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# On The CD Player Today (take 6)


Massive prawns
Royal Trux-Twin Infinitives. Didn't get it first time i listened to it. So i listened to it another 20? 30? 40? times. And then i realised i'd really wasted my time.


arise, worried prophets
The Besnard lakes - Are the dark horses
Joni Void - Selfless
Light conductor - Sequence one
Shostakovich - Symphony #7


Well-Known Member
The Soft Pink Truth - Why Do the Heathen Rage?

New Matmos album out on Friday, so a welcome rerun of one of their side projects.


This Machine Kills Progressives
Calexico - Hot Rail
Calexico - Even My Sure Things Fall Through
Calexico - Black Heart

Back from when they were fantastic.