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Discussion in 'football' started by Shanksy, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. Shanksy

    Shanksy "Run Away!"

    C'mon! :D

    Workington Reds 1 Worksop town 2. Good start to the season for a change!
  2. Andy the Don

    Andy the Don Wise men say only fools..

    For reason know only to the Ryman/Isthiman league committee. The Ryman league starts next week. But we managed to lose our final friendly 1-0 at home to Dover Athletic.
  3. sevenstars

    sevenstars citizen army

    I'm a regular at Marine in the Unibond, with aspirations for the Conference North this year, heres hoping
  4. Ron Merlin

    Ron Merlin Gotta get that garlic planted


    FA Cup Second Qualifying round coming up this weekend - don't get too excited, Premiersh*t fans...

    Enfield Town play host to Snorbens (St Albans City FC) of Conference South on Friday 23rd, KO 19:45. Record crowd of 500+ expected. Fat loonies with really loud voices preferred, but we'll take anyone :)

    Admission £6ish adults, £1-2 kids (not sure)

    Directions to ground.

    Anyone else got 'tasty' opposition?
  5. Andy the Don

    Andy the Don Wise men say only fools..

    Walton & Hersham at home, as tasty as it gets in the RL Premier..
  6. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    I follow Horsham when not at White Hart Lane. We played Dover a couple of weeks ago and lost a thriller 3-2; what a well organised and hard working side. Very impressed.

    Have to say we all thought the standard of play in that match was higher than anything last season, including the three encounters with AFC W. They should walk our Div this year.

    - already out of the FA Cup, decided to concentrate on the league this year . . . :p
  7. Andy the Don

    Andy the Don Wise men say only fools..

    We knocked Dover out of the cup last season. Although they were relegated last season they have sorted their finances out & should come straight back up again.
    How's our ex-striker (taylor..??) doing the business, scoring the goals.? Our match at Queen Street was my favourite away game last season, yes coming back from 2-1 to win 3-2 in injury time could have had something to do with it..
    Good luck this season, shame you did not get promotion via the play-offs, would have much rather had Horsham in RL Prem than the "Bromley Chavs"..
  8. London_Calling

    London_Calling Pleasant and unpatronising

    Jamie Taylor ! Doing well, and we’re so pleased to have him back. Scored 7 in 9 this season before today and played his 100th game for us last Tuesday (over 70 goals, as well).

    Yep, that was certainly a memorable afternoon last season, but losing 3-2 after being in front for so long was tough, good fun though. And we were in reasonable voice, as well.

    Hmm, Bromley did us with the classic ‘late run’. Heard about the problems you had with the locals. Great shame.

    Still, we’ve won 6 out of 7 so maybe this is our year . . . esp. if Jamie stays fit !

    Good luck.
  9. Andy the Don

    Andy the Don Wise men say only fools..

    Played shite lost 3-0, well sod the cup, who wants a 1st round away trip to Darlington..??

    Well me for a start.. :mad:
  10. flimsier

    flimsier Banned Banned

    AFC not from Merton losing two in a row has a lot of non-league fans laughing.

    Except the ones thinking.... "Wanted them next round. Easy tie with bumper crowd!"

    Meanwhile, we got a draw v professional Weymouth, could/ should have won!
  11. Andy the Don

    Andy the Don Wise men say only fools..

    And with Bristol City being this weekends coupon buster, you've had a decent weekend, if we gloss over Everton.. :D

    Happiest camper must be Ron, Home to St Albans in the cup went one down on 88 minutes & equilised in 89th minute. Must have been some "bounce" in the Enfield end.. ;)
  12. Ron Merlin

    Ron Merlin Gotta get that garlic planted

    :D :D :D

    Great picture in the Non-League Paper of Towners' celebrations! Can't find one online. Replay tomorrow. Everything crossed.
  13. tbaldwin

    tbaldwin the experts are morons R.I.P.

    Great performance by Enfield Town playing a team 2 leagues higher with 10 men most of the match and going 1-0 down in 88th minute.
    Good crowd of 525 as well.
  14. mx wcfc

    mx wcfc Well-Known Member

    Bit of a bump - I was going to start a new thread, but it seems there is an old one to resurrect. :thumbs:

    Winchester City fan here, seeking fellow non-league fans for general non-league natter.

    Hopefully this can kick off discussion............

    While football fans everywhere celebrate the return of the premiership :)hmm:;)), and Hamlet already have 9 points in the bag, Step 4 hasn't even started yet - our first game is next Saturday, away at Bristol Manor Farm, (a team who have beaten us every time they have played us), but after that it's three home games in seven days.

    Well almost. Let me explain.

    Tuesday 20 Aug, it's local rivals AFC Totton at home, in the league.
    Friday 23rd we play AFC Stoneham, at home, in FAC 1st Qualifying round.
    Bank Holiday Monday we play Basingstoke Town, Away, but at our ground.

    Basingstoke got relegated last season and to add insult to injury, have been screwed over (as usual) by property developers. Their new ground isn't ready so they are camping out at Winchester's ground, for the first part of the season at least. As if that wasn't bad enough for them, they have to play their home game against us, at our ground. Hoping for a big attendance - apart from the local derby element, it's got to be a must for non-league groundhoppers.

    Ground shares are nothing new, of course, and I wish our neighbours good fortune in getting this sorted. Any Basingstoke fans on here?

    How's everyone else's season looking? Started yet?
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  15. oryx

    oryx Sitting on the bock of the day

    Thanks for reviving this thread! I'd forgotten all about it. It brings back some memories, not all good but at least York were in the National League then.

    Now struggling to get out of the National League North, although they are top tonight after two wins and a draw. The manager looks half-decent these days.

    Off to see them on Bank Holiday Monday.

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