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North London Drinks: The Redsnapper Sequel - Thurs 23rd July

Ooh, North London drinks Pt 2? With bonus Redsnapper AND cake?

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One on one? You're crazy.
Was he doing Elvis - I thought he was Tom Jones :(
i was outside, didn't hear him sing, although he did come outside and sing to me, in a Elvis sort of way, and claim that he was the best Elvis impersonator in the country, which I agreed with (even though he was a bit rubbish)


little moran
That WAS another lovely evening! And I may be growing up a little but I managed not to get totally smashed and got to bed at a decent hour and not lose anything, have some decent conversations that I can remember etc etc :cool:

dragonwolf- best entrance to an internet meetup evar!
Innit! And I thought a new standard had been set with ARE YOU FROM THE INTERNETZ! The new standard will now be to lurk in a corner/behind the group as long as possible and then BURST OUT :D

Lovely to see Odds, meet the Button la Chocolat and see PieFace for the first time in years. In fact I'm seeing lots of people for the first time in ages, lately, actually! And of course, the founder of the feast, Mr Redsnapper, although I don't think I got to chat to him much :oops: but I think something else was being sorted about that? :confused:

Anyhoo! All aces! When's the next one then? :)

Nanker Phelge

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.
He sensed your rock 'n' roll streak, knew you were kindred, like baby marsupials pocketed together on the mothership of The King


god i feel rough today.
I had a meeting at work at 9am. All i did was scowl at people for an hour.

Last night was goodfun. Great to meet so many of you all.


Needs to posh up his pants
Glad to have come along. T'was good to meet such a lovely bunch. Thanks to all, tops to meet you. I shall come along to future events. Pity I chipped off early but work today so...


Endeavour era
That was great! Hello to dragOn and dragonwolf, London_Calling, joustmaster, and hello again to some rarely seen faces. :) There were loads of us! The pub had a fab atmosphere, singalong was much fun, and we got Jazzz to tinkle the ivories :cool:

Crap snaps here

Glad you got home OK Odds, I guess you got the next train to the Wilds. Your expression here shows what state we were in...



Mr Beardy Drummer
Nice to meet lots of new people! I think that's the most 'fresh' urbanites I've met in one sitting for a long time.
I missed the rain, and saw a fantastic rainbow over east london. hope to meet you all again :)
I gots me a snap of that double rainbow :D

Sorry I had tro run off. My bastard flatmate locked himself out and he is off to America early this morning so I had to come home and let him in. Tool.

Was nice to meet some new faces, I'll stick around longer at the next one :D


melting like a toastie
I got utterly soaked on the way there (wringing my trousers out on the bus) spotted a solo rainbow which was pretty lovely. So uh, weather aside was lovely to meet people, tbh I'm crap with names (internet or otherwise) but you're a friendly bunch and I will be at future drinks. I had to leave early but I did manage to buy onions on the way home. result.


Endeavour era
Favorite exchange of the night (about your top)...

Jazzz to me, "Is that a tiger?" :D

Very nice to meet you, please come out to play again where we don't have to shout?


melting like a toastie
I probably would have said it was a tiger but it's not is it? Being spotty. :D
I will come out to play again.

Did the singing take off later? Bohemian Rhapsody make an appearance?