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  1. mango5

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    Yes we understand that brown people aren't valued customers. Skin lightening products suggest that even in countries where we are in the majority there's still a commercial inclination to make people fit a beige version of nude. The beef is not just about how nude is marketed but also why brown people are discriminated against in the market. Shoes that match the skin tones of the majority of potential customers = radical and special.
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  2. pengaleng

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    what about the fact you can only buy skin correctors on the high street in pastel shades?

    and I think that brown shoes are more common than nude ones

    CLEARLY i am just gonna piss everyoner off with me logic over feels thinking so I'm gonna leave yous to it
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    It's OK pengaleng we are debating on a thread not starting a political party. Who are you pissing off?
    I am saying that marketing is not value-free. Your point about brown shoes being more common than nude is of course correct. But they are not marketed as being close to skin tone, for example to give the effect of making brown people's legs look longer.

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  4. pengaleng

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    I wasnt trying to be a cunt, I regularly watch jackie aina talk about the foundation shades that are launched as being inclusive where the darkest shade is only as dark as her

    21 Fashion and Beauty Brands Redefining “Nude” For Women of All Skin Tones

    the only way mainstream high street fashion will take notice is if these much smaller brands start making bank, it's just how capitalism is which is unfortunate, but the consumer has power by supporting companies that do take notice << I do like the all tone trackies in the promo pic for the UK based company, looks really nice

    I just aint been reading shit properly cus i had hyperhidrosis and night sweats for a week and it's giving me tremors and so i am getting really high and atm i just shouldnt really do urbans, just being dense really
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    There are differences between clothing and makeup. It's just strange how resistant businesses are to actually meeting customer expectations. There is a lot of manipulation about ideal image which devalues black and brown skin. Not a coincidence that it fits right in with (white) racist ideas of attractiveness.
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    pengaleng Lil' J Pengele PhD. The Angel of Sesh

    yeah there are, i dont think it's purely to alienate the new customer based on skin tone, it'll be maintaining existing customers and if they have got those via marketing a champagne pink toned top on a girl of similar tone to give the illusion of nudity then that will dictate what they use their retail space to stock because they know it'll sell, theres absolutely no reason that it wouldnt work with a darker shade which is why it's insane, and big companies are reaaaaally slow on the uptake because according to their customer data it wouldnt sell in their shop, they will just be looking at graphs and not actually thinking of people and widening their scope but those who do will actually do really well if they are supported and not left to die

    i dunno wtf i just wrote btw
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