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Discussion in 'football' started by hash tag, Mar 8, 2017.

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    hash tag Pedicabo omnes

    Just thought I would bump this as Im feeling very sorry for the O's. Listening to a report this morning, things sound grim. They are about to drop out of the league for the first time, creditors not getting paid, players and staff not getting paid; things are looking very grim.
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    1927 Funnier than he thinks he is.

    It's all the fault of West Ham and their big new stadium.
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  4. bromley

    bromley ...isn't as good as Lewisham.

    Some truth in that, it's the fault of Barry Hearn who sold the club to maniacs after trouserering money from the settlement deal which ended his court case against West Ham and the premier league over the move.
  5. Well, what a miserable season this has been. Useless, malevolent owners, amateur administration, staff & player churn, and some just plain old useless football.

    Relegation is the least of our worries, really. Becchetti may sell his controlling stake, he might hang around, or may just liquidate the Club. Nobody really knows because he never communicates with anybody. The debts to creditors, wages to staff, and taxes have allegedly been paid up to date finally this week. Hopefully that's because a deal has been done (our understanding is that Boston MA based Dunkin Donuts CEO but local fan made good Nigel Travis is heading up a bid but been frustrated by Becchetti's mob's inability to respond).

    The Leyton Orient Fans Trust have been brilliant co-ordinating campaigns, getting the circus antics out to the media, mobilising & uniting the fanbase and raising cash, but there still isn't enough in the kitty to take over except in the direst phoenix club scenario - and nobody wants that unless it's a last resort.

    The kids and rookie coaches thrown in at the deep end of late have been a bright spot whilst trying their best on minimum wages (when paid at all), but it was never going to be enough to stop us ending up rock bottom - with a FL record 18 home losses to boot.

    The uselessness of the EFL & FA in not stepping in when a member club is being so horrendously mis-managed is something I wont forgive or forget quickly. But the support from other clubs fans has been brilliant, including a love-in with Col U supporters during yesterday's pitch protest. Many Os fans will be travelling to Blackpool next week to join the Tangerines fans in a #fansunited protest for our last EFL game for a while...
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    I always like visiting Brisbane Road back in the day with Cardiff. I hope the club gets back on track, and the fuckers responsible get their come uppance, one way or t'other.
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    If you haven't got a ticket for Blackpool, it may not be worth going; I see sales of away tickets have been suspended :facepalm:
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    hash tag Pedicabo omnes

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  11. We're still very much in the honeymoon period down Brisbane Rd, following the recent departure of Becchetti & his incompetent clowns from our boardroom. The new consortium is making all the right noises & appointments to re-engage fans, including working with our Fans Trust & Supporters Club, and Orient have already sold over 3000 season tickets in about 3 weeks for the upcoming National League campaign.

    Although we'll be a relatively big fish in the Vanarama pond, ambitions are realistic this season: steady the ship and rebuild the broken club on a sensible budget. I'd expect Tranmere to be the favourites after missing out last season, but this is a tough division to escape out of and they'll be banana-skins aplenty along the way. Provided we don't do a York and drop again most of us will be happy. Lot's of local opponents this year, as well as the far-flung trips to the likes of Gateshead, Barrow & Torquay, and there's always a warm welcome for groundhoppers & away fans in Leyton: come & join us as we raise a glass or 2 in the decent local pubs and excellent Supps Club bar to getting Our Club back.
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