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Olympics closing ceremony on TV now.


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I must say the Lisa Simpson blow-job looks much better in a Union flag. Let's hope they keep it that way.

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Moany twatterbox! :D

Tell me what you have enjoyed this past fortnight :D

There *must* have been something mate!
I did enjoy what I saw, but after having a think, it's all tainted - I feel ashamed of watching it now - my flatmate was right in boycotting even watching it.


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LOL at the kid in the Mall audience who's just said his favourite Olympic sport was the Taekwondo because the ref got kicked in the head :D

British kids. You just gotta love em :D ;)


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Oh dear. 2012 is going to be a bit like It's a Knockout isn't it. :(


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As shit as it maybe how much would a ticket cost for the Olympics opening ceremony London.

Is there a price list of how much day ticket going to cost? or that to far ahead.

Mounting biking is met to be held in Essex.


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wtf is going on with the Visa (so that's how their paying for the blow job) London 2012 party?

thoughts so far - just screemed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! at the telly at the instrimental of Gold + ha;f hearing somebody asking Michel Phelps 'what's it like....swiming, in a swimming pool, with goggles on"

is a member of the Feeling or their manager bribing/blackmailing or in a relationship with some one high up in the Childrens/ art culture music department - they've been on all the bbc concerts.

Dan gillespie sells looks like a sexual preditor

Are the people chosing the music completly clueless or being subversive?
nothing says celibrating our medal winners/ self congratulating ourself for getting the Olympic better than,
a song about lovers in Berlin risking getting shot by kissing by the wall;
flag waving to a pos athiest, socalist, anti-capitolist hippy peacenic hymn;
and Mcfly doing a wannabe emo rock version of song that's actually about divorce ffs

did Will Young really just sing about having so fucking much to lose? :hmm: