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Norwich - food, drink, things to do and general chat


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What's your bag, SpookyFrank?

Norwich is a very compact city, good for a wander. Walk away from the station, and rather than go up Prince of Wales Road, cut through the Compleat Angler pub and walk by the river towards the Cathedral, the path will lead you up to the Cathedral proper, nice green bits, carry on, through the Cathedral arch, cross the road and find the pedestrianised London St, then ask for Pottergate (it's sometimes called The Lanes), lots of independent shops, Strangers Coffee House, Head in the Clouds (the oldest headshop in the UK) if you want to buy some Fat Freddy comix and skins, just past it is the Birdcage, nice pub with a top chippy opposite it (you can eat yr chips in the Birdcage), then just wander about, 15/20 min walk back to the station. S'all good, nice city.


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The station has leaflets near the exit listing several attractions, but the cathedral is definitely worth seeing.
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Aye, that there "Head in the Clouds" has been around for years and years. UEA is from where my OH graduated, and on a visit for the '70s re-union was shown said shop ...

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If you fancy something a "little spicy" sir, how about a trip to Coleman's, hot as mustard they are ;)
BTW, linking nicely to other threads, Olivia Colman resides in Norwich :hmm:


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actually the semi derelict anglia square needs its own post on post modern brutalism

some citiehs have murals to Tu Pac,Biggie,Cube,Snoop-we have alpha papa

here is the best place to sit sombrely and eat a greggs pasty staring vacantly at the person opposite eating a greggs pasty,


Aaaand - I'm playing Norwich next weekend. Any good after-gig places to grab a beer? Any must-see things in my short visit (I see I'm missing the new light festival by a week :( )


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I always thought it was assumed that the north south divide was an upward arch like below (leaving aside whether you consider the Midlands the 'North') - so Norwich forms part of 'The South' by default.



I didn't think I'd ever been to Norwich but I've just remembered that I once had a day trip there to give a talk at the Norwich Arts Centre called "Art on the Net, Visibility In Life" in 2001.


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Im not familiar with to many pubs as ive normally got my feet up on Sat night. The Rumsey Wells does a fantastic vegan pie and mash, in fact Norwich has a disproportionate amount of vegan fare for that part of the world.