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    It's all very fishy. The people running the club must be spending a fortune to sustain it at this level playing at Torquay (or running up huge unsustainable debts), yet the fact they were evicted from their own ground at only a few days notice when no one expected it suggests they're being very economical with the truth. As always it's the supporters who will suffer in the end. The proposed new stadium doesn't even have planning permission or the necessary level of funding yet. I reckon it'll take three seasons minimum to get back to Truro even with no further obstacles or setbacks arising.

    They'd have been better off spending £50-100k bringing a local ground like Bodmin up to National South standard and sharing there instead. If that sort of money is too much for the individuals presiding over this farce then I don't fancy the club's chances of finishing the season.
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    Bloke at works sells tickets at Torquay and is constantly complaining about the current managers. I'll see what he has to say when he gets back from holiday next week.
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    I don't think we'll go down, therefore I'm not really bothered who goes down. Whether or not one of the relegated sides is Truro probably depends upon how much longer the person(s) bankrolling the club keep writing the cheques. I suspect the percentage rise in expenditure to survive at Torquay may not be that much larger than playing in Truro at this level. It sounds like all their players are based somewhere between Plymouth and Bristol, so it's similar in a way to Margate's financial doping era with a whole squad of London-based players training at Kidbrooke.

    One thing I think we all know is that they won't sustain it indefinitely, but I don't think they'd sustain National South football indefinitely at Truro either on crowds of 500.
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    Pete Masters does not have the money to keep putting in.

    Truro City was marketed privately during 2017, touted around the industry and to business people in Kernow.

    It's since been 'actively' marketed by Miller Commercial, who deal with Commercial Property as part of their Estate Agency, since January 2018.
    Truro City FC up for sale ahead of current ownership changes

    Miller are useless. Piss-ups couldn't happen in a brewery.
    Only the lack of competition in Kernow allows them to stay in business.
    They're also entirely the wrong people to market such a specialist operation as a foot-ball Club.

    No-one serious has taken up the offer.
    Truro City FC are in talks with two potential buyers

    Dodgy links between the two clubs, who both wanted to flog off their grounds.
    Both clubs are owned by confidence tricksters who aren't as wealthy as they led their Supporters to believe.

    EDIT :
    Whoops, almost forgot the disclaimer for that last line!
    Defamation Act 2013
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