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# On The CD Player Today (take 6)


This Machine Kills Progressives
The Delines - The Imperial

A bit worrying at first this one, as the opening track is just dull. Fortunately it improves rapidly, and you're hooked by track 3 (or are if you have any taste)
Completely missed that they had a new one out. Not quite as good as Colfax but still top notch.


Well-Known Member
Noname - Room 25
The Black Dog - Black Daisy Wheel

The former is a sudden discovery from last year. Rapid-fire but calm female raps over D'Angelo-style beats. On the first listen, good stuff.


arise, worried prophets
Chastity - Death lust.
Better oblivion community centre - Better oblivion community centre.

The former I've been listening to all weekend, I really like it. The latter is Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers project, will need a few more listens as I've never been a fan of Oberst.


arise, worried prophets
Daniel Ogren - Brev fran Leksand

Lovely little record which my brother pre ordered for me at xmas. Really good.