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New York photos and general chat


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Interesting article and I love the photos.
It's good to see that they have retained and made an excellent job of renovating most if the old buildings.
I can imagine how much the values have skyrocketed though!

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I lived in New York for a couple of months and I'm just thrilled with the town. Definitely the best city in the world!
I loved living there, but it's partly because I always end up half hating the place and half loving it! It's a real city of contradictions but never, ever dull!


front left
I came here yesterday and I'm completely blown away by it, staying just off Times Square , I can't believe how much I love it and the people , quite possibly my new favourite city , I've taken hundred of pics which il start sharing in the next few days


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this is the corner of the block i live on, as it was in 1946. if the shot were 100 feet to the right, you would see my apt building. the furniture store with the double-barrelled german name was replaced by another furniture store with another double-barrelled german name, which only closed this year, and is being replaced by a boozhy storefront gym of the sort which have sprung up like mushrooms in shit over the past three or four years. remarkably, all of these buildings remain, though there is now a highrise in the space past the building at the left edge. the el was torn down in 1955, before my time.

the next stop north, 89th street. the bldg with the vegetable stand out front is still there, all the rest have gone.
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