Nour cash and carry in Brixton faces another hefty rent rise

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Brixton Hatter, Mar 31, 2011.

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    that's all clear, thanks. And it's up to well over 800 sigs now, which is quite impressive.

    So the broad point is made that Nour is a successful business which has built a loyal customer base. Such clear evidence surely gives a hardheaded landlord all the more reason to enforce their rent rise, as there is clear evidence that Nour is unlikely to upsticks and move, which would be a risk with a less established tenant.
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    That is blackmail!
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    It's more like routine capitalism
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    Really? No wonder I am so useless at it!
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    I think the petition and the publicity are helping.

    The stories are a bit confused though, apparently it's not all rent rise, a lot of it is service charge. The way InShops handle this is, like everything else they do, crassly incompetent; the lease says something like "anything the landlord spends or deems itself to have spent on heat/light/power/security etc" is payable by the tenant - it's an open-ended commitment, and in the basic lease there's no right for tenants to audit the landlords' expenditure or challenge anything, although I think many tenants have negotiated caps etc. Nour probably didn't.

    InShops would like to be considered as key partners for Lambeth in plans for the future central brixton development, but if they carry on getting such negative publicity the council will not want to touch them with a bargepole. It doesn't help that no one at InShops seems to have anything resembling a bastard clue about either the community or the nature of the trade in the arcades.

    In other news, all traders are getting together to create a CIC to have a stronger voice about all these ongoing issues. Late opening is a very hot one; the only contractual hours are 8.30-5.30 Mon-Sat, anything more (including Sundays) is at the whim of InShops, subject to an arbitrary additional charge and can be withdrawn without notice. Hardly a secure basis on which to build a business.
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    cheers for that, so the petition is to help identify and isolate InShops? Nour seems to have volunteered to be the figurehead, but it sounds like they're supported by a wider group of traders as well as their customers.

    Fair enough, landlords don't deserve any sympathy.

    I'm rather hazy about which parts of the market have Inshops as landlord. Is it just the indoor arcades or do they run street shops as well? Their website doesn't even mention Brixton :(

    It'll be interesting to see what a traders group wants of Inshops in particular and other landlords in general, and of Lambeth.
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