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Discussion in 'science, nature and environment' started by StoneRoad, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    Anyone else interested in the migration / re-introduction of Ospreys to Britain ? (Scotland, England, Wales ??) Natural spread and assisted by re-location both play a part.

    I found this link:

    which gives the arrivals for 2014 (historical info and links to webcams etc can also be found in the depths of the website)
  2. 8115

    8115 sitting down is bad for you

    Any chance of a quick explanation? I know nothing about Ospreys but I love birds of prey.
  3. 8115

    8115 sitting down is bad for you

    Also known as a fish hawk, according to wiki.
  4. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    The Osprey Project in Rutland are getting their birds back !
    Also the pair at Glaslyn (North Wales) are already mating - they've only been back together a few hours.

    I'm not taking bets on whether they or the Rutland B nest gets the first eggs laid this year.
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  5. marty21

    marty21 One on one? You're crazy.

    I've seen the Ospreys in Rutland - wonderful birds - well worth a visit
  6. Sirena

    Sirena Don't monkey with the buzzsaw

    There's a live feed from Wales from a nest that has produced young at least for the two years I have been watching. There's nothing much going on at the moment


    If you just want the edited highlights and you have Facebook, try this page


    They have just added this update

    "Monty usually arrives back from migration during the first week in April - so that's next week. So where would he be now... northern Morocco maybe?

    We assume Monty, like the majority of British ospreys, overwinter in western Africa. But what if he doesn't? What if he only goes as far south as Spain? Plenty of ospreys do spend the winter months there - you never know, Monty might never have set talon outside Europe...."
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  7. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    I've seen the two main Welsh pairs, the Lakeland and some Scottish birds, but the only "English" ones have been the Kielder pairs. (I saw one fishing nearby a few years before they were officially announced as breeding there).
    Visiting the Rutland project is on my "to do list"........
  8. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    The birds are starting to arrive now; the Glaslyn, Aberfoyle and one of the Rutland pairs are all getting up to what comes naturally. Looking forward to more birds coming to their summer homes ----- and one or two slightly more special pairs ..........
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  9. Callie

    Callie Pivoting

    Im not sure it it was ospreys but I think i watched countryfile or maybe springwatch/autumn where they followed some ospreys on their migration this way or that. I think they bugger off far away to spain or something.

    Lots of birds migrate when the seasons change. You get lots of ospreys in scotland and some near lakey bits in the UK, there have been projects to reintroduce them as numbers fell due to hunting.
  10. Sirena

    Sirena Don't monkey with the buzzsaw

    I should know this but, when Ospreys go south for the Winter, do they breed again in Africa or do they just loaf in the sun?
  11. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    The youngsters spend their next summer at the wintering grounds but a lot do not make it back when they are of breeding age (usually three or four years old). They feed up before their trip back .......
    Mature birds come back home to the UK from West Africa (mainly Gambia, Senegal) and an established pair will return each spring to the same nest. Satellite tracking is still teaching us new facts ..........
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  12. Sirena

    Sirena Don't monkey with the buzzsaw

    Did you answer my question? :) The breeding adults, when they've had their young in Britain and gone South, do they also lay a clutch in Africa? Or do they just hang out in the sun like it's a holiday?
  13. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    Sorry, Sirena - I meant to say that they don't breed in Africa, or wherever they end up at the end of their migration.

    Having said that, one Osprey that breeds in Corsica, only migrates as far as Southern Spain ........ That's about the shortest trip I know about.

    Apologies for not getting back quicker - my internet connection has crashed (several times tonight lasting more than a couple of hours) and has only just agreed to work again
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  14. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    I have been most pleasantly surprised to see that the breeding female "Lady" is back for a record 24th year at Loch of the Lowes.

    That makes her about three times the average age for a wild osprey and given that they breed at about three or four then she'll be at least a great great grannie assuming some of her first chicks survived to breed (her record is 50 fledged from 68 eggs so far). I must see is I can find her family tree...............
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  15. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    Bit of an update ...............

    Most birds are back - although the situation at the Dyfi is worthy of a re-write of war & peace - and the arrivals of interest are now the eggs. "Lady" has one and the Glaslyn & Manton Bay nest both have three egg clutches .........

    http://wildlifevillage.org.uk/arrivals.htm for all the latest data, see the cam links page for facebooks/blogs
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  16. Sirena

    Sirena Don't monkey with the buzzsaw

    I get facebook updates from the Dyfi nest. It's all very exciting, isn't it?
  17. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    Hopefully Glesni and Monty will sort things out.
    But, I hope Blue 24 and Daidot/twofish find themselves a nest nearby (and soon !)
  18. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    Monty and Glesni are about to get their eggs ........ so life has settled down, but there has been a lot of drama at Manton Bay (Rutland) instead ! Hopefully Maya could react as EJ did previously and be stimulated into laying more eggs with her newer mate 33 rather than wait a full year.
    I saw Blue24 not far from the Glaslyn, but sadly on her own.
    Most of the other pairs seem to be in the egg-laying phase and heading into incubation.
  19. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    And the first "bobblehead" of 2014 was hatched today at Glaslyn (first seen at c 0500) - it has been a good day to arrive in the world.

    (If all three hatch at Glaslyn, the first one at Loch Garten should be appearing at about the same as the third welsh one)
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  20. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    two more "bobbleheads" today (14th may)
    one each for Glaslyn and Rutland (I expect this is Nest B, which is on private land and doesn't have a nestcam)
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  21. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    The third Glaslyn chick started to hatch this afternoon (16 May 2014)
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  22. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

  23. dylanredefined

    dylanredefined Not a house elf a tiger

    [​IMG] here is one stoping off on its flight south. :oops:sorry
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  24. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    And yesterday (17th) the first Loch Garten chick hatched out.
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  25. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    Loch Garten - the second chick arrived early evening of 19th May 2014
  26. redsquirrel

    redsquirrel This Machine Kills Progressives

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  27. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    Third Chick now hatched at Loch Garten (overnight 21-22 May 2014)

    Interesting post on Dyfi's facebook about Glesni's eyes and a flash of lightning.
  28. Sirena

    Sirena Don't monkey with the buzzsaw

    First chick hatched at Dyfi half an hour ago...:)
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  29. Mr Moose

    Mr Moose What the hell are we supposed to tell the kids?

    I saw a Crane in Norfolk a couple of years ago. Hugemungous thing. About the size of a light aircraft. Horsey Mere, a great place to visit (visit now before it becomes part of the North Sea), was the location.

    Was some interesting stuff on the Rutland Water Osprey site about how they lost one of theirs. It's tag was located in hills bordering the Sahara in North Africa and they think it was predated by an Owl.

    Rutland Water is a good visit too and not particularly far from anywhere except Cornwall and the Highlands. Visit before etc etc..
  30. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    Finally, I've seen "Lady" in real time - I've been (again) to the Loch of the Lowes ................

    Mixed News with other nests, the Tweed appears to have failed this year, loss of the female and all three chicks ......
    But, as Sirena says, the first chick is hatched at Dyfi, and both of the Keilder nests are all hatched.

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