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No Turkey vs Russia 3rd/4th place playoff?


Am I being dim? Is it on TV? Is it happening?

I thought there was always a playoff for 3rd and 4th.

Please put me right

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Such game does not exist I'm afraid.

It's only the World Cup that stages a 3rd/4th place game. The Euros don't bother with it.


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That's right, the last was 1980.

I've never seen the point of them tbh.
Usually I don't bother with the 3rd/4th place bobbins but what with this being such a brilliant tournament, I feel a little bit cheated.

I don't want this tournament to end, because I'll have to fall back on watching the MLS on tv until the football season starts again in Britain.:eek:


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The only consitently good England team I can remember vs the foundations of the 98 World Cup winners. I would definitely have been up that.