Olympics closing ceremony on TV now.

Discussion in 'Olympics 2008' started by DJ Squelch, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Detroit City

    Detroit City This post is my opinion..

    why? history has shown that no one stays king of the hill forever :)
  2. Johnny Canuck3

    Johnny Canuck3 Well-Known Member

    Because imo, china as the superpower, will behave in all the negative ways that the left constantly accuses the US of.

    China in control will be a Bad Boy.
  3. derf

    derf Banned Banned

    The spent case is easy to justify. Some one gained and their local economy will do well from it.
    As for tearing down homes and so on it would suppose it depends on what happened to the people. If they were dumped on the streets that would be bad news but if they were provided better housing it may have been a good thing.
    Does anyone know what happened to these people?
  4. Johnny Canuck3

    Johnny Canuck3 Well-Known Member

    I know that two elderly women who applied for a govt permit to conduct a lawful protest concerning the destruction of their homes, with the protest to be carried out in the govt sanctioned protest area, were summarily arrested and thrown into prison.

    The mere act of applying for the permit, was their crime.

  5. The Straw

    The Straw New Member

    I couldn't agree more.

    Normally, the host country is shown more than just amere backdrop. Magnificent scenary and history is what i've come to see on the tv whenever i've seen an Olympics.

    This year??? Nope. Looks like the Chinese clamped down on allowing the cameras to go around and tape footage of the regaular citizens there like what i've seen in Greece, Italy, Australia, France, Japan, etc etc...

    This Olympics was a bigger sham than anything what with the young gymnasts who had allegedly forged documents from the Chinese Gov't.

    I'm glad the Olympics are now officially out of China and are now in the hands of GB.:p
  6. Guineveretoo

    Guineveretoo Mostly bewildered

    I haven't yet found a video of the 8 minute London showcase, but it seems a bit odd that one of the main British icons is a brand new London bus (not even a routemaster! :mad:), a celebrity footballer (when Team GB doesn't even put up a football team), a reality tv popstar, and an ancient (but not particularly mainstream) rocker. Oh, and not to mention the bumbling (but funny) Mayor of London. Is that really the best they could do?
  7. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    As has been mentioned variously, the idea behind the London segment wasn't to sell the Games, to brand the Games or to promote the Games to . . . Londoners.

    As entertainment, for most people it didn't work (me included), but then we don't live half way around the world in a different culture.
  8. Guineveretoo

    Guineveretoo Mostly bewildered

    What was it trying to show? That we don't have any genuine sports stars or musicians, and that buses in London are red? :confused:
  9. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    It's nice though, that a small country gets a turn at it?
  10. Geri

    Geri wasn't born to follow

    I don't know what you're so confused about. All those things represent London - David Beckham is very famous around the world, as is Leona Lewis. London is well known for red buses.
  11. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    Leona Lewis is famous round the world? I'd never heard of her til yesterday
  12. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    So, with her and Page side by side, it was a fine representation of decades of British music being known around the world :)
  13. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    Ah, JTG beat me to it. But as popstars go, she is very famous - although to paraphrase Morrissey, the music that she constantly plays says nothing to me about my life.
  14. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    Shows how much I pay attention these days
    They should have got Jarvis! ;)
  15. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    I liked their use of the World Service 'This is London' announcement and the shipping forecast as well. Great stuff :)
  16. QueenOfGoths

    QueenOfGoths Fuck you Dave!

    Just watched the 8 minute segment and i really enjoyed it - especially the transforming bus.

    It was pretty ideosyncratic - apart from Beckham but I can perfectly understand why he was chosen to represent Britian being probably the worlds most recognised footballer - and that is something that the British do well. And tbh honest it wasn't for us really, was it, it was for the international audience and I think in that sense I think it worked.
  17. aylee

    aylee In exile in Haringay

    Hmmm .... I agree with you that it was all rather confusing (what were all those people gyrating all over the bus for?) but whatever you may say about Beckham, there is no doubt of his star status, and to suggest that Jimmy Page is not a "genuine musician" is a quite remarkable statement. Leona Lewis may not qualify as a star yet but she has a reasonable pair of lungs on her.

    It could have been worse .... they could have had Brian May. :)
  18. Maltin

    Maltin Well-Known Member

    Some views from around the world




  19. kyser_soze

    kyser_soze Hawking's Angry Eyebrow


    So who are the 'Nathan Barleys' then? I've been to Manumission and it's basically house music interlevened with sex shows. MoS as a centre of creative excellence?

    Worth pointing out as well that DB is an international ambassador for Good Sportsmanship - what could be more British than that notion (even as we abandon the cheerful amateurism that seems to go along with it) then that?
  20. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

  21. kyser_soze

    kyser_soze Hawking's Angry Eyebrow

    And? That's a pcture of what? 'That' world cup foul?
  22. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    Yes - one of the three things I know about Beckham
  23. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    something that happened ten years ago when he was younger and dafter
  24. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    The variety article is probably right on the money:

    The bumbling mayor and the crop-haired epitome of British celeb culture were a reminder that the London Olympics will be more eccentric, probably funnier and certainly more celebrity-mad than the Beijing Games.
  25. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    People remember it though!
  26. kyser_soze

    kyser_soze Hawking's Angry Eyebrow

    You remember it LTC...in ony one of 3 things you remember Beckham for!
  27. Guineveretoo

    Guineveretoo Mostly bewildered

    Hasn't got a lot to do with Olympic sport, though?

    David Beckham plays in a sport in which we don't even compete, and is not even based in Britain. He only became famous around the world when he started playing in the States. That film, Bend It Like Beckham, was even released under a different name because of that :)

    Leona Lewis won a reality tv show.

    Why red buses and not red post boxes? It just seemed odd, is all, to parade a double decker bus.
  28. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    I also remember that he's a kickball soccerplayer and he's married to Scary Spice ;)
  29. QueenOfGoths

    QueenOfGoths Fuck you Dave!

    I can't agree with you about Beckham - he was certainly very, very well known round the world a long time before he went to the states. He is probably the most recognised footballer in the world and the most recognised British sportsman. He was the obvious choice
  30. JTG

    JTG Angry about not being able to be an astronaut.

    Nonsense, Beckham has been famous across the world since he was playing for Manchester United. You are confusing 'the world' with 'the United States of America'

    Leona Lewis won a reality TV show - and then went to number one across the world with her debut album

    I don't think a pillar box would have been suitable transport into the stadium tbh

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