Norwich ACG Public Meeting on Saturday July 20th

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  1. charlie mowbray

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    Saturday 20th July, 2pm, Norwich
    Norwich Anarchist Communist Group : Breaking the Wheel
    Film showing of Breaking the Wheel by “Lucky Black Cat” followed by feedback and discussion on the role of social media in winning the war of ideas. Venue: The Rumsey Wells, 4 St Andrews St, Norwich NR2 4AF.
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  2. Serge Forward

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    Slight change in the details as we'll be showing her latest film. It's now...

    Saturday 20th July, 2pm, Norwich
    Norwich ACG : YouTube, Social Media and Anarchy – Bringing Radical Politics to the Masses
    How do we share our ideas with non anarchist family and friends? How do we share our ideas with the general public? These are important questions for the often insular left. On Saturday July 20th at the Rumsey Wells in Norwich we’ll be tackling these very questions. We’ll be showing a video from the Lucky Black Cat YouTube channel and explaining their strategy for bringing anarchist ideas to a broader audience. This will be followed by an open discussion after which we will hopefully feel empowered to go forth and take our ideas to the people! The revolution surely can’t be far behind?!!!

    Venue: The Rumsey Wells Public House, St Andrews Street Norwich NR2 4AF
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  3. Serge Forward

    Serge Forward Utopian materialist

    Bump... it's tomorrow!

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