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New York photos and general chat


trailer trash
I'd heard of it before, seem to remember seeing pictures of Victorian children in the UK rolling a hoop.
I think it probably died out in the early 1900s - certainly didn't see it in my childhood.


i'm spartacus
Have you visited the site recently? I've passed by that big globe and always wanted to take a look around to see what's left.
the unisphere, from the 1963-4 world's fair, where i spent many, many hours at the sufferance of my weary mother:

what's left at the site (flushing meadows park) is that globe and the new york state exhibition, which features at the end of Men In Black, and which had a giant map of NYS on the ground

see also New York World’s Fair | AbandonedNYC


i'm spartacus
i was in the automat at 42nd and 3rd ave lots:
randomness | Remembering the Horn & Hardart Automat.

it was on the corner of the block where the Daily News building was, which I was also in lots:
Inside the Daily News Building
Jeremiah's Vanishing New York: News Building
those pictures doesn't give the full idea of how cool the lobby was. it has a bank of meteorological equipment and the floor had tiles like these: