a message that you can’t be gay, you can’t be innovative and you can’t be successful.”


totally banned
The letter from the MPA does not say that I demonstrated a lack of judgement in permitting the use of my premises for the smoking of cannabis, for failing to take positive action to deal with any criminality or for not consulting a senior officer about meeting my ex when I knew he was on bail. I have consistently denied these allegations and they have not been proved in a tribunal. To suggest I fell below the appropriate standards in regard to these matters is libellous.


I missed Newsnight. For the record could you say please

1) Were you ever aware that Mr Renolleau was smoking cannabis in your flat?

2) Were you aware that he was on bail and did you consider that to follow police regulations you were expected to notify your "association" to a senior officer?


Elm Park Bencher
Hi there

On Newsnight he came over as a politician would, because he had to, I guess

When asked about the smoking of dope, anyone would have said, "Yeah, he had a joint, I told the fucker to stop, but he wouldn't, waddaya do, he was my boyfriend, I got over it"

But he went on about the words used, and he wasn't "letting him" or other such stuff

He wants his job back and is acting accordingly, quite right

Stobart Stopper

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Doesn't it make you sick though...that a person's reputation can be torn to shreds in this way? Brian must have been through absolute hell this year and I feel that it's time that something is done about this trial by media crap. The public are sick of it, it's becoming boring.

It's been amazing reading the level of support for him on here. I think that many of the officers in Lambeth want him back, that's what I have heard anyway. Nothing wrong with the present commander but they want their old boss back where he belongs. Please don't give up! The people of Brixton want him back so you go out there now and demand it, you know what the area needs more than anyone.

And if you are reading this Brian, I hope you get back there as soon as possible. Good luck, boss!:)

Peter Matisse

Queering the Mail
I watched Newsnight last night and I never thought I would ever see what I did. I could not sleep last night and it has been on my mind all day. I just don't know what to say, I could not beleive it!

Was Brian actually flirting with Kirsty Wark!

Was she playing Katherine Hepburn to his Cary Grant!

Did you notice her little coy smiles and the looks, and his slightly roguish grin at the end of some of his sentances.

We know you have been through eight months of hell Brian, and the strain must have been at times unbearable, and we all marvel at how you have kept going and kept everyone else going too, so maybe you are not quite yourself at the minute.

But then again as a gay man myself, I may prefer apples, but I can still appreciate peaches.:D

You old devil you.;)