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North London Drinks: The Redsnapper Sequel - Thurs 23rd July

Ooh, North London drinks Pt 2? With bonus Redsnapper AND cake?

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little moran
I bet there are going to be lots of snapper squeezes tonight! :)

Just texted up my bezzernotlezzer to see if she can make it :cool:


Most exciting of all is Hollis is coming! :D I know you're the founder of the feast Rednapper, but now with bonus Hollis? Aces! :
In that case I'm going to pop along to keep an eye on things then.

You can never be too careful after all.


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me possibly, i'll probably be riding from gt sutton st ec1 if you want a riding buddy. we can save the racing till after rush hour, i'll even stop at reds :D
How about I meet you at the top of Golden Lane at 5:40?
But I'm not racing you on public streets </serious hat>


little moran
Get her along! Get her along! Haven't seen her for ages.
She *thinks* she staying in as it's the 1st evening she's had in for ages but I think she'll soon tire of that and we'll see her little dreadlocked pretty head.

but i'm not i can afford champagne for her and she well deserves it
Fack! I'm almost totally forgotten about that - I tell you, it's been SO MUCH drama for Twisted Kitten in the last 24hrs, you wouldn't believe it.

But yeah, cheers Boycey, I need to remind her we need to celebrate HER FIRST more than just yesterday's half hearted pint in the Fountain in Seven Sisters yesterday :cool:


Registered User
Whe you arrive can you both do a synchronised skid stop and then do a wink&gunshot in unison?

I'd like to see that.


juvenile rave slut
How about I meet you at the top of Golden Lane at 5:40?
But I'm not racing you on public streets </serious hat>
that *should* be fine, i'll call you if i get slapped to the arse end of nowhere around that time :)

<puts on serious hat> there will be no irresponsible behaviour from me, scouts honour :cool:

pootle- you fuckin tell her! :D


Lil' J Pengele PhD. The Angel of Sesh
nothing, I just need to start getting ready, I look like shit, and my hair is WELL pikey cus I'm getting it re-done in a couple of days.


Mr Beardy Drummer
Considering I'm at home sick and won't get fed till he's home - if he does that I'll have his bloody balls. :D:p;)
I'll keep an eye on him. When the time comes I'll just tap my watch and point to my balls to make the message clear :D

Edit: Wait...that sounds well dodgy..