Notice served and Dulwich Hamlet locked out of ground

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    From a popular legal gossip site....

    Blake Morgan helped a landlord secretly trademark all the names of a community football club which it wants to evict, provoking a backlash which has forced the firm to hide the details of the partner in charge of the matter.

    In a letter to non-league Dulwich Hamlet Football Club this week, Blake Morgan revealed that last October it secretly registered 'Dulwich Hamlet Football Club', 'The Hamlet' and 'DHFC' as trademarks on behalf of its client, investment fund Meadow Residential. Blake Morgan told the club to stop using its own name and demanded that they “no longer be used on any printed literature and any online activity including websites and Twitter”.

    The move to cripple the club came four years after Meadow bought DHFC's ground for £5.7m with the intention of building over it. Its plans were scuppered when it lost a court battle with Southwark Council over its proposed £80m residential development. The club was already reeling from a surprise £121,000 bill for back rent which Meadow presented on Monday, and a threat to evict the club if it doesn't pay up within 21 days.

    Fans including Danny Baker and Gary Linker have castigated Meadow for its mercenary approach, and Blake Morgan for agreeing to take part in underhand namenapping. "If I were Bill Gates I would buy this despicable company", said Baker, "forcing them from the ground tonight - and their snidey yellow-eyed lawyers - and I would sack the fucking lot of them. Then bulldoze their worthless buildings for more football grounds".

    [​IMG] Blake Morgan (l)

    A Hamlets fan who is a solicitor told RollOnFriday that Blake Morgan's tactic was "to make it impossible for the club to function" by registering all available IP. He said it was "more sinister", because although DHFC may have the grounds to overturn the registered marks based on existing goodwill, the landlord and Blake Morgan were "relying on the fact that they have no money to fight a claim, therefore the only purpose can really be to put the club out of business".

    In a statement Blake Morgan said, "We were asked to provide advice on trade mark law as part of our client's complex discussions about land at Champion Hill. We're aware commercial conversations between Meadow Partners and Dulwich Hamlet FC are ongoing, but are not party to these and cannot comment further".

    DHFC is known for being a forward-thinking club, fundraising for LGBT causes and holding charity games for Syrian refugees. But no longer. ROF's solicitor source said, "Had I been the lawyer receiving that instruction I think within 5 minutes I’d have realised the dubious motives and potential for huge amounts of negative publicity weren’t worth the few £k they got for the work – a pretty silly instruction to take".

    The backlash appears to have been so severe that Blake Morgan has removed the profile of the partner whose email address was given on its widely-circulated correspondence with the club from its website.

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    Thank you for this Mishi. I haven't actually had a job since November, which is why I've been able to be so involved. So if anyone see's me and fancies buying me a greggs or something it would be incredibly appreciated! :thumbs:
  3. Jimbob73

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    I've posted google reviews for Meadows and Blake Morgan, every little helps, get reviewing people!
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    Or beer. Never knowingly turned down the offer of a beer in my experience! ;)
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    I will happily take an evening in the gowlett...
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    Google reviews done for Meadows and Blake Morgan. Lets say they are less than complementary!
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    The lords keep a-coning

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    Heard about the disgraceful goings on at your club, can only feel sympathy for a fellow club going through these times, I am a Director at Skelmersdale United and we to have been evicted by a unscrupulous landlord, Martin Gilchrist. Good Luck in your fight against these evil parasites, All the very best for the future SKELMERSDALE UNITED FC
  9. editor

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  10. editor

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  11. YTC

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    Hey Kev,

    It's incredibly sad whats happening at Skelmersdale, We brought you up as an example in Parliament on Tuesday. We're doing our best to lobby for protection so situations like ours become a thing of the past. Feel free to drop me a message if you want to chat!
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    You know, I was thinking. Maybe from this - and all the experiences, contacts and knowledge we're picking up - we could form some sort of Non League Football Club Action Group, so all clubs affected/threatened by this shit can pool resources and help each other?
  14. editor

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    How low can they go?

  15. 19sixtysix

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    I'd hope one of the scrappies who drive about south London would deal with that free scrap.
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    I'll get all your beers in if you ever find yourself in Brockley mate
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    Need to be careful though, I had a look today and they've installed two CCTV cameras on the back of the Toilets Opposite.
  18. Dulwich Mishi

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    Apparently Friends of Greendale have Tweeted that Meadow have unlocked the gates to the astro. Actually it's locals simply cutting off the padlock, say my, ahem, sources!
  19. 1927

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    As I read the thread I was thinking this exact same thing. Maybe U75 is turning full circle and going back to its football roots.

    My club Barry Town have been through very similar, to the point that the unscrupulous owner withdrew them from the league. Club had to start again under the name Barry Town United and the cubes at the FAW wanted is to start again in the pub leagues. They relented , but still made us start from the Third division (this a club who represented Wales in Europe for much of the 80s and 90s enjoying games against Dynamo Kiev, Aberdeen and even beating Porto on one famous occasion). We are now back in the Premier division after successive promotions and setting the league alight!
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    As a Porto supporter, I wish you'd not brought that up.

    That aside, I wish your club well. It is shocking to think this is becoming, it seems, common.
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    The cost of the cameras will no doubt be added to the club debt
  22. mickydoodle

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    I can't be there for the day of mass action, I'll be there is spirit. I'll also be watching, as far as possible, what happens in parliament next Friday.

    Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.
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    I just found myself talking about DHFC in terms of "we," I think I'm converting to a fan!
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    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
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  28. 1927

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    Just for you!

    It may have been a weak second team at the time , but look at some of the names on that Porto team sheet!! Postiga, Costa, Carvalho!! It’s like Accrington Stanley beating Man City midweek cup side, let alone Wigan!!!!! Brought back a lot of memories watching that! I’m almost in tears. That’s why football is different to other sports in so many ways. Name another team sport where a teams far behind anothercan bring off a shock like that!
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
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    The song's gonna need some work lads.

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