Paddick is Daily Mail 'Unsung Hero'

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Brian, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. Brian

    Brian Local friendly ex-cop

    From the Daily Mirror

    CONTROVERSIAL police commander Brian Paddick, who takes a softly-softly approach to dope, must feel like he's on an LSD trip after opening his post...

    For more than a year he has been the victim of a Daily Mail campaign which wants the senior Lambeth cop sacked. But now he has received a certificate from the same paper - honouring him with an Award of Merit for being an "unsung hero".

    There is also a cheerful letter from Phil Merry, in the Daily Mail promotions department, praising Paddick's "unstinting work" and telling him to "keep up the good work".

    It's worth reflecting on the Mail's earlier mentions of him.
    "What kind of society," it asked, "is it whose liberal intelligentsia treats such a man as a hero?"

    His position, the paper has said, "is now surely untenable - the fact that such a man could be a senior police officer shows how sick this society has become."

    His "cannabis policy has brought even more hard drugs flooding in to Lambeth" and he is "sheltering behind his homosexuality to protect him from the real allegations of gross incompetence and lack of probity and judgment".

    Paddick, the paper reckons, deserves "six months in jail" which is odd when their unsung heroes are people "who toil away for the benefit of their communities".

    Any suggestions as to where I should hang my certificate?

  2. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

    the power 0f u75 !!!!

    wasn't there a thread a few months back asking people to nominate Brian Paddick ?

    .....seems like it worked....
  3. kea

    kea Banned Banned

    aaaaaaaa ------ hahahahahahahahahaha!

    i never thought when i sent in that e-mail that they'd be brainless enough not to check. doh! :D congrats brian!
  4. nosos

    nosos Well-Known Member

    Congragulations!! :D


    I'd burn it though, to be honest. :rolleyes:

    Is it readers who vote, or the staff?
  5. Phototropic

    Phototropic Active Member

    LOL :D

    The worlds gone mad :D

    Nice one he he he he he he
  6. ozrictentgal

    ozrictentgal is a pheasant plucker


    Oh how sweet.....

    I think u should hang it in the bog brian, it'll feel at home there :D
  7. drfranni

    drfranni Coldharbour Crone

    Tee hee hee - what a result! I can't believe they actually sent one, silly billies.

    Well, I would frame it and hang it up with pride - there is ALWAYS a damp patch in the toilet that needs covering

    What a larf!
  8. Voley

    Voley Ramoner

    LOL! :D
  9. han

    han brixton hill hobbit

    Hee hee! Perfect place for it in my opinion!

    Congratulations makes them seem all the more ludicrous!:D
  10. tarannau

    tarannau Mongolian eyed

    Well I just hope you've got that certificate framed above your mantelpiece Brian! Put it right up there, next to the cycling proficiency award and the porcelain butterflies :rolleyes: ;)

    Good to see that the Mail still can't tell its editorial arse from its operational elbow, but equally gratifying that the nominations seem to have paid gloriously strange dividends. :cool:

    Alternatively, if you fancy sending us a copy, we can always get some giant certificates blown up and positioned outside Associated Newspaper's offices as a little reminder. Silly feckers...
  11. kea

    kea Banned Banned

    great idea! we could also send lots of copies to any journos writing any future crap .... :D
  12. Roadkill

    Roadkill Well-Known Member


    Oh the irony... :D :D

    As for the certificate, try and get yourself photographed with it and get it all over the media, just to piss the Mail off.

    Then cver that damp patch on the bog wall with it.
  13. grubby local

    grubby local tapir wanker

    class. i bet that felt gooood.
  14. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

  15. hatboy

    hatboy Banned Banned

    LMFAO - fucking excellent Brian!

    "is now surely untenable - the fact that such a man could be a senior police officer shows how sick this society has become."

    This still makes me seeth. Like many I've seen how you operate Brain (and now met you afew times in person). I was VERY impressed with your attendance at the "East of Acre Lane" event and the fact that you'd thought hard about your response to the book and said that it had given you more insight into the lives of some young black guys in Brixton.

    So Brixton wants a police chief who is an approachable man, a good communicator, anti-racist and responsive to locals' ideas. You, I still believe (as do many) are this. Is Brixton "society" so "sick" to want this?
  16. pooka

    pooka Can't Re Member

    Excellent! Clearly whosoever coded their database didn't think through all the options! Serves to illustrate their cynicism, if nothing else.

    But don't let that detract from the accolade. Where to hang it? Pride of place on your office wall when your back in Lambeth, I'd say.;)
  17. Mr Retro

    Mr Retro Beware hedgehogs

    :D :D

    I got a thank you from them for nominating a few months back and hung it on the fridge. It's a good talking point when visitors come.

    " Why did the fuckin' Mail send you a letter"

    good conversation starter!

    :D :D
  18. fanta

    fanta Banned Banned

    How about round Paul Dacre's neck?

    The sinister bastard!
  19. wiskey

    wiskey Albatross Admirer

    wow, when I wrote the nomination e-mail I was convinced that I'd never hear anything of it again...when I got the 'thankyou for your nomination' letter I was mildly I'm stunned...congratulations Brian.
  20. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    Congratulations Brian!

    I'd love to see this certificate scanned and stuck up on
    Any possibility of getting a scan of it Brian?
  21. Bond

    Bond Coin-Operated Boy


    Nice one!

    :D :)
  22. fat hamster

    fat hamster Banned Banned

    Wa-hey! Nice one! Glad to have been associated with your wonderful achievement, Brian!
    Here's hoping for equal success in your struggle for reinstatement.
  23. zeedoodles

    zeedoodles Member

    Nice one:)
  24. Wireman

    Wireman Brixton Wannabe

    Congratulations Brian. You must be so proud.


    I think you can take it for granted Dacre will be tearing out what's left of his hair when he gets back from Mauritius. Phil Merry's arse will be twitching.
  25. fanta

    fanta Banned Banned

    Yes, well done Brian!

    I hope that Dacre reads this thread and it pisses him off.
  26. Choc

    Choc Well-Known Member

    LOL :)

    this story is a perfect sign how shortsighted and inaccurate media can be particulary daily mail and co. they don't know what the hell they are talking about. maby you could sell this cock up story to the sun ;)!
  27. Wireman

    Wireman Brixton Wannabe

    The Sun would not be interested. They have already been scooped (again) by the Daily Mirror.

  28. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    oooh, got a link for that Wireman? Was it in Friday's?
  29. Wireman

    Wireman Brixton Wannabe

    It was in Thursday's (29/08) Scurra column, MrsM.
  30. Peter Matisse

    Peter Matisse Queering the Mail

    Congratulations Brian on being certified by the Daily Mail :D

    I think you should consider having it put on your Christmas Cards !

    Put a copy under your doormat, then every time you wipe your feet you can think ................................................

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