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Discussion in 'football' started by editor, Dec 29, 2014.

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    ^^Newport's all-conquering 1980 team (Welsh Cup winners, promoted to Div 3, soon to be European CWC quarter finalists). The Catholic Chruch still stands today and you can see it from the train on the way out of town- the rest of a Barratt estate, sadly.


    Tony Pulis, now emeritus professor of dour football at Middlesbrough, in his playing days at Somerton park, c. 1985


    John Aldridge, before being panic-sold to Oxford for 70k, in season 81/2 before a sparse crowd at Somerton.

    I loved watching Newport when they were in non league about fifteen years ago. Back then they played home games at Spytty Park (where they still train) and were in Conference South. I remember being on the bus back into town (Spytty is right on the edge by Llanwern, whose flame you could see form the stand on matchdays) after one rather spirit-crushingly dull encounter. Two old boys were chatting. One asked the other "Do you think we'll ever be back in the Football league?" The other just shook his head sadly without replying. I sometimes wonder if they made it to Wembley for the win over Wrexham a few years ago.

    Mike Flynn's proving to be the best Newport manager since the days of John Relish. I can see them sneaking into League One again, via the play offs, maybe next season, but hope the club are realistic. Gunning for promotion and spending money they didn't have last time aroudn were what did for the club at the end of the 80s- well, that and being taken over by a conman who's now in jail in the US.
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    Was a bit pissed off about the game being off Saturday, seems like this new Desso pitch can't quite cope with heavy rain and a rugby match the might before. Chance for Port to rest up a bit after the heroics at Wembley though. Even David Pipe looked good!
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    - Week In Week Out worth a watch on the club's demise in the late 80s. I can't quite believe Jerry Sherman is a real person and not some grim caricature. Some heartbreaking scenes mind.

    Never got to go to Somerton Park, I think it was built over by the time I was watching football regular. My dad got to play there a couple of times for Monmouthshire schools but I don't think he ever went to watch County play, apparantly they used to get given free tickets for Cardiff games so I guess that was that.

    Just like certain clubs are preserved in aspic as Football League from my youth (Stockport, York, et al), I still think of County as non-league. Used to enjoy the games against Merthyr in the Southern League and that's the first time I would have watched them or went to Spytty Park in the mid/late 90s against the mighty Martyrs.

    Hard not to have a good dose of respect for them and the wringer they've been through. When I tot them up I'm surprised by how many County-leaning mates I have, almost as many as the clubs I actively support. Went along to Wembley with a group of them and enjoyed my 5th visit to the new stadium.

    Great cup run and hopefully they can consolidate this season, maybe squeak a playoff spot with the squad they currently have and see what happens.
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    s-l225.jpg programme.jpg

    The re-formed "Newport AFC" : shirt and programme from the first season of the "new" club played at Moreton-in-Marsh in Glucestershire after the old County folded, crushed by unmanageable debts, in April 1989.

    After one season the club returned to Somerton Park as Champions of the "Federated Homes League" and trod water in the Beazer Homes league Midland division for a few seasons. There was then the legal fight with the bigoted and deranged Alun Evans of the FAW which meant further exile (along with six other Welsh clubs playing in the Engish system) from 1993-95; the period during which Somerton was demolished. In 1995, the club returned to Spytty Park, and became "County" again in 1999 under Tim Harris, and soldily established in the Southern league premier.

    Fourteen years later, back in league football. Maybe not the first "phoenix" club to return from a bankruptcy event to league football (Aldershot went bust in 1992 and returned before Newport), maybe not the most high profile, but probably the least likely return. Few if any expected County to return to league football in the middle 90s.

    That first season was a fine one, with Chris Lilygreen and Dave Jarvis and the Tynan and Aldridge of Tier 9.
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    0-5 tonight at Mansfield normal service for the ‘Paaaart resumes

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    That Stroud FC on the programme is FGR during its brief failed rebranding attempt. Pleased absolutely noone and they eventually saw sense and dropped it. Last night was a bit of shocker, read Pipey had a torrid time. We're up to the giddy heights of 20th.

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