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    for next weekend (7 / 8 December)

    Ensign Bus have now published timetables for their thing on Saturday 7 December (note this is not a free service) - more here (they don't usually say in advance what bus is doing what journey)

    Timetable for Sunday 8 December operation of 1950s RF type single deckers on route 227 (Bromley - Chiselhurst - Penge - Crystal Palace) is here (opens as PDF) subject to disclaimer that it usually gets loused up by traffic. Also suggestion there will be a couple of double deckers on route 94 (today's 208) between Bromley and Orpington, but absence of timetable for them yet. Also be aware that 1950s RF type buses are really not low floor /easy access...
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  2. Puddy_Tat

    Puddy_Tat Santa is an evilous man

    Saturday 7 December is also event to mark the 14th anniversary of Routemasters leaving route 159, so there will be Routemasters running over route 159, but it's not the sort of thing where buses are 'in service'. More here.
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